Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3861: Even if you die, go backwards

The latest website: The double coffin of life and death is suspended in the void outside the impermanent ghost city. The ghost gas pervades the Santu River Basin, ups and downs in the space, and exudes an unparalleled momentum.

Huang Quan Ghost Emperor's cultivation speed is astonishing, and his current cultivation level is comparable to that of Feng Tian, ​​far better than when he was just born, making people wonder if he is really just a remnant returning. A deep voice came from the coffin: "Compared to the calamities that have destroyed countless powerful civilizations in history, this emperor has never been an enemy of this era! What this emperor wants is only the ghost family. As a ghost family the most powerful in history

The emperor, this emperor is also qualified to take charge of the ghost clan again. "

Feng Tian stood at the top of the city, standing tall and straight, and said coldly, "Do you want to take charge of the ghost clan, or do you want to devour the souls of the ghost clan cultivators to quickly improve your cultivation?" "I'm curious today, you are in the dark. Zhiyuan, what did you get? It’s only ten thousand years, and your cultivation has risen to this point. Is it the trump card you left behind during your lifetime? You already knew that this day would come, and you could

Remnants return? "

There was a long silence. In the double coffin of life and death, Emperor Huang Quan's voice sounded: "This emperor has his own secrets, and there is no need to explain them to anyone. At present, the most important thing for the **** world is to prevent the darkness from coming. He was dismembered, very weak

, can now be the enemy. This emperor also does not hope that darkness will come so early. "

"That's all!"

The double coffin of life and death broke through the layers of space and disappeared on the Santu River.

After confirming that the coffins of life and death had really retreated, Feng Tian turned his eyes to the temple of origin, and came out with a decree: "All the gods in the impermanent ghost city obey the order and lead the monks in the city to evacuate at the fastest speed."

She will use the entire ghost city of impermanence to suppress the temple of origin.

To be precise, it is to suppress the strange blood springs in the original temple, and these blood springs must not be allowed to flow out.

Feng Tian believes that the "dismemberment" mentioned by Emperor Huang Quan also includes the strange blood here.

These blood belong to Him?

If this is the case, Feng Tian has a new plan.

Immediately afterwards, Fengtian came out with a second decree: "In the Santu River Basin, all the gods of the middle three tribes obeyed the order and rushed to the ghost town of Fengdu to form a **** army and prepare to fight to the death."

Fengdu Ghost City is not only the first city of the ghost clan, but also occupies a world tree. If the gods of the three middle clans are gathered together and the world tree is illuminated, it may not be impossible to face the endless darkness.

Fengtian was never afraid of fighting.

The enemy, no matter how strong, can go forward.


She is death.

Yan Renhuan gave Zhang Ruochen the Renzu Banner and Manizhu who were suppressing Yan Jun, and the blood in his body burned at a faster speed.

A curse that affects the spirit spreads all over the body and is difficult to suppress.

"It's not for you to mix in here, go, hurry up!"

Yan Renhuan was like a vague humanoid flesh and blood, enduring unparalleled pain, clenching his teeth, and roaring at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen held the Mani Bead in one hand and the Ancestor Flag in the other. He could feel the determination and tragicness of Yan Renhuan's body.

No matter what their own ideas are, in every critical moment, there is never a shortage of great leaders in this world.

Xu Tian whispered: "Need help?"

"No need, you can go too!"

Yan Renhuan held the Tianlong Flag in one hand and the Divine Phoenix Flag in the other, turning into a bright fire and flying into the darkness.

Battle flag hunting, accompanied by dragon shadow and phoenix shadow.

Although one person, it seems like a thousand troops. There was some unpleasant feeling in Xutian's heart, and he said: "Let's go, he has been hit with a blood curse, he is already dying, and he can end in such a tragic way, he is worthy of the title of Heavenly Venerate. At this moment, I am only a little admired. He Yan Renhuan.


An inextinguishable peak self-destructing divine source definitely has unparalleled deterrent power, even the ancestors dare not ignore it.

