Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3827: Roger

Chapter 3827


On the Santu River, two shadows the size of a mountain stopped, raised their spears and spears, and issued an order to stop the pursuit.

They seem to have no body or life, only shadows, which are extremely strange.

Zhang Ruochen's heart sank to the bottom, realizing that the Sword God Temple was bound to undergo great changes.

Because Zhang Ruochen is all too familiar with the state of these shadows and the aura they exude.

In the Sword God Temple, the artifact spirits of the Heavenly Dao Flute and the Earth Demon Sparrow were affected by the dark and eerie aura, like black silhouettes.

There is no doubt that the so-called Shadow Legion came out of the "Sword Soul Taipa" in the Sword God Temple.

If there is a great change in the Sword God Temple, the Sword World, which is not far from the Sword God Temple, will definitely face a huge risk of exposure.

And are the old drunkards and Xinghai anglers who are gone forever still alive?

Zhang Ruochen was in a heavy mood, his eyelids shrank, and two brilliant seas of stars appeared in his pupils.


Then, the brilliance of truth bloomed in the star field of the Veil Nebula, boundless and dazzling.

The Shadow Legion was illuminated with a clear figure.

Standing in front of the legion were two mountain-sized shadows, one of which, Zhang Ruochen had seen in the Sword God Temple, was the heavens of the Ming clan during the reign of King Fuming, like Fatian.

Elephant Fa has ears like a fan, a nose three feet long, a human-shaped body, and an elephant's head.

However, Xiang Fatian, who appeared in the Sword God Temple, was just a remnant soul.

The one in front of him, with a real body, exudes a breath that is far stronger than it was at the time.

Moreover, the Asura battle aura on him completely overshadowed the underworld aura of the cultivator of the Ming clan.

Become a Shura!

Obviously experienced the baptism of Shura Battle Soul Sea.

Another tall, black figure with a gun, his body is covered with feathers, and he wears a hat in the shape of a temple on his head. He is surrounded by six-fingered eyes.

With the help of Zhang Ruochen, the strange dark energy in Master Xuanbei's body was dispelled, and the wound gradually healed.

She said: "Like Fatian and Cangque Yuren, they are the second of the six commanders of the Shadow Legion."

The figure of the Ice Emperor appeared in front of everyone, standing on the edge of the tattered space, the cold light emanating from his body froze the Santu River in the chaos.

The two breaths collided, and the starry sky was divided into two halves.

Half shrouded in frost, half corrupted by darkness.

Xiang Fatian laughed loudly: "There are talented people in the country, and there are indeed many geniuses born in this era.

I don't know who is holy, repelled the Quebec Emperor? "

Zhang Ruochen said in a low voice, "Some are arrogant."

Xiang Fatian's eyes skipped over the Ice Emperor and landed on Zhang Ruochen, his expression became colder and colder, and said, "Shibie should treat each other with admiration for three days, we meet again!"

Zhang Ruochen said with a smile: "I thought it was like Fatian was not dead, and the real body has survived to this era.

Now it seems that you are still the remnant of the original Sword God Temple.

What, where did you get the body? "

Xiangfa Tian said: "This is the body of this day."

Zhang Ruochen stared at him carefully, shook his head, and said, "It's not like taking away his own body... It's a little weird, who helped you shape a new body?


Or the darkness and weirdness in the depths of Sword Soul Taipa? "

Like the Cangque Yuren beside Fatian, the spear in his hand released countless lightning bolts, and the thunder bursts, saying: "What do you do with so much nonsense with them, fight!"

Xiang Fatian stopped him.

The turbulent sound, from far to near, gradually became a roar, reaching the ears of everyone.

The Asura Battle Soul Sea exudes all kinds of brilliance, and it is mighty.

Standing in front of it, any cultivator, any power seems incomparably small.

This is the ocean condensed by the liquefaction of the Shura war gas. It is the supreme sacredness of the Shura clan, comparable to the white star of the undead blood clan.

