Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3118: So revealing flaws

The emperor predicted that the blood energy of the person buried in the corpse was declining, and his lifespan was not much. Therefore, the real body did not appear near Bai Cangxing. Instead, using the lights of birth and extinction as the eyes of the formation, refining the formation of birth and destruction, covering the star field where Bai Cangxing is located, and constantly attacking the Daqi Ancestor Fushen formation.

This is naturally because he is afraid that the burial will use the method of burning jade and stone to take him out of this world before he dies.

At the same time, it is also through the formation method that consumes the corpse and further depletes its blood.

The corpse burial person can't get out of Bai Cangxing, which is the biggest weakness.


The formation fluctuated strongly, and the void outside the White Cang Star was flooded with destructive energy.

The Ice Emperor saw through the purpose of the Quebec Emperor, and was very worried about the situation of the corpse buried. Zhang Ruochen said: "We must fight quickly, as long as we kill or seal these enemies on the White Cang Star, the Quebec Emperor can only choose to retreat. ."

"Maybe there is another way." Zhang Ruochen said.

The Ice King said, "What are you going to do?"

"Open an opening to escape from Bai Cangxing." Zhang Ruochen said.

The Ice Emperor thought for a while, and instantly understood Zhang Ruochen's intentions.

It is simply impossible to kill or seal Shang Tian, ​​Wu Bian, Hall Master, and Qing Yun Que at the same time.

Once they are driven to a desperate situation, they will definitely explode the divine source and perish together.

However, if an opening was opened and they were allowed to escape from Bai Cangxing, so that they could see a chance to survive, they would naturally no longer have the determination to self-destruct the divine source.

Imprisoning them in the White Cang Star, they will unite and burst into unparalleled combat power.

If you let them out, they will be a piece of loose sand, and they will escape for their own lives.

In addition, Zhang Ruochen and the Ice Emperor were too **** in the battle in Bai Cangxing, and would give priority to protecting Bai Cangxing, Chi Kongle and others.

There is also a fourth point, the spiritual power of Emperor Kui Liang is indeed terrifyingly high, and his formation skills can be regarded as the first person under the Lord of Death God Island, but the life and death formation he refined is obviously far less than On the Great Qi Ancestor Rune Formation.

As long as Bai Cangxing has no inner response and is in a stable state, it is difficult for him to defeat the Great Qi Ancestor Fushen Formation from the outside.

What Zhang Ruochen proposed was a wonderful strategy.

The Ice Emperor said: "The corpse burial man can't get out of the White Cangxing. Once we chase it out, we will definitely face the attack of the Queer Emperor. The Queer Emperor has already agreed on all this! No, the Shangtian Demon Corpse will attack the Great Qi Heavenly Emperor. The Emperor Tomb rushed over, and it seems that he has discovered the source of the Great Qi Ancestral Fushen Formation."

"I will contain the Emperor Quebec! Put a gap for them and let them escape."

Zhang Ruochen dropped these words and drove the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array to chase the Shangtian Demon Corpse.

At the same time, control Hong Ding among the five tripods, shoot a beam of truth, and attack the Shangtian Demon Corpse first.

Wuding suppressed the five sides of Bai Cangxing and occupied five regions. As long as Zhang Ruochen had a thought, he could attack anywhere.

The Ice Emperor, who was fighting Boundless, had a look of shock in his eyes, and it was difficult to understand, where did Zhang Ruochen get his confidence and dare to make rhetoric, so that he could contain the Quebec Emperor?

One is the immeasurable peak of great freedom, and the other is Tianyuan Wuque whose strength is comparable to the immortal peak of immortality.

The gap between them is too big!

What's more, the puppet emperor majored in spiritual power.

Once a mental attack is launched, Zhang Ruochen will never be able to escape no matter how high his attainments in time and space are.

However, the Ice Emperor still chose to trust Zhang Ruochen.

Seeing the hall master attacking Yu Ding, he did not take action to intercept it, but deliberately revealed flaws.

