My wife is a fisherman.

That's how I got the wife, the mermaid Prati.

Well, I'm a clarity push wife, but how does adding her change my life?

I asked her a lot first, and she said she's a celebrity who makes magic drugs.

"Pharmaceutical magic is because it is the original magic of the mermaids!

Apparently so.

Prati takes off her pants once and returns to her lower body mappa and mermaid form. Into the sea, no phonetics for a day or two. And when I came back to land, I carried all sorts of such ingredients in my hand.

"I brought it from the house. Feels like a dowry tool!

Flasks, test tubes, and breast stick breast bowls. Once upon a time there was a slack in front of me when I saw it in the science room at school and it faded on the other side of my memory for a long time.

It seems that medication formulation tools are not so different in different worlds.

"You can use magic medicine to combine a variety of medicinal grasses and fruits with magic. Finished magic pills have many different effects and can be used by the unwitting!

"I see."

But it helps that you get medication.

You know, the rest of your life, sometimes you get sick, well, it's bound to happen someday.

There are medicines among the tools that I bought from the capital, but it is reliable that if I use them, I can make them every time I need them.

"Oh my god, it's so heartfelt to think that's all of Atashi's magic pills!

"What do you mean?


Prati's answer is too outrageous to chase understanding.

"There's nothing I can't do to make Atashi magic pills. Say anything. Because I'll give you an immediate wish!

I declare myself confident, so I wanted to try as much as she did.


I've been thinking about it.

What bothers me most right now are the vegetables in the field.

I would be very happy if these kids, who grow up so fast with my hands, were healthy and fruitful as soon as possible.

I hear that not only humans but also plants have nutrients to keep them healthy and medicines to beat diseases unique to plants.

Can you make Prati a pill like that? and asked slightly provocatively......


It was returned in a flamboyant tone for some reason.

"The point is, you just have to make the crops in this field tastefully fruitful. Then Ba Herring G fish fertilizer would be perfect."

"Baba Shin Gu? Gihi?"

"Wait a minute."

Prati even took off her pants again and jumped into the sea with her pretty ass rounded out.

They do mermaiding while swimming.

Are you in such a hurry?

Now I'm back earlier than I was when I went to pick up the conditioner.

Is it like an hour or something?

However, this time I was surprised what I could carry.

It was a big fish.

"This is Ba Herring G!

The length from the tip of the nose to the tail was more than the height of an adult male.

I was super freaked out thinking it was a shark when I first saw it, but apparently not. The size is the array, but if you look closely at the shape, it's close to the kind of blue fish that gets sold at the fishmonger.



"It's Ba Herring G!

When Prati tells me in detail, fish are classified as fish-shaped monsters, even fish.

She had caught Soitz and suddenly dropped her span and head with a knife.


It also seemed to be a kind of magic, and Prati cut the tequila and giant fish apart and threw them into a large pot with proper finesse.

It's a big pot I brought with the conditioning tools, and it seems like the witch could use it to make medicine.

Well, actually, I guess so.

Simmer even with gutsy, gutsy. Besides, Prati had a bump in the meantime. Something like a spell.

When I stirred up the meat pieces of the boiled fish, I was squeezing them as much as I wanted with another device.

A squeezer?

Did that happen?

"Done! This is Ba Herring G's magic fish fertilizer!

"Is this squeegee more fertilizer? Not squeeze juice?

Speaking of which, I've heard it in the previous world.

In the old days, when chemical fertilizers were underdeveloped, he said fish were used to make fertilizers.

You think that's so high performance, good cospas, and thrived so much that people involved in its exclusive commerce built your palace?

"Let this dry, finely crushed... Spread it on the field!

I guess those processes take a few days, but Prati did it instantly with magic or something.

"Now your fields are fine! You'll grow up faster!

That's reliable.

Can't wait for the harvest time is like a grower's saga.

It's been such a long time since I worked on fish fertilizer, and I've decided to finish my work today and rest.

Dinner with seaweed and seafood set aside with Prati and sleep with him in the cabin together.

Well, I guess it's natural to say husband and wife, but it's just impossible for you two to live in a digging shed.

A man would have no problem sleeping on the floor with one blanket, but I can't let a girl imitate that.

I think we need to build a new house if we're going to remodel it... but don't you accept me living with Prati at that point?

And sleeping side by side with girls under the same roof, or something like that, my reason is about to collapse.

I did.

The next morning.

Looking at the field, the crop was perfectly fruitful.

At the ends of branches and ears, each with abundant fruit. It had reached the final stage of growth.

"Really grew faster!?"

And faster than you can imagine!

Looks like we could totally harvest it already!

Before I gained weight, I felt like I was still in the middle of growing up!

It works too well, doesn't it, fertilizer?

"That's why I told you, right? The magic potion of the sea urchin helps."

Prati, who has been awake after me, put his chest up proudly.

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