Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3804: come out of time

, Update the Eternal God Emperor as soon as possible! On the wooden pillar, the surviving Luanfeng Vermilion Bird and Orchid turned into the most dangerous attacking force in the world, and flew out together with the ice thorns.

Qingchengyun's body erupted with multicolored merit and divine light, and at the same time, the streamer's profound meaning was released, directly breaking the suppression of Qianqiu's power with speed, and under the attack of ice thorns, petals, and birds, it moved and moved.

His head and body all showed signs of corpse, and he was full of death, and there was a dead body in his living body.

Given the heart of Givenchy holding the Black Water Scepter, Dai's eyebrows tightened slightly, and he said, "What a terrifying cultivation base, in this case, he still can't hurt him. This is definitely the strength of the heavens!"

"Your mental strength is very strong, but you are far from reaching the peak of the eighty-ninth order. It's a pity! Haha!"

When Qing Chengyun said these words, two voices appeared at the same time, one of them was vicious and sharp.

All the phoenixes and orchids that flew towards him were torn apart by his divine power and turned into blood feathers and petals all over the sky.

"The Profound Truth of Streaming Light he has mastered definitely exceeds 20%."

Given the fact that the Qingcheng cloud was flying towards the Qinlou, and the black water divine scepter struck the void heavily, and immediately, the inscription pattern of the Qianqiu Yunmu God Array, with the Qinlou as the center, completely recovered.

After temporarily trapping Qingchengyun in the formation, Givenchy and Bai Qinger turned into two beams, rushing out of the Goddess City, rushing out of the clouds, and reaching beyond Ice King.

Qingchengyun's cultivation is too strong, even if they use all means, they are invincible.

Moreover, there is another Wuwei whose cultivation base has reached the peak of immeasurable freedom.

Wuwei had already suppressed the Earth Demon Sparrow, sealed it on the glacier, rushed out of Ice King, and came straight towards them.

From a distance, Wuwei said: "If you two stay on Ice King, Brother Qing and I will have to worry about a thing or two. Now, when you flee into the starry sky, aren't you seeking your own death?"

"I admit that I am not your opponent, but can you keep us?"

Given the black water divine scepter, Given's heart developed a **** river, surrounding her and Bai Qinger, and flowing in the universe.

Qingchengyun's voice resounded in the void behind them: "Just now you did have a chance to escape, but unfortunately you didn't cherish it. Now, there is no chance!"

Qingcheng Yun's cultivation level is indeed terrifyingly high. In a very short period of time, he broke the Qianqiu Yunmu Divine Formation, and by virtue of the way of flowing light, he silently appeared behind Givenchy and Bai Qinger, and sealed them off. way of retreat.

Bai Qinger said slowly, "Do you think why we didn't escape on purpose?"

Wuwei and Qingcheng Yun both looked condensed.

They could only think of one possibility: Given Xin and Bai Qinger deliberately led them away from Ice King.

"It's impossible to have a master, right?"

Wuwei was vigilant in all directions, his hands were spread out, and the scrolls were arranged above his head, and each page was as high as 100,000 feet, like a cosmic heavenly book unfolding in the void.

Behind it, a magic lamp appeared.

Qingcheng Yun appeared to be much more calm and calm, and his strength was his confidence, he said, "Even if there are still masters, what if they are immortal and immortal, who can help me?"

"I'll try."

In the depths of the dark and deep starry sky, a long and flat voice sounded.

Hearing this voice, Wuwei and Qingcheng Yunjie's expressions changed. Almost at the same time, they displayed the strongest magic power and attacked Given Xin and Bai Qinger.

It was Zhang Ruochen's voice.

However, they could sense that Zhang Ruochen was still far away from the star field.

They must capture Given Xin or Bai Qinger before Zhang Ruochen arrives, so that they can take the initiative.

Givenchy and Bai Qinger looked at each other.

Bai Qing'er stretched out her right arm as slender as jade, and bronze bells appeared in her palm. Every time they appeared, the bells would vibrate, causing the space to vibrate and hit the soul directly.

These sixty-five bronze bells are the first chapter artifact used by the legendary Ming Ancestor, the world-annihilation bell, which can play a chapter of world-annihilation, and its power can be imagined.

Given the full release of the spiritual power of the heart, he struck the bell with the black water divine scepter.

The world-annihilation bell rang, and the sound waves rushed towards Qingcheng Yunhe Wuwei.

Even with the abilities of the two of them, they didn't dare to hold the bell of the world, so they had to stop in place and use all kinds of body protection methods to resist the bell.

Wuwei was just entering the Boundless Peak of Great Freedom for the first time, and his cultivation was not as deep as Qingcheng Cloud. After receiving nine bells in a row, blood was flowing from the corners of his mouth.


The clouds in Qingcheng roared, and a huge lion shadow appeared behind him, accompanied by Sanskrit characters and golden light.

It is the supernatural power created by the Five Patriarchs, the roar of the gods and demons.

With this roar, Qingchengyun temporarily suppressed the sound of the world-annihilation bell, and then displayed a peerless movement technique, breaking the speed of light boundary and disappearing in place.


The formation of sixty-five bronze bells was smashed by a group of multicolored meritorious light, and flew out in all directions.

Qingcheng Yun stood in the center of the multi-colored meritorious light, wearing the armor of meritorious deity that burned with five-colored flames. His strength was like a violent storm, and it shook Given Heart and Bai Qinger behind the bronze bell.

The five-color flames fell on them, constantly refining the mental field of Givenchy's heart.

