Absolute Resonance

Chapter 81: Great festival

And when Li Luo filled the energy holes on the "Little Wuxiang God Wheel" one by one, the holidays also passed by day by day, and in a blink of an eye, another half a month passed.

However, in the past half month, Li Luo's phase strength did not increase to the ten seals, but remained at the nine seals level. Obviously, the more you get to the back, the speed of this improvement will become much slower. Before Li Luo The progress will be so fast, one is that his talent is good and the assistance of the Golden House, and the other is that he has not slackened during the empty phase, and he is still practicing uninterruptedly, which has led to the accumulation of accumulation afterwards.

Now those previous accumulations are considered exhausted, so the speed of cultivation has become a bit more normal.

At this time, it had been a month since the college entrance examination was over. The residual heat of the entrance examination was finally completely dissipated, and the attention of Tianshu County people was attracted by another upcoming ceremony.

That is the so-called sacrifice of Lingshui and Qiguang.

In this world where physique exists, the importance of physique is self-evident, it determines the practice, and it also determines everything.

And Lingshui Qiguang, something that can improve the level of phase quality, has become an indispensable consumable, so any move about it will attract a lot of attention.

After all, the college entrance examination is just to watch the excitement, and Lingshui Qiguang may be personally related to him.

The sacrifice of Lingshui Qiguang will attract all Lingshui Qiguang houses in Tianshu County. They will send out the most powerful tempering master to compete for the name of the first tempering master in Shu County, because there will be Conducive to the promotion of the reputation of their respective Lingshui Qiguang House, thus affecting the market share occupied.

The benefits involved are huge.

Therefore, for this ceremony of Lingshui and Qiguang, all parties in Tianshu County have been preparing for the Lingshui Qiguang House, including the Xiyang House in Luolan Mansion.


The place of the big festival is located in a square in the south of Nanfeng City.

When Li Luo came here with Cai Wei, looking at the boiling crowd, he was a little surprised, and smiled: "It's really lively."

"The big festival has started for three days, but these three days are just showing their products to attract attention. The good show will start today." Cai Weijiao laughed.

"How is Sister Lingqing preparing?" Li Luo asked.

"I don't know, she has been buried in the refining room for a long time, and I dare not bother her, but she has already arrived first. You can ask when you see it later." Cai Wei shook her head.

Li Luo smiled and nodded. The two walked to the area allocated by the Xiyang House. Then, at the high fence, they saw Yan Lingqing staring at the center of the square. There were refining platforms being erected there. Obviously, today The quenching test will start there.

"It seems that Sister Lingqing attaches great importance to today's big sacrifice." Li Luo smiled.

Yan Lingqing lifted the silver frame and said faintly: "It doesn't matter to me to lose to someone else, but I definitely can't lose to the woman Song Qiuyu."

Li Luo heard this and said: "Then are you sure?"

Yan Lingqing pondered slightly, and said, "Song Qiuyu and I are both Grade 4 Tempering Masters, and their tempering strengths are similar. This time I chose one of my most proficient Grade 4 Spirit Waters, whose tempering power can reach up to 58%. To the level of 60%, and as far as I know, the fourth-grade spiritual water quenching power that Song Qiuyu refined before this is slightly worse than mine."

"So if there are not too many variables, my winning percentage will be higher."

Cai Wei on the side said softly, "This time the Song family has a cooperation with the Ink House, it can be said to be menacing, will they have special preparations..."

She turned her eyes, and said: "For example, let Song Qiuyu toss out the fifth-grade spiritual water?"


Yan Lingqing did not hesitate to say: "I can touch the threshold of the fifth-rank temperament master now, but when trying to refine the fifth-rank spiritual water, without exception, they all ended in failure. Why is Song Qiuyu? Can it be done?"

Seeing her so decisive, Cai Wei didn't say anything. After all, Yan Lingqing was professional in refining the magic light of spiritual water, and she didn't know the way.

Li Luo smiled and said: "When refining Lingshui Qiguang, it seems that everyone can bring an assistant to assist? Has Lingqing's assistant been found?"

Yan Lingqing glanced at Li Luo with beautiful eyes, and said, "You can't believe me?"

Li Luo said sincerely: "I just care about you. Actually, I don’t care about Lingqing’s win or loss, because even if she loses, it’s not a big deal in my opinion. Those so-called reputations precede the quality of our Xiyang House. , And it doesn't work."

"So Sister Lingqing doesn't have to put too much pressure on herself."

Yan Lingqing was startled, her eyes softened when she saw Li Luo, but she still said habitually: "I don't have any pressure."

However, he turned his head immediately, and his bright and white pointed chin lightly raised: "But if you want to be an assistant, then do it with you. Anyway, you are the young palace lord, and I can't control you."

Li Luo smiled, this arrogant character is really cute.

He talked to the two women again, and then went to the venue, intending to stroll around alone to see other spiritual lights.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing stood upstairs looking at his back. The former smiled and said: "Our young palace master, we really know how to pity and cherish jade."

Yan Lingqing snorted softly, and said, "Children are troublesome. Even if something really happens then, he is a second-tier tempering master, can he still save me?"

"It's really stiff, was it a little touched just now?" Cai Wei said.

"Hey, are there fewer people who are dedicated to me? This level of speech also wants to shake my heart of stone? Do you know the nickname of this lady in the Tempering Academy of the Saint Profound Star Academy?"

"Sage of Stone Heart!" Yan Lingqing straightened her chest, her voice full of pride.

Cai Wei couldn't help covering her face, and said angrily: "What's so proud of this? Is your mind making the spirit water wonderful and beautiful?"

"And... this action is not suitable for you."

Yan Lingqing's willow eyebrows suddenly stood up, and the hateful vixen, who spoke as he spoke, even dared to attack him personally!

Scratch you!

So she directly stretched out her devil's claws and scratched her chest toward Cai Wei's waist.

Between the high hurdles, the two girls are frolicking, and the spring is bright.


And Li Luo, who was not lucky enough to watch the spring, strolled leisurely in the square, looking at the products launched by the various spiritual houses with great interest.

Right now, he can be regarded as the second-grade tempering master, and watching other products more will also help deepen the understanding of Lingshui Qiguang.

It was quite rewarding to stroll down all the way.

After turning for a long time, Li Luogang was about to go back, and suddenly saw a familiar shadow.

It's Lu Qinger~www.readwn.com~ Today, she is wearing an elegant blue dress, a short skirt, and white and smooth silk stockings. She has a beautiful and beautiful face. She holds a small white umbrella in her hands. I don't know how many eyes of the opposite **** have been attracted along the way.

However, beside Lu Qing'er, Li Luo also saw a figure like a fly, which was disgusting.

That figure is no stranger, it is Mo Ling who has had some conflicts in Qingfeng Tower before.

This guy is also a sweetheart. He is obviously interested in Song Qiuyu, but he still has all kinds of flowers and grass.

At this moment, he, standing beside Lu Qinger, seemed to be saying something with a smile, Lu Qinger's small face did not have any expression, but Li Luo, who was familiar with his character, knew that when she showed such an expression, she was already in her heart. Extremely intolerant.

So he quietly stepped forward and spoke in a low voice.

"Fly swatter for sale, one for five thousand gold."

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