Yu Ding was suspended in the sky above the Longevity Blood Forest, next to a mother tree. The derived ancient witch script was connected to the space vein of Bai Cangxing, which made the space structure here extremely stable, and it was difficult for the heavens to break it.


The artifact-level war spear penetrated the sky and the witch script, hitting Ding hard.

Yu Ding was beaten and trembled violently, and all the spatial veins on Bai Cangxing became unstable.

In the next instant, the hall master appeared next to Yu Ding, grabbed the spear, and the nineteen pairs of blood wings behind him radiated divine light reflecting the world, and dense blood-colored lightning flowed on him.

At this moment, the divine power is running to the extreme.

Obviously, the hall master is very aware of the current situation. It was impossible for Ice Emperor and Zhang Ruochen to let him go, he could only choose to join the camp of Emperor Kui Liang and Shang Tian.

It's time for him to submit his name!

To break Bai Cangxing's defense, one must first break the five cauldrons' protection of Bai Cangxing, and the space cauldron "Yu Ding" is the most critical part.

Apparently, Afuya had already communicated with Zhang Ruochen, and instead of intercepting the palace master, she focused her attention on Qingyunque and the knights of the heavens, creating the illusion that she had no time to take care of him.


Yu Ding was beaten by the hall master and fell to the ground, and thousands of miles of land were razed to the ground.

In this area, all Eternal Blood Trees turned to ashes.

Following this, on the White Cang Star, the spatial veins that were connected into one body immediately spread out.

In the other direction, after the demon corpse of Shangtian blocked the beam of truth, before Zhang Ruochen arrived, he broke out the stone pillar of the demon **** and broke the trunk of a long-lived blood tree growing on the tomb of the Emperor of Heaven in Daqi.

As the mother tree fell, the ancestral talisman seal on the sky shone rapidly, and the light continued to become dim.

"All beings are equal!"

Zhang Ruochen's divine voice floated towards the Shangtian Demon Corpse.

The Shangtian Demon Corpse, who had just succeeded, had no time to be happy, and his heart was filled with horror.

Can the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array merged with the Paradise of Ultimate Bliss burst out with the power of "equality of all beings"?

Shangtian Demon Corpse is not sure if this is true, but once it is shrouded into the battle and restricted to the same realm as Zhang Ruochen by the power of "equality of all living beings", the consequences will be disastrous.

Previously, Boundless and Qingyunque, who were in the same realm as Zhang Ruochen, were easily crushed.

"What about the equality of all beings? The equality of all beings can't hold back the immeasurable immortality!"

Having said that, the Shangtian Demon Corpse did not dare to gamble after all, and immediately left the Emperor's tomb of the Great Qi Emperor and fled into the distance.

He groaned inwardly with pity.

If Zhang Ruochen comes back later and gives him more time, he will be able to completely destroy the emperor's tomb of the Great Qi Heavenly Emperor, thus severely damaging the Daqi Ancestor Fushen Formation.

Now, just look for another chance.

The hall master saw that a person like Shang Tian would run away from Zhang Ruochen, who was in charge of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array. In addition, Afuya had already cleaned up the knights of the heavens one by one, so he gave up the previous idea and prepared to escape from Bai Cangxing first.

Anyway, he has already made a huge harvest and charged Yu Ding.

The Great Qi Ancestor Rune Formation is in a fierce confrontation with the Life and Destruction God Formation outside.


The hall master seized the moment when the ancestral talisman in the blood cloud turned dark, broke a hole in the divine formation, and escaped.

"Presumptuous, still want to go?"

The loud shouts of the corpse buried people came from the blood cloud.

Then, a talisman flew out of the blood cloud, getting bigger and bigger, and the seal pressed behind the hall master who had escaped a million miles, scaring the hall master almost to the point of being lost.


A gate of destiny manifested out of thin air, blocking the talisman.

The two collided and shattered together, turning into billions of runes and fate beams.