With Qingchengyun's high cultivation level, once this divine flame of merit burns through the spiritual field, it is conceivable that Bai Qinger and Givenchy's bodies will never be able to withstand it.

At this moment, violent spatial fluctuations spread.

Qingcheng's cloud-gray pupils glanced back.

I saw that the entire starry sky curtain was torn apart, and a space crack that penetrated the field of vision and became wider and wider appeared.

In the space crack, the chaotic air permeates, and the time stamp light spot beats.

At the end of the crack, in the depths of the void, a divine ship with an ancient rhythm appeared, as if it had traveled through the ages, across the boundless, and its momentum overwhelmed the world.

Zhang Ruochen stood at the bow of the ship, and his tall body gave people a strong sense of oppression.

Wuwei felt Zhang Ruochen's aura, but he knew that at this time, he must not be afraid at all, and said, "I will block him for a moment and capture Bai Qinger."

Wuwei let out a sigh of relief, filled the sky with letters, and flew straight to the crack in space, trying to re-seal the space path opened by Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen stood at the bow of the ship, with one hand behind his back, and the other hand pinched his sword fingers.


The sound of sword chirping sounded.

The time-marked light spots filled in the cracks in space condensed into a sword, crossed the void of hundreds of millions of miles, and slashed straight to Wuwei at the end of the crack.

"Bang bang!"

All the books are torn to pieces.

The sword smashed Wuwei's defenses, knocking him backwards and flying out.

The war sword shattered and turned into a lightsaber of countless time, slashing at Wuwei, piercing blood holes one by one.

In an instant, Wuwei seemed to be twenty years old, from a handsome appearance in his twenties to a middle-aged vicissitudes of forty or fifty years old. And the Shouyuan that was really beheaded has reached a Yuanhui.

"The ninth level of time swordsmanship, Yuan will be cut!"

Wuwei can clearly feel that his life has weakened a lot.

Even the blood energy and spirit also declined along with it.

This sword cut off the immeasurable confidence of Wuwei's impact, and cut off the fearless heart, which made Zhang Ruochen fear in his heart.

In the distance, Qingcheng Yun was unable to capture Bai Qinger in a short period of time.

Given's heart turned into a lotus, he wrapped Bai Qinger in the lotus, the lotus spun rapidly, penetrated time and space, escaped billions of miles away, and was suspended in the sky above Ice King.

Qingcheng Yun lost the chance to continue to take action, because Zhang Ruochen flew out of the space crack and descended to this starry sky.

Zhang Ruochen said: "Before I came, you actually had time to escape, but unfortunately you didn't cherish it."

"Is it so powerful? Do you really think you can keep us?" Qingcheng Yun said. Zhang Ruochen stared at Given Xin and Bai Qinger who were standing above Ice King. Seeing that they were not injured, he was completely relieved and said with a smile: "Only me, maybe only one of you can be kept. But, Since the heart of Brahma is there

Ice King, don't even think about leaving one of you! "

A dissatisfied woman's voice sounded and said, "What do you mean? Even if you don't have Givenchy's heart, there is still this god!"

Xiuchen Tianshen walked out of the cabin of the divine ship.

At the moment of seeing Xiuchen Tianshen, Qingcheng Yunhe Wuwei did not hesitate at all. At the same time, he performed a forbidden technique, burning the divine blood and divine substance in his body, and fled to two different directions.

"Do you still want to go?"

Zhang Ruochen disappeared on the divine ship and chased Qingchengyun.

The black water divine scepter in Given Xin's hand swung out, and a black divine river hundreds of thousands of miles long flew out of the void, entangling towards Wuwei who wanted to escape.

Xiuchen Tianshen obviously has full confidence in Zhang Ruochen. UU reading directly controls the sundial, evolves the sea of ​​​​time, and pursues Wuwei.

Now that the cultivation base has been restored, and it is more diligent, this strong return next page! Current 1 page/Total 2 pages

In the first battle, how could Givenchy steal the limelight.

Qingcheng Yun mastered a large number of flowing light profound meanings, and used forbidden techniques. He believed that even if his opponent was in the early stage of immortality, or even in the middle stage of immortality, he could escape.

In the field of speed, he has this confidence.

"This is what you rely on? Unfortunately, it's still not fast enough!"

Zhang Ruochen's voice seemed to be ringing in his ear, causing the always confident Qingchengyun's face to change.

A tai chi four-symbol imprint that covered the starry sky descended from the sky, the power of space was mighty, and the speed of the Qingcheng cloud was getting slower and slower.

"Zhang Ruochen, I don't believe you are really broken and immortal!"

"The Great Road is desolate!"

There was no way to avoid it, Qingcheng Yun gritted his teeth and could only fight Zhang Ruochen recklessly.

His long hair danced wildly, his eyes were sharp, and the flames of the divine armor on his body were more than ten times more blazing.


The Great Dao Heavenly Desolation Seal and the Tai Chi Four Imprints collided together, and the space within hundreds of millions of miles was instantly shattered and merged with the world of nothingness.

Qingcheng Yun was pressed down and fell down, as if everything in the world was pressed from above, and blood was spitting out of his mouth.

Zhang Ruochen's real body appeared, and he punched straight down, turning the Great Dao Tianhuang Seal into a sky full of light and rain, directly touching Qingchengyun's palm.

Even though Qing Chengyun was wearing the armor of merit, he still couldn't hold it, and his entire arm was broken. Divine blood dripped from the gaps in the armor and spilled into the void.

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