Through the fifth round, the surrounding landscape changed once again.

Not hot or cold.

And good view towards all directions.

The ground we were standing on was only a small area, with clouds stretching as far as the horizon was concerned.

"This is the..., the end point?

"That's right! At the top!"

There is no mistake because the builder, Ville himself, says so.

We finally dominated the dungeon.

"Yes, I'm tired."

Prati and other members are also full of fatigue.

"Saints, you've come a long way."

"Ah, Doctor."

I was also able to rendezvous with the teacher who was bossed near the entrance.

"Come on, when you're done, let's just go home. I want to wash my body before dinner."

"I'm just tired, too."

and Prati & Lamp Eye.

Even mountain climbing is tiring, but it would have worn out hot or cold or fighting monsters.

"We'd like to sort out the monster material."

And the Oakbos are diligent.

That's how they're all getting good luck moody......

"What are you saying? Isn't there still one last fight left?

and said that Veil was lost in blood.

"The last fight? What?"

"If you say you've dominated the dungeon, it's not until you defeat its Lord. I mean, give me this!!"

At that moment, the atmosphere at the top changed.

Dragons with silver scales flying from the sky, accompanied by a harsh struggle.

Isn't that a dragon form vier!?

"That, but there's also a human form of vier over here!?"

Ville over there, Ville over here.

There are two viers!?

"If you're wearing a dragon, it's my mana."

"No, you did it before that...!?"

"I only have about a hundredth of my strength, which is the main body because I diluted it so much. It will be just right for the final closing of this event."

Still don't think you have enough power to destroy one or two cities!

Give me a break. Everybody's a jerk!

If I was confused about what was going on, I would have sprayed the flaming braces without hesitation!?

Are you sure this is about a hundredth!?

If it stays like this, they will all be extinguished in an instant, so on the verge of trying to kill off the flames with the Evil Sacred Sword.

Some giant shadow rushed towards the flames!

And the hook nail flashes, smashing a giant flame!


"Is that... ugh!?"

Bear Monster I just helped!?

He followed us this far and helped us out of the flames of the dragon!?


A bear barking bravely at the dragon.

It's a giant piece that reaches three meters in length, but it's still about the scale of a rat compared to a dragon.


Are you going to fight him, with him!?

No way to return the favor I helped!?



Two staring giant beasts.

However, the situation is more unfavourable if it is overwhelmingly small.

But the beast is not frightened if he turns to the weak side.

It does not cloud the pride of the mighty, but dares to confront them.


"I knocked him down......!

After a fierce battle, the Beast defeated the Giant Dragon.

The minute the nucleus was destroyed, Vir's body sprays back into pure mana, unable to sustain itself.

'I didn't mean to win...!

The result seemed to surprise even the teacher, the immortal king.

'The body you create in Mana has the weakness that it can be easily defeated as long as you destroy the nucleus, but I still didn't expect you to defeat Veil, the Grinzel Dragon...'

"Doctor, is that bear monster a pretty mighty breed?

'I don't know'


"It's the first monster of a species I've ever seen. Doesn't look familiar to me means it's probably a new breed. But defeating a dragon, even though it's a division, may be the strongest ever. '


I didn't expect a teacher who is a no-life king to say that much.


Bear that came this way.

Though it's a fierce battle, the footprint itself is solid.

He came right in front of me and lowered his head.

What the fuck?

Are you saying thank you for your help?

"You coming with me, too?

I tried to stroke his head, but the bear quickly turned his heel and walked out.

You're leaving?

Where the hell are you going?

"My you..., I know it's the same monster"

Oakbo says.

"He is a proud beast. Defeat and descend into the military gates."


"It seems to be a thank-you for saving your life in the current battle and embarking on a further journey of solitude. To gain experience and become strong and one day you will be recognized as a mighty man......!

You don't have to do that to admit it.

But on the back of the departing giant bear was a lonely glow that could not be adventured.

One day the time will come to see him again.

Until then, it's magnificent.

Bear monster.

Abbreviations bear mon.

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