Absolute Resonance

Chapter 89: The situation in Loran House

Nanfeng City, East Gate.

Li Luo stood in front of the chariot and looked at Nanfeng City with a complex and melancholy expression. Since he can remember, he has lived here most of the time. Today, he is finally leaving.

Thinking of the past, Li Luo finally opened the curtain and rolled over into the car.

"Let's go."

With his order, the convoys in front and behind the car suddenly started to move. This time to Daxiacheng, the journey was quite long. Even if it was at full speed, it would take nearly ten days, and Li Luo was Luolan Mansion. For the young palace owner, the security issue is naturally the top priority, so the defense force is indispensable.

The convoy rumbling away, carrying soot all the way.

The car was speeding, and the spacious carriage was abnormally stable. Li Luo sat on the side of the coffee table. Opposite him, Cai Wei sat elegantly, holding a volume of books and reading with gusto.

In the innermost compartment of the carriage, there is a small workshop in which Yan Lingqing is practicing the magical light of spiritual water and passing the boring time on the road.

This time Li Luo went to Daxia City, and Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing were also accompanied. They had already taken advantage of this time to complete the transfer of work in Tianshu County.

"Sister Cai Wei, what is the situation in Luolan Mansion now?" Li Luo asked suddenly after a long while looking at the trees passing by behind him from the window of the car.

Cai Wei lifted her gaze from the scroll, pondered for a moment, and said: "It shouldn't be too good. You should know how attractive this piece of steamed bun in Luolan Mansion is. There are many counties in Daxia under its banner. The huge industry, millions of dollars in profits each year, are enough to make any power jealous."

"And now Luolan Mansion is also suffering from internal and external troubles. This feeling is undoubtedly a child's busy city holding gold, which has aroused a lot of coveting. I think if it is not because Luolan Mansion still has some strength, and the potential that Qing'e has shown is also If it has shocked some people, there might have been forces already attacking Luo Lan Mansion."

Li Luo was silent for a while, shook his head slightly, and said: "If there is a powerful force that is not inferior to Luo Lan Mansion and really covets it, these shocks are not enough."

Jiang Qing'e does have amazing potential, but this is still potential. Even in Li Luo's eyes, if it weren't for the protection of her identity as a student of the Saint Profound Star Academy, I am afraid that in this summer, some forces will take risks against her. Try to kill it.

Cai Wei was startled slightly, and said softly: "What do you think?"

Li Luo slowly said, "It’s because of my father’s and mother’s Yu Wei...or, those powerful forces that are coveted, can’t really be sure that my father and mother have died, so they worry that if they do too much, they will One day my parents came back suddenly... At that time, how should I clean up?"

Facing the anger of the two powerful Fenghou realms, in this great summer, any forces probably need to maintain some fear.

Cai Wei thought for a while, and nodded slightly in agreement: "Palace Master Young is very transparent."

"But this kind of lingering prestige will weaken over time, after all, the hungry tiger will not let go of the fat sheep that keep walking in front of them." Li Luo sighed lightly and said.

Even he didn't know how long Li Taixuan and Tantailan's remaining prestige could last. Perhaps, if one day, those forces confirmed certain news, I am afraid Luolan Mansion will usher in a catastrophe.

What will it be at that time?

Li Luo pursed his mouth, he felt that it might be the mansion sacrifice of Luolan Mansion next year...At that time, Pei Hao would definitely take the lead in attacking, triggering a series of destroying actions against Luolan Mansion.

Looking at it this way, time is really pressing. He is only a child of the Ten Seal Realm. These enemies are really as ferocious as tigers and wolves. Can't you give him a few more years?

A few years later, he strives to reach the Fenghou state with Jiang Qing'e, and then go to your house to have a lively meal!


Li Luo sighed, but unfortunately, those people probably won't give him such a long time.

"Now in this great summer, what is the attitude of the top forces from all sides towards Luolan Mansion?" Li Luo asked again.

"Daxia's top forces are eliminating the two special existences of Saint Profound Star Academy and Jinlong Baoxing. In terms of strength, Daxia Royal Court is the strongest, but the Royal Court has been slightly chaotic these years. At a young age, the prince regent assisted the state affairs, and under the royal court were the families with long traditions and the five big houses."

