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Vol 3 Chapter 813: Dragon Tooth Essence

Chapter 814 Dragon Tooth Essence

Chapter 814 Dragon Tooth Essence

On the mountain path shrouded in clouds and mist, Li Luo accompanied Li Jingzhe down the mountain.

"Grandpa, this time I made you worry about the old man."

Li Luo expressed his gratitude. This time his goal was originally a god-level feudal marquis technique, but in the end he harvested the so-called "unrivaled potential" Dragon Tooth Sword Formation. People are surprised.

And he was able to obtain this technique thanks to the help of Li Jingzhe, otherwise, with the harsh conditions, it would be absolutely impossible for him to obtain it now.

"The ancestor left this technique in our Longya vein back then, mainly because this feudal marquis technique fits well with our Dragonya vein, but over the years, this "Longya sword formation of all phases" has not blossomed its full potential. brilliance."

"In the final analysis, I still haven't met anyone who fits it."

"As for you, you have the six main and auxiliary aspects. In a sense, this technique is most suitable for you, so I am fulfilling my ancestor's entrustment." Li Jingzhe said with a light smile.

Li Luo nodded excitedly, and said, "I will definitely devote myself to studying this technique! Besides, what is the grade of this Marquis Marquis technique?"

Li Jingzhe thought for a while, and said: "It's quite difficult to define its level. This "Longxiang Longya Sword Formation" was created by the ancestors. The original idea was to create a second "Unparalleled Sword Formation" for Li Tianwang's lineage. However, in the end, this technique could not be deduced and completed, and since then, the ancestor guarded Tianyuan, and no longer devoted such energy to it, so this technique stayed in our Longya vein."

"The upper limit of this feudal marquis technique depends on the number of Dragon Tooth Swords in the sword array. If there is only one Dragon Tooth Sword, its power should be stronger than the ordinary psychic Marquis Marquis Technique. If there are two dragon tooth swords, then According to my guess, if you can cultivate four Dragon Tooth Swords, that power should not be inferior to the Destiny-level feudal marquis technique."

"But if you want to go to the next level, it will be very difficult. After all, as I said, this technique has not been fully deduced in the end, and the method of sword formation is still incomplete."

Li Luo gasped. Four Dragon Tooth Swords could be compared to the Destiny-level feudal marquis technique, which actually exceeded his expectations.

As for the so-called true unparalleled level, he has never expected it, at least, it is not what he is qualified to touch now.

"However, there is still a problem with this "Longya Sword Formation of All Physiques", that is, it is extremely difficult to cultivate, and it requires an extremely outstanding talent in physiognomy." Li Jingzhe said.

Li Luo said confidently: "My physiognomy talent should be fine."

In fact, Li Luo's talent in physiognomy has always been something that Li Luo is proud of, but because the three phases are too dazzling, this point has been covered up.

But you must know that when Li Luo first entered the Nanfeng Academy, he was the first to emerge with his own talent for physiognomy. Of course, the physiognomy he encountered at that time was not the same as the current Fenghou technique, but he was able at this stage. Completing the "Black Dragon Mingshui Banner" also proved his innate ability.

Li Jingzhe smiled and said: "Your physiognomy talent should be sufficient, but there is still a problem. To practice the Dragon Tooth Sword of the "Physical Dragon Tooth Sword Formation" not only requires the cooperation of your own two aspects of physiognomy, but also requires A strange thing called "Dragon Tooth Essence" is the main material."

"Dragon Tooth Essence?" Li Luo was stunned for a moment. He hadn't fully studied the "Dragon Tooth Sword Formation of All Forms", so he really didn't know about it.

"The so-called spirit essence of the dragon tooth is a rare treasure taken from the real tooth of a giant dragon. This thing is rare and extremely expensive." Li Jingzhe said.

"How expensive?" Li Luo asked cautiously with his heart trembling.

"If calculated by the amount of gold in the sky, it should cost 30 million a drop." Li Jingzhe thought for a while and said.

Hearing this, Li Luo almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. He knew that it was not so easy to cultivate such a good thing, so he dared to wait here.

One drop of 30 million days' worth of gold, if he wants to cultivate five dragon tooth swords in the future, wouldn't it cost more than 100,000,000 days' worth of gold for the materials alone? !

This sky-high price is not enough to sell Luo Lan's mansion.

What's more, he is now far away in Tianyuan Shenzhou, and even if he wants to sell Luo Lan's mansion, he will not be able to sell it. Now he has a lot of money, which is only a few million.

Li Luo had a bitter face. Now he can enjoy double monthly salary in Longyamai. The value of these monthly salary can add up to several million, but the monthly salary is more directly given to resources rather than sky-high gold. Besides Well, these resources are necessary for him to cultivate now, and they cannot be exchanged for sky-high gold.

So, how would he collect the 30 million drops of "Dragon Tooth Essence"?

