Absolute Resonance

Vol 3 Chapter 816: 815th

Chapter 816 Banquet

Chapter 816 Banquet

When Li Luo felt the fluctuations in the surrounding space disappear, he opened his eyes, and then saw a dazzling golden light emerge from his vision.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and after he got used to it, he realized that those golden lights came from the countless golden palaces in front of him, which were resplendent and majestic.

Above the sky, there are continuous streamers passing by.

The noisy sound filled the space between heaven and earth.

"Is this where the headquarters of Dragon's Bloodline is?" Li Luo looked curiously. The architectural style here is completely different from that of Dragon's Tooth. Dazzling gold is everywhere. It is said that this is because Dragon's Bloodline is named after Dragon Blood. And dragon blood is respected by gold.

Even, the clouds floating in the sky are all faintly golden. That is not an illusion, but because there is a winding dragon shadow looming in the clouds, which seems to be some kind of guardian array.

Luxurious, grand and mysterious.

This was Li Luo's first impression of the dragon's blood.

When Li Luo was looking around, a group of figures ushered in front of him, who seemed to be high-level people in the dragon's bloodline, and they saluted Li Jingzhe respectfully.

After the two sides chatted for a while, Li Jingzhe was invited away, presumably to see the leader of the Dragon Bloodline who was in charge of the mountains.

As for the bannermen of the Four Banners, they were arranged to go to specific residences.

The real birthday is tomorrow, so I have to rest all night today.

When Li Luo was about to follow the Qingming Banner crowd, Li Fengyi came over and said, "There will be a banquet tonight, hosted by Li Qingfeng of the Golden Bloodline, and the younger generations of all veins are invited. There are some young guests from various forces who came to pay their respects."

"Then Li Qingfeng hopes that our capital city of the Twenty Banners can participate. He seems to want to discuss something."

"The head of the Golden Blood Banner, Li Qingfeng?" Li Luo's eyes flickered slightly. This person's reputation is not small among the five veins of Tianlong. Others said that he should be the dragon of this generation of young people. head.

"This guy, I really think he is the leader of this generation. He behaves like a dragon leader. The battle for the leader of our generation has not started yet. Who knows what will happen in the end?" Li Fengyi He curled his lips lightly, feeling a little uncomfortable with Qingfeng Li in his words.

But despite saying this, Li Fengyi also understands that Li Qingfeng is indeed a top talent. He has outstanding talent, whether it is his personal strength or the Golden Blood Banner he holds, he can be regarded as the most outstanding person in this generation.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the face of the younger generation of today's Dragon Wumai.

But Li Fengyi is still upset. Although she is a woman, she has a more competitive personality than a man. She adores her third uncle Li Taixuan, and she also yearns for the record that her third uncle once beat all her peers, so she has been working hard to become Li Taixuan people like that.

It's just a pity that in terms of talent, although she is considered outstanding, compared with Li Qingfeng, there is still a gap that cannot be ignored.

"Then go and see what this "Dragon Head" wants to do."

Li Luo pondered for a while, but then said with a smile, he was idle anyway, so it's good to see Qingfeng Li's demeanor, after all, they might run into each other on the next "Xuanhuang Dragon Qi Pool".

Li Fengyi also nodded when she heard the words. Since Li Qingfeng sent someone to invite him, he naturally wanted to save face.

"Then let's go." She glanced at the sky, it was almost evening.

Li Luo nodded, and the two went to find Li Jingtao again. The latter originally wanted to shirk, but under Li Fengyi's stare, he followed up obediently.

So the three of them, led by a maid of Dragon Bloodline, spent an hour arriving at a brightly lit golden palace in the middle of the lake.

At this time, the sky was already dark, but the light emitted by the golden palace in the center of the lake illuminated the nearby lake very thoroughly.

The Golden Palace in the center of the lake is also very lively at this time, guests are constantly arriving under the guidance of the maids.

When the three of Li Luo arrived, they attracted some gazes, and most of these gazes were from young women. Their curious and interested gazes mainly fell on Li Luo.

They didn't know Li Luo, but they simply thought that this young man was so handsome, with his gray hair, under the bright light, he looked even more attractive and unique.

"Little brother, your skin is really not bad. If you think about it, you may have many romantic encounters tonight." Li Fengyi said jokingly.

For Li Fengyi's teasing, Li Luo could only smile helplessly, and at the same time refused: "That's impossible, I have a fiancée, and I want to protect her like a jade."