They have to get away as soon as possible, otherwise they will be affected.

"Something's wrong!"

Zhang Ruochen's whole body exploded, and his head to toe was cold.

I saw, deep in the darkness, two dark red eyes appeared.

Even if they are separated by tens of billions of miles, those two eyes actually occupy one-fifth of Zhang Ruochen's field of vision. It is conceivable how huge his body is.

What is even more terrifying is that the breath it exudes is many times stronger than the evil eyes of Youtan.

Zhang Ruochen has a strange feeling that his soul is locked, tens of billions of miles are within easy reach.

Such as petrification, such as immobilization, if you want to escape, you can't do it.

"It's over, the eunuch's divine soul has been suppressed, and it is no longer possible to self-destruct the divine source. In my opinion, he will instead be reduced to dark food."

With the supreme sword energy, Xu Tian cut off the lock of the soul with the strange eyes, and pulled Zhang Ruochen to leave.

Zhang Ruochen looked from a distance and could see that Yan Renhuan was tens of billions of miles away from those strange eyes, and was locked by the light escaping from his eyes.

Although Yan Renhuan kept roaring in his mouth, he couldn't break free.

The dignified Tianzun wants to die generously, but he can't.

He would never be reconciled to this ending.

But how can it be?

Xu Tian saw that Zhang Ruochen could not be pulled, and his eyes became strange. I saw that Zhang Ruochen's eyes were infinitely cold, and the flag of the ancestors in his hand was raised without wind, and the fighting spirit was overwhelming.

"When darkness comes, no one is spared. They can escape for a while, but can they escape forever?" Zhang Ruochen sighed and shook off Xu Tian's hand, inspiring the imperial rune to protect his body and resist the soul-suppressing power of those evil eyes. , took a step forward, and said: "Now he is still very weak, but if he is allowed to eat the world

, With enough strength, in today's world, who else can stop? "

"I'm going to help the Universal Heavenly Venerate... Haha, this may be a stupid decision, but it may also be our only chance, the only chance in this era!"

Yan Jun, who was penetrated on the flag of the ancestors, was greatly shocked: "Zhang Ruochen, you better not go crazy, darkness can devour the most powerful civilization to support yourself, never too much food!"

Of course Yan Jun was afraid. If Zhang Ruochen escaped, he would still have a chance.

But when Zhang Ruochen goes, he will definitely follow him forever.

Zhang Ruochen directly urged Yan Renhuan to stay in the ancestral flag of Yan Luo Tiandao 50%, the array flag became dazzling, and a boundless sea of ​​blood was derived.

Zhang Ruochen raised his weapon, stepped on the sea of ​​blood, protected his body with light, and with a whistling sound, he strode towards Yan Renhuan, who was locked by the light.


A sword cry came from behind, from far to near.

Zhang Ruochen looked to the side. Xu Tian had already chased him to the position where he went head-to-head, and snorted coldly: "You two are generous to die. If you run away today, you will not be laughed at by the monks in the world in the future? Besides, depending on your cultivation, you can can shake that pair

Weird evil eye? Not self-sufficient. "

Above Xutian's head, the gate of destiny manifested.

The old ghoul with a height of hundreds of thousands of miles, holding a flame pillar, walked out of the gate of destiny, ran in the void, and stood in front of Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen jumped and appeared on the shoulder of the old ghoul. Xu Tian's eyes became more and more sharp, and the seven-star sword in his hand, the heat released would burn the world to the ground, and said: "The purpose must be clear, this day will cut off the light that imprisoned Yan Renhuan. right, help

Yan Renhuan opened the way and helped him get closer to the strange evil eyes. "

The speed of Xutian suddenly increased greatly, and the endless sword energy appeared behind him.

The human and the sword are one, and the sword will reach the sky.

"The Way of the Void Kendo - The real and the real are born together, and the sword will be destroyed in time and space!"