On the sea, the thunder and lightning as thick as the stars intertwined and shuttled, bringing up countless water columns and condensing into a blue-light woman with long hair that was millions of miles high.

The three eyes on her eyebrows, each hair fluttering in the starry sky like a blue river of gods, Shura's fighting spirit is amazing, carrying the rules of the ancestors and the spirit of the ancestors, the space is almost frozen.

"It's Luo Yuluo...she...why is she here..."

"Today, are you really not going to leave us a way to live?"

The gods of the Asura tribe who stayed with Sword God Fengchen looked at the sea of ​​Asura war souls suspended above their heads, covering the sky and covering the sun, and they felt despair from the depths of their hearts, even if their faces remained firm and absolute. Of course.

Faced with such coercion, Zhang Ruochen was not afraid, spread his arms and held up the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array to protect everyone.

He felt a touch of familiarity in Luo Luo, raised his head, and said, "Are you the remnant soul of the ancestor who appeared in Sword Soul Taipa?"

In Sword Soul Taipa, there once appeared a remnant soul of the ancestor, which was blocked by Givenchy Heart and failed to come.

Of course, this is because the brilliance of the Sword Origin Divine Tree can suppress the darkness in their bodies, making them unable to exert their true strength.

After so many years, Luo Qiluo's remnant soul must be rapidly regaining its strength, not as weak as it had just arrived in the real world.

Moreover, Luo Qiluo seems to have refined the Asura Battle Soul Sea.

The Asura Battle Soul Sea is now her body, she can mobilize the power of the entire ocean, and her cultivation base combat power is not what it used to be.

Luo Yuluo's voice was extremely melodious and melodious: "In the housework of the Shura clan, you undead blood clan had better not interfere, so as not to provoke a war between the two clans."

The Ice Emperor was not at all afraid of Luo Xunluo's aura, his body exuded divine light, and he said loudly, "You can't represent the Shura people."

"This seat is now the master of the Shura Temple, and all the Shura monks are respected together, why can't they represent it?

Besides me, in today's **** world, who else can represent the Shura clan? "

Roger said.

It is not only the ancestor's return, but also the shadow army and the sea of ​​war souls of Shura, and the power to kill the God of Xuan Xuan and the power of the temple master of the Shura Temple, it is naturally not difficult to overwhelm the major temples of the Shura tribe.

Xiangfa Tiandao said: "The twenty-four Shura Temples have all declared themselves ministers to Lord Luo Qiluo, if you dare to cover up your rebellion, you will declare war on the Shura people.

If the Asura tribe is in turmoil, the Asura Star Pillar Realm will inevitably be unstable. At that time, the starry sky defense line will collapse, and everyone will become the flesh of the gods in the heavens. "

The Shura Star Pillar Realm is the most critical part of the starry sky defense line, which directly resists the heavenly court.

Except for Master Xuanbei and Sword God Fengchen, the other gods of the Shura tribe smiled miserably, thinking that Zhang Ruochen and the Ice Emperor would definitely put the overall situation first and hand them over.

At this time, Zhang Ruochen's voice sounded: "It's a coincidence, this is not only your Shura family's housework, but also my housework.

I happen to be relatives with Master Yi Xuan, if I hand her over, my grandfather will definitely cut off ties with me.

So... I'm in charge of this! "

On the sea of ​​Asura Battle Soul, a gust of wind blew up, making a harsh whistling sound.

"How courageous! I want to see if you are enough?"

Luo Yuluo squeezed his fingers, and his divine power traveled between heaven and earth. A strange sound of "woo woo" was heard from the bottom of the Asura Battle Soul Sea, and a alien war beast rushed out of the sea.

This war beast was condensed from supernatural powers, it was named swallowing the sky, and its body was filled with a strong Asura war energy.

Zhang Ruochen's face became solemn, and he hit the ruler at the center of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array with one palm.