"You still have a fiancee? Did your third uncle arrange it for you when he was away in Shenzhou?"

Li Jingtao was a little surprised, then rubbed his chin, and said in a tone that read people's hearts: "This is not a good thing, you have come to the Inner China now, but she stayed in a place like the Outer China. If it gets bigger, there will definitely be a gap.”

Li Fengyi was also not very optimistic about this, and said: "If it's really not possible, you should retire the marriage, otherwise it will delay people."

Li Luo sighed sadly, because he suddenly remembered that when Jiang Qing'e left, the engagement between the two seemed to have really been cancelled. Moreover, this was his long-standing request.

In a sense, the two of them now seem to have no marriage contract.

Li Luo rubbed his face, feeling the urge to slap himself, Li Luo, Li Luo, let you pretend, let you take off your pants and fart, but don't forget that there is a saying called quitting a marriage for a while, chasing your wife in a crematorium.

But in the end, these emotions turned into self-mockery and were suppressed by Li Luo, because he knew Jiang Qing'e too well, and the relationship between the two parties was not something that could be affected by the so-called marriage contract.

While they were talking all the way, the three of them had arrived at the gate of the Golden Palace in the middle of the lake.

"Li Fengyi, long time no see, you are still in such a hurry." At this time, someone came out to greet her, and at the same time, a faint mocking voice came out.

In the gate, a young woman wearing a purple dress came gracefully. The woman had a delicate face, snow-like skin, and lively eyes. A lifelike red carp was embroidered on the dress.

As soon as the woman appeared, she immediately attracted the fiery gazes of many men around her.

"Li Hongli, you are still so pretentious." Li Fengyi glanced at the other party, and said mercilessly.

Li Luo who was on the side looked more at the woman in the purple skirt after hearing the words. Is she the head of the purple blood flag of the dragon's blood that ranks third in Shamo Cave, Li Hongli?

But it seems that the relationship between Li Fengyi and her is not good.

Facing Li Fengyi's sarcasm, Li Hongli smiled slightly and said: "If your ability to lead Chiyunqi is as sharp as yours, why is it just the current ranking?"

"Your Purple Blood Banner has this ranking, how much does it have to do with you? I heard that your father tried his best to help your Purple Blood Banner recruit elites because of worrying about your affairs." Li Fengyi said expressionlessly.

Li Hongli's beautiful eyes narrowed for a moment, and her voice became colder: "Even without the Purple Blood Banner, I'm enough to hold you down."

"Then you're here to try?" Li Fengyi confronted.

Li Hongli sneered, she felt the gazes cast from all around, and knew that this was not a place to argue with Li Fengyi, so she immediately turned her eyes to the unusually handsome gray-haired boy standing beside Li Fengyi.

"You are Li Luo?" She raised her eyebrows lightly.

This appearance is really not bad.

Li Luo smiled, but didn't answer, because from the scrutinizing eyes of the other party, he felt that this Li Hongli didn't have much kindness towards him.

Seeing that Li Luo didn't answer her, a trace of anger flashed across Li Hongli's delicate face, and she said lightly: "The appearance is somewhat similar to Li Taixuan, but I don't know how much better you are than your father?"

Hearing this, Li Luo said seriously, "You will have to try it yourself in the future."

"It's just that no matter what the result will be in the future, I hope you don't pass on the emotions of this contest to the next generation like your previous generation did."

From Li Fengyi, he already knew that Li Hongli's father regarded Li Taixuan as a competitor back then, and wanted to compete with him for everything, but the result was obvious that he was suppressed to death, which caused Li Hongli's father to treat Li Taixuan as a competitor. Li Taixuan has always complained, and Li Hongli's attitude towards him is obviously because he has been influenced by his parents since he was a child.

Among the younger generation of dragon blood, Li Hongli is a princess sought after by thousands of people. She has never been taught in such a preaching tone, and her eyebrows immediately stood on end with anger.

"Li Hongli, there are so many guests today, do you still want to play your princess temper here?"

And just when Li Hongli was about to explode, a slightly hoarse female voice sounded from behind Li Luo and the others.

This voice seems to have been heard.

Li Luo's heart moved slightly, and when he turned his head, he saw several figures approaching from behind. The leader was a girl in black clothes and trousers. She had fair oval cheeks and short hair at the ears. It looks extremely sassy, ​​British and beautiful.

Under the trousers, a pair of straight and slender long legs dominate the audience.

It is Lu Qingmei, the head of the Dragon Scale Sacred Scale Banner.

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