Li Luo sighed in his heart. Of course he would not go to Li Jingzhe to ask for it. After all, the old man helped him obtain the "Dragon Tooth Sword Formation" this time. Asking the old man for a large amount of money is really hard to say. After all, although Li Luo has a thick skin, he still retains a bit of arrogance deep in his heart.

"Now you hold the token of the master of Qingmingyuan, and you also have some decision-making power. If you wait until you can make Qingming Banner the head of the four banners of Longyamai, this power can be strengthened even more. , then at that time, maybe I can replace your father and temporarily receive part of the treatment of the master of the courtyard." When Li Luo was thinking about it, Li Jingzhe beside him said lightly.

Li Luo was taken aback. Does this mean to give him a chance to enjoy the treatment of the master of the courtyard?

"How much salary does the master of the courtyard have?" Li Luo asked curiously.

"Excluding many resources, the annual salary should be 80 million." Li Jingzhe said casually.

Li Luo became numb after hearing this, the salary of the master of the compound alone is 80 million a year. Isn't this equivalent to a Luo Lan mansion in a year?

But thinking about it is right, the Qingmingyuan governs the two realms of Longyamai, which is several times the territory of Daxia, with a population of hundreds of millions, and many forces as numerous as stars, and as the controller of the two realms, Daxia In a sense, the head of the hospital is the seat of the highest power, so it is not too unbelievable to have such treatment.

Immediately, Li Luo's heart started beating faster again. Wouldn't it mean that when he got more power from the master of Qingmingyuan, he would also be able to enjoy this tremblingly generous treatment? Even if it's only a part, it should be enough to practice the "Dragon Tooth Sword Formation of All Forms", right?

"Grandpa, isn't this a violation?" Li Luo asked.

"Your father was originally the head of Qingmingyuan. Although he has been away for many years, he has not been removed from his position after all. So if you have enough merits, it makes sense for your son to inherit your father's position." Li Jingzhe replied seriously.

"If you become the head of the four banners of the Dragon Tooth Vein, you can gain a part of the authority of the courtyard master, and if you can get the position of the leader of the twenty banners of the Tianlong Five Meridians, then even if your strength is far from being qualified as the courtyard master, you should It can also completely control the authority of the master of Qingmingyuan."

"At that time, you will be worthy of the name as the master of Qingmingyuan."

"Although in terms of strength, it may be the weakest one in history, but it doesn't matter. After all, you are only helping your father take this position temporarily. If someone wants to challenge it, it should wait for your father to come back and challenge your father."

Li Luo blinked, can he still do this?

"Then, then I will try my best to make Qingming Banner the first of the four banners of Longyamai." Li Luo said, of course he understands that this is an opportunity given to him by Li Jingzhe. With the character of the old man, being able to do this is enough It was extreme. If he still expected to be more direct, it would be too much, and it was also a kind of distrust of his own strength.

Li Jingzhe nodded, continued to walk a few steps forward, and said again: "By the way, it will be the birthday of the dragon's bloodline in five days. Are you ready?"

Li Luo nodded with a smile.

"Then Qin Lian from Qin Tianwang's lineage is sure to come this time. Dragon Bloodline invited her. It is said that this time, she will bring her apprentice and daughter with her." Li Jingzhe said.

Li Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com has a deep grievance between Qin Lian and his parents, this time she came to celebrate her birthday, but she didn't know if she would do anything.

"Qin Lian, you don't have to worry about it. If you give her more courage, you won't dare to be presumptuous on her birthday. However, you should pay attention to her daughter named Qin Yi. This girl is famous in Tianyuan Shenzhou. It is extremely loud, and there are countless young talents who are her suitors."

Li Luo said boldly: "When I was in Daxia, there were countless noble ladies who were overwhelmed by my appearance, so in this regard, I will not be inferior to her."

Li Jingzhe couldn't help smiling, and said: "If you can really make Qin Yi fall in love with you, I think that Qin Lian might be so angry that she would be so angry. In this way, it can be regarded as a sacrifice for your parents. Bad breath."

Li Luo said embarrassingly: "This is not very good, and I have a fiancee."

"Fiancée? Is it another absurd thing done by your parents?"

Li Jingzhe said disapprovingly: "The people and things in Outer China are still a little mediocre after all. Your talent will be better in the future. Sometimes it is a good thing to cut things off from the past."

Li Luo smiled wryly, mediocre big white goose? Grandpa, I'm sorry, before Sanxiang came, I didn't even dare to raise my voice too loudly in front of her.

But Li Luo didn't say much about it. When Li Jingzhe really saw Jiang Qing'e in the future, he should consciously forget what he said today.

In the end, at the foot of the mountain, Li Luo and Li Jingzhe parted, and the old man disappeared as soon as he turned around, leaving only words for Li Luo to perform well on the next birthday.

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