Absolute Resonance

Chapter 9: House meeting

Pei Hao's voice spread in the living room, directly causing the atmosphere to freeze in an instant. No one thought that this person who had been quite kind to Li Luo in the past could actually say such vicious words.

   Although Li Luo's complexion is indeed pale now, and his complexion is not very good, but...not to curse people to live in a few years, right?

   The three pavilion masters that Pei Hao started with were slightly embarrassed, but they didn't say anything. They just stared at the ground with twinkling eyes, as if the patterns on the floor under their feet were particularly attractive.

   The other six pavilion masters were angry.


   A loud voice suddenly sounded. Everyone was startled. When they looked at it, they saw Jiang Qing'eyu slap her hands on the table, her delicate face covered with frost.

   But, before Jiang Qing'e could speak out, Pei Hao quickly patted his mouth and smiled: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my mouth is so unconcealed."

   "I hope Xiao Luo will not blame it."

Li Luo stared at Pei Hao, he looked at the latter carefully, and then smiled. Although he has been used to the faces of people before and after, those people are after all people outside the house. And this Pei Hao, if he said that his father and mother had a life-saving and rebuilding grace for him, that would definitely not be exaggerated.

   Without Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan, Pei Hao would have been interrupted by his enemies long ago, and he was thrown into a stinking ditch to die. How could there be today's scenery?

   However, what Pei Hao revealed right now obviously did not show any gratitude to his parents, but rather resented him deeply.

   This made Li Luo a little sigh, his father and mother, who has been wise for so many years, still read it wrong once.

"Pei Hao's control is just an instinct. What is to blame, and to be honest, what can I do now even if I blame it? So this kind of nonsense is unnecessary." Li Luo shook his head. , And then sat down in the empty first seat.

Pei Hao smiled, he turned one of his fingers at will, but he did not show anger because of the irony contained in Li Luo's words, because it was not necessary at all, as Li Luo said, even if he If you want to blame, what can you do?

   Luolan Mansion today is not what it used to be.

  Without those two mountains under pressure, in Luolan Mansion, he Pei Hao doesn't fear anyone anymore.

   A young palace master with no future, but just a puppet. If Jiang Qing'e were not there, he would have completely controlled Luo Lan Mansion long ago.

   "Since the Young Palace Master is here, can the discussion begin, right?" Pei Hao turned his eyes to Jiang Qing'e.

   Jiang Qing'e was expressionless, and said faintly: "Then you can first talk about why one of the three pavilions under your jurisdiction has not been handed over to the treasury this year."

Pei Hao sighed lightly and said: "My three pavilions are in a very bad situation this year. The younger junior sisters should have heard that the storeroom of the three pavilions was suddenly burned. I suspect that it is the forces that covet Luolan Mansion. I will also investigate thoroughly. I have tried, but there has not been any result yet, so there is no money to be paid this year."

Li Luo just listened quietly. Although he knew Pei Hao’s reasons were ridiculously funny, he did not continue to interject, because he understood that he now has no multiple right to speak in Luo Lan Mansion, the so-called Shao Mansion. Lord, in the eyes of all the people in the mansion, it may be just a mascot on display.

   That being the case, naturally there is no need to talk to yourself for being boring.

   Jiang Qing'e took a deep look at Pei Hao and said, "Pei Hao, is this your reason?"

   Pei Hao smiled slightly, and said, "Since the little junior sister wants a reason, I can only find one for you. Why do I have to ask for some things?"

"Never mind... Since we have already reached this point, let me also explain to Junior Sister and Young Palace Master... Not only will the three residences not submit any more contributions this year, nor will it be from now on. Turn it in again." Although Pei Hao's voice was soft, it fell in the ears of everyone in the living room, but it was undoubtedly like thunder.

   The cold air radiating from Jiang Qing'e seemed to freeze the air, and her voice was cold and cold: "It seems that you are planning to stand on your own?"

Pei Hao smiled, and said: "I can't bear to leave Luolan Mansion...but now there is no real Palace Master in Luolan Mansion. I don't know who has the money when these contributions are handed over. It's better to wait for a truly convincing palace lord to appear in the future, then it won't be too late for me to hand it in."

   The atmosphere in the living room is depressing, and the other six palace masters are also a little ugly. If Pei Hao is really allowed to do this, then Luo Lan Mansion will probably become the laughing stock of the other four mansions.

  Because of Pei Hao's move, he is already holding his own strength and intends to split Luolan Mansion.

"Pei Hao, are you trying to bring down Luo Lan Mansion? Luo Lan Mansion is down, how much do you think you can benefit?" a middle-aged man on the right said in a deep voice, his name is Lei Zhang , It is a patron who supports Jiang Qing'e.

   Pei Hao shook his head: "I said, I don't want Luo Lan Mansion to fall."

He seemed to be silent for a few breaths, then turned his eyes to Li Luo who was silent, and smiled: "Actually, it is not impossible for me to follow the rules. From now on, it is not impossible to turn in the donation truthfully... Of course, the premise is, I hope that the young palace lord can promise me one condition."

   Everyone in the living room was shocked, apparently he didn't expect Pei Hao to suddenly bring the topic to Li Luo's body.

   Li Luo stepped back from the state of observing his nose and observing his heart, staring at Pei Hao, seemingly curious: "I also want to know, what are the conditions for Pei Hao to take charge?"

   Pei Hao cast his gaze from Li Luo's body to Jiang Qing'e, looking at the latter's exquisite cold face and slim figure, deep in his eyes, there was a hint of fiery greed.