"The sky and the earth are in contact with each other, and the five fingers are in the palm of the sky."

Zhang Ruochen fused the bright mirror behind his body and realized the unique skills of the Sixth Patriarch. At this moment, he used the inscription pattern of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array and the ancestor's Buddha energy in the Paradise of Bliss to display it.

Two 90-million-mile-long golden Buddha handprints, one up and one down, slapped the swallowing beast open.

Then, the Buddha's handprint hit the Shura Battle Soul Sea from the upper and lower dimensions.

Luo Yuluo raised his head and glanced, the third eye between his eyebrows opened, and in his pupils, the seal of the Eight Trigrams appeared, and the nine palaces of the "Luo Shu" were derived, and the golden Buddha's handprint that fell from the sky was shattered.


The golden Buddha handprint from bottom to top hit the Asura Battle Soul Sea, like a stone sinking into the sea, all the power was swallowed silently.

"A little bit of skill, let's stop here today! Let's go!"

Luo Xunluo's divine voice came out, and the liquid body that was millions of miles high dissipated and returned to the sea.

Then, the Asura Battle Spirit Sea rolled the Shadow Legion and left along the Santu River.

Luo Yuluo never thought about going to war with Zhang Ruochen and others.

First, Zhang Ruochen, Afuya, and the Ice Emperor are not ordinary people. Even if she wins one against three, it will be a tragic victory.

Second, in the battle of Bai Cangxing, the Kui Liang Emperor was repelled. Obviously, there was another strong person in the dark.

Third, the Veil Star Territory is not far from the Wuding Divine Sea and the Starry Sky Defense Line. Once the battle is long, the heaven and **** will be next page! Current 1 page/Total 2 pages

The heavens of the world are drawn.

"How can it be so easy to leave?"

Zhang Ruochen flew out of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Formation, and when his spiritual thoughts moved, time and space followed his thoughts, causing a terrifying rupture.

A section of the tributary of the Santu River collapsed, blocking the retreat of the Shura Battle Soul WOW! "

Zhang Ruochen waved his arm out, and the sound of iron chains swaying in his palm.

The Heavenly God Lock flew out, like a long river of steel with a length of 100 million miles, slamming heavily on the Sea of ​​Souls of Asura.

The sea water was splashed, and a large shadow of the shadow army screamed and split.

"Bam! Boom! Bam..."

Afuya fired nine arrows in a row, like a meteor hitting the ocean, causing the nine sea areas of the Shura Battle Spirit Sea to sink downward.

However, the Nine Arrows were engulfed by the sea.

Afuya wanted to take back the nine arrows, but it was too late, and she lost touch with the divine arrow.

"It's amazing, Luo Xunluo, who has refined the Asura Battle Soul Sea into a body, is already very powerful.

If I can't fuse the corpse of the ancestor, I will definitely not be her opponent. "

she said.

After Afuya suffered a loss, Zhang Ruochen and the Ice Emperor did not dare to use the divine weapon easily, and they both used their physical skills to catch up with the Asura Battle Soul Sea with their real bodies.

"court death!"

In the Sea of ​​Asura Battle Soul, a liquid palm reached out and hit the Ice Emperor.

The liquid palm was frozen by the magical power displayed by the Ice Emperor, and in the fierce confrontation, it shattered and opened, turning into shattered ice.

But the Ice Emperor was also knocked out by this palm!

After another liquid palm hit Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Ruochen's body suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, he crossed the endless sea and appeared on the sea, standing above the shadow legion in a heroic manner.

"Zhang Ruochen!"

"Battle formation!"

Xiang Fatian roared loudly, and then raised his spear high.

Behind him, the shadows in the Shadow Legion each spit out a black beam, and the fighting power and strength condensed together.


Zhang Ruochen held the spear of eternity, his body was like a mountain, and the spear fell.

This shot, which crossed the time rule, did not give Xiang Fatian the time to summon the power of the Shadow Legion, and hit him directly on the top of the head.

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