Xu Tian's white hair turned upside down, and in the dark space, he cut out the strongest sword move created by himself, combining nothingness, truth, and kendo to cut time and space.

The light wrapped around Yan Renhuan's body was cut off by the sword of nothingness, and he regained his freedom.

There are no superfluous words.

Yan Renhuan flew straight towards the pair of terrifying and eerie evil eyes, constantly using magical powers to obliterate the dark and eerie aura in the space.

Xu Tian and Zhang Ruochen were left and right, playing out tactics to open the way for him.

"Self-destruction of the divine source, how could it be possible?"

Xu Tian faintly sensed that in the depths of the darkness, there was such a strange spiritual thought, and his face changed.

"Shh! Shh!"

In the two strange evil eyes, two beams flew out, not attacking Yan Renhuan, but attacking him and Zhang Ruochen.

There has never been such a sense of crisis in a virtual battle.

He hit the Seven-Star Divine Sword out, urging Sword Twenty-Three's Sword Intent to hit the flying beam.

The sword and the beam collided, only for a moment.


In Xu Tian's shocked eyes, cracks appeared in the sword body of the Seven Star Excalibur, and then burst open, turning into countless fragments, flying towards him.

"Hurry up and hide behind the old ghoul, no, hide in Jiuding..."

Xu Tian thought to himself that with his own cultivation, he might not survive this blow, and Zhang Ruochen would surely die.

At this critical juncture, I can also remind you that it is all righteousness.

Xu Tian's whole body was blurred, blocking the gate of destiny in front of him.

There was no time to step back, and the fragments and beams of the Seven-Star Divine Sword had already hit the gate of destiny.

The Gate of Destiny was completely unstoppable and shattered in an instant.

Xu Tian was holding the Sky Secret Pen, and at the moment before he was hit by the beam, he was surprised to find that twelve stone figures with a height of several thousand feet appeared in front of Zhang Ruochen in the distance.

These twelve stone figures, holding different bronze soldiers, slashed forward in unison.


In the next moment, Xu Tian was hit by the fragments and beams of the Seven-Star Divine Sword, and his body exploded. Only some bones were preserved, and he flew to the four directions, falling into a short-term unconscious state.

When he regained consciousness and re-condensed his physical body, he saw Zhang Ruochen holding the Renzu flag and appearing in front of him intact.

This time, Xu Tian was really seriously injured, his face was as pale as a dead person, and he asked, "Why are you all right? Was it the emperor of the Twelve Taikoo Clan who stood in front of you just now?"

"Are you alright? Injured your spirit? Had hallucinations? Tianmu and Haotian are here, we don't have to work hard here, let's go, hurry up." Zhang Ruochen said with concern.

Xu Tian looked at Zhang Ruochen with suspicious eyes, not believing that he had hallucinations.

The temple of witches is The size of the temple body is not inferior to the strange evil eyes. Tianmu stood at the top of the witch hall, with seventy-two pillars of light and shadows of the demon gods on the top of her head. She was dressed in red and looked particularly dazzling. When she hit it with a finger, the pointing light collided with the beams flying out of the strange evil eyes, forming a overwhelming


At the other end, the clear glow illuminated the darkness, and Haotian walked like stepping on the sky, holding the Xuanyuan halberd, and fighting with another strange evil eye.

That's right, it wasn't the Xuanhuang halberd that Haotian cultivated himself, but the "Xuanyuan halberd", the ancestor of the Xuanyuan family.

When Xu Tian and Zhang Ruochen fled outside the darkness, the void was suddenly torn apart by another dark force, which shocked them both.

But I saw that it was not the darkness that chased and killed it, but the Xuan Ding that broke through the air.

Xuan Ding did not stop and flew into the depths of darkness.

"Great, Empress Shi Ji is here too!" Zhang Ruochen said. Xu Tian raised his brows and said, "Shi Ji... Shi Ji's beauty is as beautiful as the legends say? How does it compare to Luna and Wuyue?"

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