"Among the five major palaces, Duze Palace and Jiyan Palace are the most hostile to Luolan Palace. Lanling Palace is neutral. Jinque Palace can be considered to have a fair relationship with Luolan Palace. Perhaps one of them wants to use Luolan Palace to consume the power of the other two major palaces. The intention." Cai Wei said slowly.

"Most of these forces have their headquarters in Daxia City. In the past, the Young Palace Master was in Nanfeng City. Some disturbances could hardly affect you, but as you arrive at Daxia City, I am afraid that there will be some trouble in the future."

Li Luo nodded, he was prepared for this. After all, although Jiang Qing'e is in charge of Luolan Mansion now, he is the righteous young mansion of Luolan Mansion anyway.

No one paid any attention to him before, because he was hiding in Nanfeng City, far away from the center of Daxia. Coupled with the reason of his previous emptiness, I am afraid that all the forces would treat him as a useless person, so they ignored it.

And as he stepped into the center of this great summer vortex, naturally he was inevitably contaminated by the storm.

But this is what he is supposed to do as the Young Palace Master. After all, he can’t let Jiang Qing'e bear all the pressure alone. He couldn’t stand up before. He really didn’t have the qualifications. Now he barely has some strength. No matter what, he She would never let Jiang Qing'e carry everything in front of her.

"I get it..."

Li Luo nodded slightly, and smiled helplessly: "My father and mother, it's really a mess."

All of this was caused by insufficient strength, so he had to improve his strength as soon as possible, and in this great summer, there was no place for cultivation that could compare to the Saint Profound Star Academy.

So he was very fortunate that this time, he was admitted to the Saint Xuanxing Academy.


The journey is far away, but with beauty, it doesn't feel boring on the way, it's like traveling in the mountains and playing in the water.

Within a few days, in the blink of an eye.

The convoy is about to arrive in the capital of Daxia.

Li Luo stood on the frame and looked into the distance. At the end of the wide avenue, the outline of a huge city was vaguely visible. Even though it was still a long distance away, he could vaguely perceive the emission from that city. A sense of oppression.

It made people breathless.

Compared with this, Nanfeng City is not one hundred one.

"It's worthy of being a royal city." Li Luo sighed.

At this time, Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing are also standing behind them, with a little joy and relaxation on their pretty cheeks, and they are finally back.

"This journey is also smooth, better than I thought." Li Luo smiled at the two women.

However, as soon as his voice fell, he saw some figures suddenly appeared on a high **** not far away, and then a banner seemed to rise.

Across the distance ~www.readwn.com~ Li Luo can be seen, on the banner, embroidered with a spur of the wings, shining brightly in the sun.

"That's... Jinque Mansion?" Cai Wei on the side was a little surprised.

Li Luo was slightly startled. He was not too secretive when he went to the King City this time. It is not difficult for all interested people to know his whereabouts, but he originally thought that some hostile forces would come to block or play, but he didn't expect to see him first. It turned out to be Jinque Mansion, which is said to have a fairly good relationship with Luolan Mansion.

What do they want to do?

In Li Luo’s doubts, the convoy moved forward, and then saw a man on the high **** riding a fiery red horse and beast galloping down. As he approached the convoy, a loud voice came: "My lady invites the young man of Luolan Mansion. The Lord went up the mountain to gather."

"Miss Jinque Mansion?"

Li Luo looked at Cai Wei, who pondered slightly, and said, "It should be the daughter of Jinque Mansion, Si Qiuying, she is the same age as you, and she should also enter the Saint Profound Star Academy with you."

"But what does it mean that she is waiting for you here? You and her have not seen each other?"

Li Luo pondered for a moment, and said, "Is it another person who admires my beauty?"

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing rolled their eyes at the same time.

Li Luo smiled and said, "It's useless to think more, you'll know when you see it."

He jumped and turned on a strong red horse beast.

"Don't you need a guard?" Cai Wei asked.

Li Luo waved his hand, no one would be so stupid as to do to him outside this king's city. After all, no matter how lonely Luo Lan Mansion was, there would still be some strength in the end.

The red horse beast roared and galloped away, then brought a plume of smoke and dust and boarded the high slope.

On a high slope, a piece of grass was paved with a precious pile of carpets, and a long case was placed on it. After the long case, a green-haired girl sat on her knees, quietly looking at Li Luo who had dismounted.

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