Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 746: Watch live showdown while stewing meat

Ding Zhaotian and the giant rhinoceros duel.

Everyone is watching from the tree or behind the branches of a large tree.

In the blink of an eye, another 20 minutes passed!

Everyone couldn't wait any longer, and Fatty was especially anxious.

Gu Zixuan said, "It's no use in a hurry, wait, don't go down and become a burden to Lao Ding!"

Qu Fanfan said: "This huge rhino did not know how to retreat, hey, hey!"

moan and groan!

Li Dongyi said: "There's no other way, I just hope that Lao Ding will be as good as he always has, and be as majestic as he has always been!"

Sha Wending said: "Ding Zhaotian's strength, explosive power, can tear apart a leopard, which should be said to be the limit of ordinary human physique, and even the limit cannot be reached, but this rhino is too big, not too big. Maybe we can defeat the rhino, we have to figure out a way!"

Qu Fanfan said, "You can't say a word, everyone, take a break, rest for an hour and then call again?"

The fat man said, "I'm so anxious!"

Gasping for breath!

Qu Lingfeng and Gu Dali were on the same big tree, Qu Lingfeng said, "Old Ding, is the neck too thick to stab in? Can you stab the abdomen?"

Gu Dali nodded and said, "It seems to be able to poke the abdomen, and the abdomen seems to be white!"

Qu Fanfan said, "The most vulnerable part of the giant rhinoceros is the lower abdomen, right?"

Gu Zixuan said, "Old Ding, try to poke your belly!"

Ding Zhaotian's dagger was sharp, rolled to the ground, passed from below, and then stabbed in the abdomen!

However, just as he was about to stab, it happened that the other giant rhino stepped on it, and he was about to step on Ding Zhaotian's head!

Qu Fanfan shouted: "Oh, don't step on it!"

Fatty said: "It's all you, the old man was trampled!"

Gu Zixuan said, "Don't quarrel, Lao Ding's skills won't be stepped on!"

Li Dongyi said: "Even if you don't get stepped on, a little foot on it will still be fatal, and your skull will be deformed!"

Everyone looked at Lao Ding worriedly and in the direction of Ding Zhaotian!

Coincidentally, there was a dirt pit over there.

The terrain is low.

Everyone look over there, there is an obstacle! A clod!

This covers it up.

Everyone thought Lao Ding was trampled to death!

They all shouted, "Old Ding!"

"Captain Ding!"

"Old Ding!"

"My mother, Ding!"


At this time, the fat man can no longer care about it, what is cumbersome and not cumbersome, immediately take a kitchen knife and charge in front!

Li Dongyi shouted: "Fat man!"

Sha Wending said: "Be careful! Lao Ding is not necessarily dead!"

Qu Fanfan said, "I'll go take a look!"

His voice trembled as he spoke!

Lisa took a stride, and was the first to charge to the pit. Looking at it, he smiled and shouted, "Old Ding is fine, Lao Ding is not hurt at all!"

Everyone is relieved!

The fat man burst into tears and said, "I, I'm afraid to die!"

Then he said, "I'm worried!"

Qu Fanfan said, "Me too!"

Fatty said angrily: "Damn, this giant rhino, I don't believe I can't kill you!"

Ding Zhaotian took a stride from the pit and came out!

He shouted: "Go back, don't be trampled to death!"

Everyone does not understand how Ding Zhaotian was not trampled to death!

Why is Ding okay?

Can't even think about it.

They all go back!

Li Dongyi shouted: "Captain Ding, be careful!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "The rhinos can't hurt me for a while, so you all go 100 meters away and have a barbecue. After I kill the cow for a while, I go directly to the barbecue and I'll starve to death!"

Laugh everyone!

After laughing for three seconds, I immediately tightened my nerves!

Everyone has meat in their luggage, so they all listen to Lao Ding. Barbecue and eat 100 meters away!

Or eat it with stew!

While grilling, watching Lao Ding, hanging around with the giant rhino!

Fatty said, "Why do I feel like I'm dreaming?"

Li Dongyi said, "What dream do you have?"

Fatty said, "I saw that Lao Ding was trampled, why is there nothing?"

Gu Dali said: "Lao Ding is like a god, how can we guess?"

Everyone is talking about it, but they don't know how to explain this problem!

Lao Yang and Yang Shuqing said, "I think Lao Ding has special fighting ability! I have been a boxer before, and I think Lao Ding can be the king of boxing if he quits being a fisherman!"

The fat man said, "Old Ding once punched, and made that muay thai or something, wow wow!"

Li Dongyi said, "Yes!"

Gu Zixuan said: "Ding Zhaotian is indeed, there are many unsolved mysteries!"

Fatty said, "Look, Gu Zixuan said the same thing!"

There is a lot of discussion on the barrage!

"Well, this has been playing for more than an hour, right? The winner hasn't been decided yet?"

"Old Ding can't kill the giant rhino, let's tie it!"

"People and beasts, if you die or I die, how can it be a tie? Rhinos will definitely not run away!"

"Then why don't you just run away? How do you pack the ticket?"

"Ding Zhaotian is mighty, come on!"

"I believe Lao Ding, come on Ding Zhaotian!"

There are also those who simply believe in worshipping Lao Ding, saying: "I believe in Lao Ding, Lao Ding has never lost the battle against beasts!"

"Yes, Lao Ding has never failed against grassland lions, Australian leopards, or whatever!"

Some were skeptical and said, "This is a big rhino weighing more than 10 tons!"

"This kind of giant rhino is only found in the Pacific rainforest, and it is rarely this big!"

"It should be said that if Lao Ding can win this giant rhinoceros, ordinary beasts, as long as they are not poisoned, can win!"

"Upstairs, Lao Ding has never fought a cobra, but do you think the cobra is scary or the giant rhino?"

"This is an unsolvable problem. It is certain that Lao Ding has encountered a problem. After 1 hour and 10 minutes, he can't win this rhino!"

"I think Ding Zhaotian's prestige is over!"

Another said: "Upstairs, what are you talking about? You have the ability to go up!"

"Yeah, don't be arrogant in front of the keyboard!"

"If you have the ability, you can also kill a huge rhino!"

"Agree upstairs, if you have the ability, you can also fight against the rhino, and it is so heavy!"

Qu Fanfan looked at the barrage and said, "You guys, hey, stop arguing, it's not a big deal to watch the fun!"

Fatty said: "I don't even bother to watch the barrage, Lao Ding, hey, Lao Ding seems to have been hit!"

Saying Take a look with a telescope!

Fatty's telescope is a high-tech device, and every detail can be seen clearly!

Qu Lingfeng said, "I'll take a look too!" The binoculars he carries with him are weaker than Fatty's!

Lisa said, "I see, Captain Ding still needs an hour. I will follow his instructions and give him roast meat to eat is the right way!"

Gu Zixuan nodded and said, "Let's barbecue quickly!"

So, a spectacle was formed!

There are two places around 90 meters, one is a spacious place to fight, and there are some trees next to it!

The other place is on a tall rock, very flat, and everyone is grilling! Then cook the meat, make the fire, and watch Lao Ding fight the rhino!

It's like watching a live TV broadcast!


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