   "I hope that the young palace lord can terminate the marriage contract with the younger sister."

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere in the living room dropped to freezing point.

   Although Li Luo had not been furious, his expression became expressionless. Although he had discussed with Jiang Qing'e about returning the marriage contract before, he even reached an agreement with her.

   But... the marriage contract was between him and Jiang Qing'e, and the two of them were free to say or do something based on this...

   And what is this Pei Hao?


   Just when Li Luo's heart was surging, a strong energy fluctuation broke out directly in the living room.

   The energy is as bright as the light, and the light swept across, blocking all the light in the living room.

   Then, Li Luo vaguely saw the figure of Jiang Qing'e sitting aside, shooting out like a shock.

   pointed directly at Pei Hao.

  The sudden attack also caused Pei Hao's eyes to freeze, and in the next instant, a sharp golden light burst into his body.

   The sword-shaped earring hanging on his right earlobe quickly fell off and turned into a golden long sword when the storm rose.

   On the long sword, the sharp golden light force surges, and the throughput is uncertain, like countless golden rainbows.


   The sound of the collision of gold and iron sounded, and a violent energy shock wave erupted, immediately smashing all the tables and chairs in the living room.

   The nine pavilion masters quickly took action to resolve the energy aftermath, and then fixed their eyes on the field.

   I can only see there, the two figures are facing each other, and their swords are facing each other. It is Jiang Qing'e and Pei Hao.

   Jiang Qing'e is holding an epee, and there is a bright light flowing from the sword. The light is extremely dazzling, and the gaze makes people's eyes sting.

   And the pure sacredness and burning sensation shocked their hearts.

  What an overbearing bright and powerful!

   Opposite Jiang Qing'e, Pei Hao is holding a golden long sword, and the golden phase force that emerges from his body is extremely sharp and fierce.

   That is the power of metallurgy.

   The two swords collided, and the opposing forces opposed each other, causing the floor to gradually crack.

Pei Hao squinted his eyes slightly and said with a smile: "The Ninth-Rank Bright Aspect is indeed well-deserved. The little junior sister is obviously only the early stage of the evil general, but this aspect is so powerful and domineering that it is not inferior to my late stage. ."

   "You, the metallurgist, should have been promoted to the seventh rank, right? It seems that the Luolan Mansion's gold donation has been swallowed in the past." Jiang Qing'e said coldly.

In the past, Pei Hao’s metallography was at the sixth rank, but this time, Jiang Qing'e also noticed that the opponent’s metallographic power had become stronger, and the sixth-rank metallographic wanted to be promoted to the seventh rank. The water singularity is not a small number.

   Pei Hao was noncommittal. The next moment, he and Jiang Qing'e suddenly exploded the strength of their bodies almost at the same time, and the tip of the sword slammed into it.


   The sound of gold and iron engulfed the energy impact, and the figures of both of them stepped back a few steps.

   "Pei Hao, you are presumptuous!" At this time, Na Lei Zhang and other pavilion masters also immediately appeared behind Jiang Qing'e, and shouted with an iron face.

   However, three pavilion masters also appeared behind Pei Hao, their faces on guard.

  Outside the living room, the movement here also caused some chaos in the old house. Two waves of people rushed out from everywhere like a tide, and then confronted each other.

   "Little Junior Sister, are you planning to let the entire Great Xia Kingdom know that Luolan Mansion has a civil strife?" Pei Hao smiled lightly.

   Jiang Qing'e's face was cold, and the murderous intent flowed in her beautiful eyes: "Pei Hao, if you don't want to die, you should swallow it back into your stomach if you don't want to die. You are not allowed to interrupt in our business."

Pei Hao was silent for a few breaths and frowned: "Little Junior Sister, why are you doing this? That marriage contract is probably a cumbersome burden for you, right? I know you are grateful to Master and Sister, but there is no need to commit yourself to it. Li Luo, he...really unworthy."

   "Well-hearted people, of course, don't understand what gratitude is. UU reading www.uukanshu.com" Jiang Qing'e said lightly.

Pei Hao shook his head, then turned his gaze to Li Luo, and said, "Li Luo, you are actually quite smart, so I think you should know what it means to commit a crime. Luo Lan Mansion is a beautiful wall for you, little junior sister. For you, such a proud son of heaven is even more inaccessible."

   "Believe me, if you want to imprison her with her gratitude to her master, it will only bring you a disaster in the end."

   Li Luo calmly said: "Then, according to your opinion, this Luo Lan Mansion and Qing'e sister, I have to give up?"

   "If you are smart enough, you should be like this." Pei Hao nodded, and said with some pity: "I am also doing this for your own good. If you don't have the ability, then you must curb your greed, so that you may be a rich idler."

   Li Luo smiled, and said: "Pei Hao, you really don't worry if one day, my parents suddenly come back?"

   Pei Hao's pupils shrank slightly, and the three pavilion masters behind him also changed a little.

   Finally, Pei Hao shook his head slightly and said, "Li Luo, don't hold on to this sad and naive expectation. Judging from the news I got, Master and Madam, I'm afraid I won't be able to come back."

   He looked at Li Luo and sighed sympathetically.

   "So... your biggest backer is gone."

   "What is the difference between you now and me back then? No...you may not be as good as me back then..."

   "After all, although I had no background at the time and had a dead end, at the very least, I still had some potential."

   "And you... there is nothing left."

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