Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3809: The ancestor of the blue sky

, Update the Eternal God Emperor as soon as possible! Xuetu has experienced the most dangers of life and death. Seeing that the situation is not right, he immediately shouted to Xia Yu, Chi Kongle, and Yan Ying'er: "Go, enter the longevity blood forest!"

He had already seen that the palace masters were not good, and they happened to be the Ice Emperor's weakness.

It was precisely because the Ice Emperor cared about their lives and deaths, that the moment the Palace Master appeared, he arrived.

How could the palace master not take advantage of this?

In front of the hall master, they naturally have no power to fight back, but as a great god, it is not the hall master who can win it with a single thought.

The reason for escaping into the Eternal Blood Forest is because these Eternal Blood Trees were planted by the ancestors of the undead blood race, and they are the last and most precious heritage of the undead blood race.

Even if the gods of the undead blood race are dead, as long as Bai Cangxing is still there, and these longevity blood trees are still there, the undead blood race can rise again.

Xue Tu did not believe that the palace master would destroy the heritage of the family because of their juniors.

The price is too high!


Four blood-colored clones rushed out of the main body of the hall, and flew to the four people who fled to the Longevity Blood Forest. At the same time, the real body held an artifact spear and stabbed straight at the Ice Emperor.

The Ice Emperor frowned, and immediately unfolded the world of the God Realm of the Thousand Mile Glacier. A blood-colored grinding disc was punched out of his palm to meet the full-strength stab of the Hall Master.


The four blood-colored avatars are formed by the blood of the hall master and the rules of the gods. All of them have nineteen pairs of blood wings, and they have the power of gods, shocking the minds of the four who are fleeing.

The power of the Lord of a Temple is enough to overwhelm the spiritual will of the gods, causing them to fear and be terrified.

"You go first, and I will block the hall master."

Xuetu stopped, turned to look at the black dust storm behind him, and the armor released wisps of flames.

After a while, the Wanli Desert turned into a fire domain.

He lashed out in anger, roared loudly, and called out the unique Throne Planet he cultivated and propped it up above his head.

This constellation planet, like the dark planet, devours light and is heavier than stars.

In the dust storm, the voices of the four hall masters sounded, and the voices overlapped: "Presumptuous! Blood slaughter, do you dare to take the initiative against this hall?"

"I'm Fengtian's disciple, Di Chen's junior brother, and the patriarch's apprentice and grandson. I'm afraid of you?" Xuetu called out three famous names in a row, but he always felt strange.

With the Ice Emperor present, Xue Tu was of course not afraid of the Palace Master.

The hall master is old and won't live for a few more years, but the Ice Emperor is still very young, and he is the future master of the undead blood.

How to choose also need to say?

What's more, it's just a clone.

The blood slaughter hit the god's seat planet, which was harder than the iron of the gods, and slammed it against the flying four temple master clones.

After a while, the four temple master clones exploded, turning into four blood mists.

The blood slaughter, on the other hand, flew out backwards, with countless cracks in his body, and he vomited blood from his mouth.

He really didn't expect that the four clones separated by the hall master would be so terrifying.

Seeing that the four blood mists were about to merge into one, Xuetu no longer dared to fight, turned into a **** light, and immediately rushed towards the Longevity Blood Forest.

"I didn't expect that this guy is a bit brave." Xia Yu said.

Yan Ying'er is an optimist, as if he doesn't know the situation is critical, he smiles: "Uncle Xuetu was originally a first-class fierce character, how many people in the **** world and the heavenly universe are not afraid of him? Of course, except for those **** kings and gods! "

Xia Yu, Chi Kongle, and Yan Ying'er did not go deep into the longevity blood forest, but stood on the edge of the blood forest to meet up.

After a while, the blood slaughter, whose body was completely broken, joined them and shouted: "Come on, go into the depths of the Longevity Blood Forest!"

The four fled quickly and walked through the forest.

"The confrontation between the Hall Master and the Ice Emperor is afraid that the White Cangxing will be shattered, and we still cannot escape death. Why don't we flee upwards?"

Yan Ying'er pointed to the blood cloud above.

Obviously intending to escape from Bai Cangxing.

"Ying'er is too naive! There must be countless others outside. If you escape, you will be thrown into the net."

While healing, Xuetu asked Xia Yu: "Bai Cangxing is the number one holy place of our clan. The ancestors must have arranged the protection means of Jingtianweidi. Quickly take us there and open it."

Xia Yu sneered: "Do you need to remind me? Since Lord Ice Emperor expected that the Palace Master would come to Bai Cangxing to kill him, he naturally made a comprehensive arrangement. Now, all the means on Bai Cangxing should be under the control of his soul. ."

Xue Tu said: "The enemy of Lord Ice Emperor is not the only one of the palace master, I am afraid that he has no time to take care of us. This avatar of the palace master is extremely tyrannical, and the strength of the four of us may not be his opponent. Always find a way to deal with it? Take us Go to the forbidden area on the White Cang Star, or the cemetery of the ancestors."

The blood slaughter came to Bai Cangxing with the task that Feng Tian explained.

Now that such a change has occurred, there is no way to find it slowly, and a breakthrough must be found from Xia Yu.

Xia Yu is a person who has risen step by step from humble beginnings. She is extremely sensitive and asked, "What do you want to do when you come to Bai Cangxing?"


After one blow, the hall master pulled away, and the nineteen pairs of blood wings were fanning like thirty-eight great worlds, and their power was brilliant, leaving the world of the Ice Emperor's **** realm.

The Ice Emperor's God Realm world was shattered, and a hole was penetrated by the war spear.

