Absolute Resonance

Vol 3 Chapter 812: Cheating

Chapter 813 Cheating

Chapter 813 Cheating

"The Dragon Tooth Sword Formation of All Aspects."

Feeling the huge amount of information in his mind, Li Luo was a little dazed. This thing came out of nowhere, is it also a feudal marquis technique?

But why is there no grade description?

Seeing how mysterious the puppet python is, what kind of evidence does it have? This thing should not be an ordinary thing, right? At any rate, a "Heavenly King Order" is needed

Li Luo was suspicious, but he was seriously reviewing the information in his mind. After a while, he couldn't help but let out a cry of surprise.

Because he found that the Marquis Marquis technique called "Pongxiang Longya Sword Formation" is very strange. It seems to be a kind of sword formation, and the core of the sword formation needs to condense the Dragon Tooth Sword. Dragon Tooth Sword requires different phase properties to temper.

Only the existence of more than two Dragon Tooth Swords can reveal the power of this "Planet of Dragon Tooth Swords".

The more dragon tooth swords there are, the stronger their power will be.

Seeing this, Li Luo's complexion became a little exciting, because this Marquis Marquis technique seems to be extremely suitable for him. If it is to compare the rank of phase, there are countless Tianyuan Shenzhou Tianjiao, even if he is pregnant with the three-phase , I'm afraid I dare not say that I can look down on anyone, but if you want to compare the number of physiques in your body, then Li Luoke is not in vain at all.

Because although he is a three-phase, but with the main and auxiliary attributes, it is a full six phases!

The condensing and forging of this dragon tooth sword requires the cooperation of the dragon's appearance and another kind of phase. That is to say, if he achieves the ultimate, he can even condense five dragon tooth swords.

Water Dragon Tooth Sword, Wooden Dragon Tooth Sword, Light Dragon Tooth Sword, Earth Dragon Tooth Sword, Thunder Dragon Tooth Sword

No wonder the name of this Fenghou Shu is called "Zhongxiang", it turned out to be such a method of cultivation.

And if Li Luo really condenses five Dragon Tooth Swords in the future to form the so-called "Planet of Dragon Tooth Swords", what level of power will it reach?

In addition, what level of feudal marquis technique is this?

Li Luo was in a daze for a while, and then he gradually came back to his senses. He stared at the mottled dragon teeth in his hand, feeling that all this seemed to be a bit too coincidental.

Obviously, he was able to obtain this technique because he triggered some mechanisms. For example, he needs to have multiple phases in his body to activate the puppet python. In addition, he has to hold the Heavenly King Order as a proof for the puppet python to spit out this technique.

The coincidence was too much.

Li Luo's eyes flickered, and he finally put away the mottled dragon tooth with his backhand. Whether it was a coincidence or not, since this thing came into his hands, it was destined for him, so it was absolutely impossible to give it up.

So he turned around and walked towards the outside of Longya Cave.

Now that there is already a harvest, there is no need to stay any longer.

Li Luo walked out along the winding path, and finally came to the entrance of the cave. At this time, the old man in gray also opened his eyes, and said slowly, "What technique did you use?"

As the gatekeeper, he needs to record all the entry and exit of the feudal marquis technique, and once it is completed, he needs to return the feudal marquis technique.

Hearing this, Li Luo hesitated for a moment, he was considering whether to tell the truth, but this hesitation only lasted for a few breaths, and he calmly took out the mottled dragon tooth.

The old man in front of him is not very human, and it may not be so easy to hide it.

As Li Luo took out the mottled dragon tooth, the gray-clothed old man finally opened his sleepy eyes. He stared at the dragon tooth for a long time.

"Senior knows this technique?" Seeing his reaction, Li Luo knew that the other party probably knew the existence of this Marquis Marquis technique.

The corners of the gray-clothed old man's mouth twitched, and he said expressionlessly, "Li Jingzhe, when did you start breaking the rules?"

Li Luo was taken aback, and just about to speak, a voice suddenly sounded from behind him: "It's not a violation of the rules, is it?"

