Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 67: 10 o'clock bidding

Ding Zhaotian said: "Yes, go back and sell it."

Gu Zixuan wondered: "Is there enough time then?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "It is estimated that I will be able to go back at 10 o'clock tonight. There will be no one to collect the fish by night, and they will all be scattered! Tomorrow morning, I can sell it at a good price!"

At this time, domestic audiences said that they hope to broadcast it tomorrow when it is sold!

Ding Zhaotian agreed!

And foreign audiences asked when to broadcast live. Audiences in Europe and the United States have asked when the next live broadcast will be!

Ding Zhaotian said: "I will drive early tomorrow morning! Rest early today!"

Whether it is a domestic audience or a European and American audience, they will not give up!

Gifts were picked up one after another!

The gifts for domestic audiences are airplane rockets and super rockets!

Airplanes cost 200, rockets cost 500, and super rockets cost 2,000 yuan each!

Ding Zhaotian didn't think much about the gifts made by foreign audiences!

According to Manager Zhao Sisi, it can be converted to earn Euros and U.S. dollars!

Ding Zhaotian drove the boat for 2 hours, and everyone had a meal in the middle! Nothing happened all the way, closed the live broadcast, and started sleeping!

Everyone is really tired, go to bed and get up early!

Ding Zhaotian said to everyone: "You all go to sleep, I will drive the boat back to the shore!"

Gu Zixuan said: "Then you, all right! Fatty, don't you share some?"

Xiao Wu said: "I and Lao Ding will take turns sailing!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "No, our navigator is very advanced! There is no problem with automatic driving. If there is a problem, we will call the police!"

Get started!

The others ate and slept!

Ding Zhaotian took the opportunity to practice the aura of Hai Lingzhu in the cab!

Practice the technique of Hai Lingzhu!

My current perception is still on the rise, but there is no qualitative change!

Soul out of the body is feasible!

However, for the time being, I searched and searched around here, and there was no fish school of very large fishes found!

Back to the shore at 2:30 in the middle of the night!

Ding Zhaotian stopped the boat and went to bed too!

Early the next morning, Ding Zhaotian was confused and heard the fat man whisper: "Don't disturb Lao Ding's sleep, shall we start the live broadcast first?"

"It's not so good, he is the captain, and he has to get his approval?" Aniu said!

The fat man said: "It should be okay! Let's start a live broadcast to say hello to the audience!"

Ding Zhaotian didn't want to listen anymore, coughed and said, "I'm awake!"

The fat man laughed and said, "Because of the time difference, it is the afternoon on their side, and we are early in the morning, so a large number of them are waiting. There are 200,000 people in the US who are waiting for you in the live broadcast room! That's why I am in a hurry! "

Ding Zhaotian nodded to express understanding!

Said: "Then start the live broadcast!"

Fatty clicked to start the live broadcast!

In an instant, there are 900,000 people in China, and 220,000 people in Europe!

In the United States, there are 290,000 people, surpassing Europe!

Ding Zhaotian only knew that there was a time difference between his country and the United States and Europe, and he was too lazy to ask the other party what time it was. I heard that the United States is divided into different regions. Different regions have different time differences. Unlike our country, which has a unified Kyoto time!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian finished washing and greeted everyone, and then went to see the sea view!

The fat man said: "The sea view is open! The seaside air is fresh, and it is indeed a better view!"

Ding Zhaotian nodded too!

As you can see, the people who wake up early are getting busy!

There is a wave of morning markets at the fresh market by the sea!

What Ding Zhaotian said yesterday refers to this wave of morning markets!

However, in fact, it shut down after the live broadcast last night, so I didn't know that 19 calls came!

It was only booted at this time.

One look, good fellow!

19 missed calls!

Ding Zhaotian looked closely, almost all of them belonged to the seafood boss!

Like Boss Xu! Boss Zhang, and Boss Li Youcheng of Zuixianlou, wait!

At this moment, I was watching, Boss Li from Zuixianlou called!

What a coincidence?

Ding Zhaotian answered, and the other party asked: "Did you shut down yesterday?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Yes, I turned off last night, and only turned on now, and I saw a bunch of missed calls!"

Li Youcheng said: "I know that you have a batch of top-quality large yellow croaker. Of course, it is not comparable to your previous batch. It can be said that the batch is rare in many years. How do you plan to sell this batch? ?"

The barrage heard the sound and talked!

"This is here to grab the goods! I stared at it so early!"

"Yeah, it must be unwilling to get through last night!"

"This is the first one to get through, will Lao Ding give him a preferential price?"

"I don't know, let's see!"

Fatty looked at the barrage and kept refreshing the screen!


Why are you excited, because you have money!

At this time, Xiaowu, Aniu, and Dali were all very excited!

Gu Dali is 32 years old this year, and he has not yet asked his wife. A large part of the reason is poor characters!

Gu Dali hopes to make a fortune, this is the truth!

He had talked to Ding Zhaotian before.

Ding Zhaotian patted his shoulder and said, "Just follow along, you'll know!"

Now, Gu Dali is also very excited.

Xiao Wu and Aniu, who have divided the money once, are also excited, but they are not as excited as Gu Dali!

Xiao Wu gave Gu Dali a look, meaning, you just wait for something good!

Gu Dali nodded desperately with satisfaction!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian said: "I originally planned to sell it at the nearby seafood market, but if you want, you should still participate in the auction! How about?"

Li Youcheng is not very happy said: "Every time we bid, there are a few big rich men who don't care about money, what Sun Xiaohong, and Zhang Shaobai, the richest man in Jiangnan City. By the way, Zhang Shaobai didn't call you to book. Bar?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "No, he may not be in this city!"

Li Youcheng then asked, "What about Sun Xiaohong?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Boss Sun called and only made one call. I turned it off and didn't answer it. Here is a record!"

Li Youcheng was silent for a while, and said, "Well, let me go there!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "That's it, at 10 o'clock, officially start shooting!"

Li Youcheng was a little angry, but he was helpless, and it was hard to say anything!

After all, in the seafood industry, the rich is the master!

Boss Sun is very powerful, has a wide range of knowledge and courage, so he won a lot of money last time!

Earn a lot!

Not only that, the local tyrants also praised her chef team for their good craftsmanship and delicious seafood!

Of course, this does not mean that the local tyrants are stupid! The local tyrants don't care about these one hundred and eighty thousand people!

Like Gu Dali, Gu Dali saved 300,400,000 in half his life to pay a down payment, but it was just the money for a meal of the local tyrants!

This world is so cruel!

This world is so in sharp contrast!

Therefore, Ding Zhaotian made an announcement and changed the title of the live broadcast!

Said that at 10 o'clock in the morning, will bid for large yellow croaker!

Counting, together with the big yellow croaker caught from the sea, plus the net, there are a total of 70!

But this is not all the best!

Among them, the top-quality large yellow croaker, and there is no trace of frayed scales, only 13!

Others can be said to be foils!

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