The hall master did not continue to shoot, looked down, and said: "Huang Chao, did you see that, your weakness is too obvious! In order to protect Bai Cangxing, you actually launched the world of the gods to block the full blow of this seat. Not ruthless enough, take care of this and lose the other, fight with me, and you will definitely die."

The Ice Emperor's white hair was like a waterfall, and he was still calm, even though he was facing an enemy who had been engraved in his heart for 100,000 years.

"In the heart of the hall master, killing me is more important than Bai Cangxing?" said the Ice Emperor.

The hall master looked at the four directions and said, "Bai Cangxing is the place where the ancestors were reborn, the place where the gods were buried, it is the last heritage of my undead blood race, it is more important than my life, not to mention your life? Xia Huangchao, Do you dare to fight with this seat to the void outside the stars? This seat will give you a fair and just opportunity for revenge."

The Ice Emperor shook his head and said, "Does the Palace Master believe this? Today, the Palace Master is here to kill me, not to fight me in a fair and just battle. Otherwise, why bring outsiders here?"

Seeing that he couldn't lie to the Ice Emperor, the hall master said, "Huang Dynasty, do you think you have the possibility of surviving today?"

The Ice Emperor said: "All the defensive and offensive power of Bai Cangxing is now under my control."

The hall master shook his head and said, "The power of Bai Cangxing will not attack the undead blood clansmen, nor will they prevent the undead blood clansmen from entering the planet. I know Bai Cangxing better than you!"

The Ice Emperor was silent for a moment, then said, "The Hall Master has not reached immortality."

"But you care about Bai Cangxing more than I do, just like the holy monk Xumi. He cares about the Kunlun Realm behind him, so Qingtian can kill him with his formation! You care about Bai Cangxing and those juniors, So, you will die too."

The hall master persuaded: "Anyway, you will die, so why don't you dig out the source of the gods and abandon your cultivation, so that you can keep the White Cangxing. This seat can make an oath to the first ancestor, and will definitely treat you kindly, and this person on the White Cangxing will definitely treat you kindly. A few juniors."

"You should understand that this seat is only afraid of your revenge. When you lose the power of revenge, naturally there is no threat."

"Huang Chao, you are blinded by hatred!"

"I don't want to destroy Bai Cangxing, and I don't want Wubian and them to break in. They didn't follow their good intentions and wanted to see us kill each other. It's better to lose both and reap the benefits."

"Can you understand the painstaking efforts of this seat?"

The Ice King said, "They? Who else is there besides Boundless?"


Qingyun Que broke through the defensive rune formation in the blood cloud above Bai Cangxing and fell to the ground.

He did not show a giant body, but he was seven feet tall, with eighteen pairs of silver wings growing on his back. On the silver wings, the flowing and mysterious ancestral lines released the soaring evil spirit.

Qingyun Que was the supreme arrogance of the Ice Emperor's generation, and now he is the chief clan leader of the Qingtian tribe. Before the blood **** of war was born, he was the heir to the patriarch with the highest voice.

The Ice Emperor's eyelids shrank and said, "You actually cultivated thirty-six wings, how could it be so fast... I understand, you have been taken away long ago, and you have been hiding so deeply. Who are you?"

Qing Yun Que laughed, the old voice and his young face were extremely incompatible.


After fleeing to the mother tree of a longevity blood tree, Xue Tu stopped and looked at the Qingyun Que in the sky, his heart beating fast, and said, "It's over, it seems that the secret that Qing Fei Wei discovered is true."

"What did you say?"

Xia Yu appeared beside him.

"You didn't ask me, what is the real purpose of my coming to Bai Cangxing? Now I tell you, the remnant soul of the ancestor of took over Qingyunque many years ago. This old thing, very interesting. pstyle=\"font-weight:600;color:#721f27;\">Next page! Current 1 page/total 2 pages

He was able to take refuge in the Nine Dead Emperors, practiced the forbidden technique of transforming corpses, and wanted to come to Bai Cangxing to dig out the corpse of his ancestor. "

"Once he refines the ancestor's corpse into his body, he will immediately have an inextinguishable level of cultivation base combat power. I was ordered to take away his ancestor's corpse!"

Of course Xue Tu would not tell Xia Yu that he was following Feng Tian's orders.

Xia Yu could guess one or two. After all, although Qing Feicui was born in the Qingtian tribe, she is now the **** of the Judgment Division of the Temple of Destiny.

The Judgment Division itself is Fengtian's force!

Xia Yu snorted coldly and said, "Ancestor? All the major tribes call their founding ancestors the first ancestor, the top ten tribes, and the ten ancestors? Is it possible? When this ancestor of Qingtian was alive, he could be a half-ancestor. Incredible!"

"You care about his ancestor and half ancestor, take me to his tomb first. Now it is impossible to take away his ancestor's body, it can only be destroyed!" Xue Tu said.


Zhang Ruochen rushed to the edge of the star field where Bai Cangxing was located at the fastest speed.

The location of this star field was told by Xiao Hei.

Xiao Hei once went to Bai Cangxing to meet the Ice Emperor!

This way, Zhang Ruochen has used the earth tripod to refine Qingcheng Yunhe Boundless. With his current cultivation level, it would not take much time to refine and kill the great freedom.

"There is no fluctuation in divine power at all. It seems that there is the ancestor of the undead blood race who has arranged sky-defying means in this star field. How to find Bai Cangxing?"

Zhang Ruochen took out a strand of Xia Yu's hair and sensed it carefully, but neither the Heart of Truth nor the Promise Divine Dao could detect any secrets.

Totally blocked!

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