The voice of the Emperor Kui Liang recalled in the depths of darkness: "The hall master is the pillar of the undead blood race. Master Qi should not be so cruel to his own people."

The hall master immediately saluted in the darkness: "The undead blood race is not benevolent, please accept the Emperor Quliang. From now on, I will be the monk under the monarch."

Seeing that the palace master escaped successfully, Wubian and Qingyunque immediately used their great magical powers to attack the Ice Emperor and Afuya.

Because Yu Ding was taken away, in the face of Boundless and Qingyunque's attacks, Ice Emperor and Afuya had to use defensive measures, and could only watch the two escape from Bai Cangxing.

Zhang Ruochen didn't know what the mood of Emperor Quizang was at the moment, but if he wanted to come, it wouldn't be too good.

The hall master broke the Daqi Ancestral Fushen Formation through a hole and escaped. He should be happy, because he can use this to attack the burial.

However, Wu Bian and Qing Yun Que escaped from Bai Cang Xing, completely disrupting his plan.

Why run away?

As long as they hold down the Ice Emperor and Afuya for a while, the Kui Liang Emperor will have full confidence in breaking the Great Qi Ancestor Rune Formation.

Their escape forced the Shangtian Demon Corpse to escape!

Sure enough, after a while, the Shangtian Demon Corpse turned into a black streamer and rushed out of the White Cangxing.

In the darkness, there was a sigh from the Queer Emperor.

It is delusional to want to defeat Bai Cangxing today.

From the very beginning, the Queer Emperor had been calculating the corpse buryer, because he expected that the corpse buryer would release the Shangtian Demon Corpse, Wubian and others into the Bai Cangxing. This is the key to breaking the defense of Bai Cangxing!

But he didn't expect that Zhang Ruochen and Afuya would be so strong that even the Shangtian Demon Corpse couldn't match them.

I didn't even expect that such a waste of Boundless, Qingyunque, and Hall Master would ruin the good situation.

Kuiqing Huangzheng decided to reduce the loss and immediately retreated, but saw that Zhang Ruochen, Afuya, and Ice Emperor rushed out of Bai Cangxing one after another, chasing after Shangtian Demon Corpse, Boundless, and Qingyunque.

"Come back, don't chase."

The eager voice of the burial came from the white sky.


Zhang Ruochen has already displayed a big space shift, crossed a star field, and intercepted the front of Shangtian Demon Corpse, Boundless, and Qingyunque.

Boundless and Qing Yunque didn't think Zhang Ruochen was so impulsive, they looked at each other with smiles in their eyes.

Apparently, it was a pleasant surprise.

"The two of you can still laugh."

Zhang Ruochen flickered and disappeared.


The spear of eternity pierced the rules of time, hit Boundless's chest, and knocked him out.

Boundless chest continued to flow blood, his ribs were almost broken, and his body quickly became old, but he still had a crazy smile on his face: "Zhang Ruochen, today is your day of death! Please take action against the emperor and suppress this son."


Zhang Ruochen landed on Wubian.

Space power erupted, kicking him towards the Ice Emperor.

Zhang Ruochen's other hand squeezed the emperor's talisman tightly, ready to mobilize at any time to deal with the attack of Emperor Quebec.

He is confident that with his current cultivation base and the various means he has mastered, he may not be the opponent of the King of Quebec, but he can definitely protect himself.

The Queer Emperor naturally would not miss this excellent opportunity to come back.

Zhang Ruochen clearly felt that the rules of destiny gathered around him and moved quickly, as if turning into a storm vortex.

After a while, these storm vortices condensed into twelve gates of destiny, imprisoning Zhang Ruochen in the center, and constantly suppressing and weakening his cultivation.

The real body of the Emperor Kui Liang finally came out of the darkness, dressed in commoner clothes, stared at the twelve gates of destiny in the distance, and said: "Ruochen, I don't know what cards you have, and I don't know why you use it like this. strategy, but this time, you must be outrageously wrong, you underestimate the means of the 92nd-order cultivator of spiritual power."

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