Li Luo turned around quickly, and saw Li Jingzhe's figure appearing behind him at some unknown time.

"Grandpa? Why are you here?" Li Luo exclaimed.

Li Jingzhe first smiled at Li Luo, then looked at the gray-clothed old man, cupped his hands and said, "Second Uncle, Li Luo just happens to be very suitable for this technique, in that case, why not entrust this technique to him."

This gray-clothed old man who seemed to be on the verge of death really had a very high seniority in Longyamai, and even Li Jingzhe, who was the head of the vein, called him Second Uncle.

The gray-clothed old man who was called "Second Uncle" by Li Jingzhe said angrily: "This technique was created by the ancestors, and it is left in the Longya Vein to wait for someone who is destined, but you modified the trigger mechanism, is this considered cheating? Otherwise, this kid might not be able to induce the puppet python."

"I clearly remember that the puppet python can only be triggered if one has cultivated three Marquis skills under a certain age limit, and this Li Luo probably didn't meet the conditions, right?"

Hearing this, Li Luo was startled, and sure enough, he said that this was too much of a coincidence, it turned out that Li Jingzhe did some tricks.

This moved him and made him dumbfounded. He didn't expect that he just came to Longya Cave to find a feudal marquis technique, and Li Jingzhe was also secretly helping him.

Li Jingzhe said: "The Marquis technique created by the ancestor is very demanding, but it is very suitable for Li Luo. Of course he is the destined person. Second uncle, you are sometimes too stubborn and pedantic."

The old man in gray laughed angrily: "Oh? You, Li Jingzhe, would call me stubborn and pedantic? If you weren't the most stubborn person in Long Yamai, Li Taixuan would have fled to Outer Shenzhou back then?"

Li Jingzhe was silent for a while, her old face became much darker.

Seeing this, the old man in gray also understood that his words hurt the other party, so he sighed helplessly, glanced at the mottled dragon tooth in Li Luo's hand, and said: "The old ancestor told me to be optimistic about this technique, you What are you doing here with me?"

"I just think that this technique has been left in the dust for many years, and it may be carried forward in the hands of Li Luo." Li Jingzhe said.

"Oh? Why? With his three-phase?" The old man in gray curled his lips.

Li Jingzhe glanced at Li Luo, UU reading www.uukanshu. The latter understood it, so he operated the phase force in his body, only to see the six phase force attributes emerge as the phase force rose.

The gray-clothed old man who was stroking his beard shook his fingers and pulled a beard off. He stared at Li Luo in astonishment: "These six faces?! It's nonsense!"

"Hey, that's not right. There are three very weak phases. Is this the main and auxiliary attribute?"

"Three phases with main and auxiliary attributes?"

The old man in gray was surprised again and again, but in the end he quickly understood Li Luo's strange affinity.

"That's right, the feudal marquis technique created by the ancestor is very suitable for Li Luo." Li Jingzhe laughed.

The gray-clothed old man frowned, and finally nodded helplessly. After all, Li Jingzhe is the head of the dragon's teeth. Although Nian has a three-point respect for the gray-clothed old man in terms of seniority, if he insists on blocking, I am afraid it will make the scene unsightly. .

"Forget it, you are the leader of Longya Maimai, you have the final say." The old man in gray snorted and sat back down.

"Thank you, Second Uncle." Li Jingzhe cupped his hands.

Li Luo also hurriedly saluted the old man in gray respectfully.

"Li Luo, since you have this opportunity, you should make good use of it. This "Longxiang Longya Sword Formation" was created by the ancestor. His goal back then was to create another one for Li Tianwang's lineage." Peerless technique", so this technique has the potential of "peerless"."

"I hope this Marquis Marquis technique won't get dusty in your hands." The gray-clothed old man said lightly, then closed his eyes.

Li Luo's body trembled when he heard this, and his heart was overwhelmed.

Peerless potential? !

This so-called "Dragon Tooth Sword Formation of All Phases" is so terrifying!

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