Absolute Resonance

Chapter 76: Song Family's Foreign Aid

Night, Song family mansion.

Song Qiuyu took Mo Ling to sit down in the living room, and then the gentle water force surged in her little hand, running on the latter's face, helping him to gradually disperse the bruises.

At this time Song Shan also came close. Seeing this scene, he coughed lightly, and then frowned, "What's the matter with Nephew Mo Lingxian?"

"In Qingfeng Tower just now, he wanted to say hello to those students of Nanfeng Academy and exchange information about Saint Profound Star Academy with them, but Li Luo accused him of wanting to assassinate him, and was beaten by several of his guards. "Song Qiuyu Qiao said with a slight anger on her face.

"Huh, it's Li Luo again!"

Song Shan sat down on the main seat, his face full of gloom and irritation. Today Song Yunfeng was eliminated in the top ten by Li Luo. It can be said that the Song family has become a laughingstock, and now they treat their Song family's distinguished guests like this. It's too much.

"This Li Luo is really arrogant. If this is in the royal city, he must not be able to eat it!" Mo Ling also exasperated. Today, he is very aggrieved. He obviously didn't do anything, so he was detained by Li Luo. A hat intended to be assassinated, and then an indiscriminate group fight.

"Recently, the Xiyang House, under Li Luo's control, suddenly broke out. The quality of the first- and second-grade spiritual water and miraculous light has been greatly improved. On the contrary, it has suppressed our pine house. According to our speculation. , The high probability is that he used some kind of secret source water, this may be Li Taixuan, Tan Tailan left him." Song Shan said solemnly.

"The formula of our Pine House "Sunshine Strange Light" was improved by the Master Quenching in the King City. It is definitely stronger than the "Qingbi Lingshui" of the Xiyang House, but now it has been thrown so much in the tempering power. Many, and only the secret source water can do it." Song Qiuyu frowned.

"If this goes on, the Songzi House of our Song family, in this Tianshu County, I am afraid that Xiyang House will be too much to turn over." Song Shan said unwillingly.

Song Qiuyu nodded slightly, her brows seemed a little sad.

And when Na Mo Ling saw this, he immediately smiled and said, "Qiu Yu, why bother to be so depressed, Luolan Mansion's Xiyang House is actually not so good in my Daxia. This is not their strong point. They are also here on this day. Shu Jun is just a prestige. Look at the performance of his Xiyang House in Wangcheng?"

"You don't have a backache while talking while standing. Your Mo family's ink room is enough to rank in the top ten in Daxia. Of course, you can look down on his Xiyang room." Song Qiuyu groaned.

Mo Ling sighed and said: "Didn't you and my family have already completed the negotiation. In the future, the third grade and the lower quality spirit water produced by my ink room can be given to the Song family. Here In Tianshu County, the Song family is the spokesperson for the ink house."

"The formula of our Ink House is more than one grade higher than that of the Xiyang House. If the Song family can achieve this, it will definitely be able to beat the Xiyang House."

Hearing this, Song Shan groaned: "But there are still some terms of cooperation with Ink House that have not been fully determined."

Mo Ling waved his hand and said: "Uncle Song needn't say much, I know your requirements. I am here this time, and I am entrusted by the elders to finalize everything and some benefits. The spiritual water of my ink house dominates the market in Tianshu County. Both you and me are a win-win situation."

"Also, isn't Li Luo very arrogant? I will show him this time what a price is!"


Song Shan expressed joy, and finally sighed, "Then I would like to thank my nephew, I know that the ink house is strong and far better than my Song family, so I won't say more about it. I will definitely help the ink house in the future. The house has a firm foothold in Tianshu County."

Mo Ling smiled and waved his hand, and after speaking with Song Qiuyu, he went back to rest first.

After Mo Ling left, the faint smile on Song Qiuyu's cheek dissipated, and she looked at Song Shan: "It seems that taking him to Qingfeng Tower today would be a little useful."

"I don't think that without Li Luo's hand, I am afraid that Mo Ling's mouth will not be so easy to open. At least he has been inked for a while. Speaking of which, I have to thank Li Luo."

Song Shan was holding the teacup, but his expression was not too happy, and said, "Introducing the ink house to Tianshu County does not necessarily mean that it is not the introduction of wolves into the room. Although they will give us some formulas of spiritual water and wonderful light, as far as I know, those The formula is not too important. What is important is that the two secret sources of water called "black marsh water" and "white moonlight" mastered by the ink house are the source of water."

"Only by adding these two secret sources of water source light, the formulas of their ink house can exert its unique qualities."

"So in the future, my Song family will be stuck in his throat in his ink room, living under others."

Song Qiuyu chuckled and said, "But no matter how bad it is, can it still be worse than it is now? We don't have a lot of shares in the Lingshui Qiguang market in Tianshu County. If we don't introduce strong aid, it will only be cheaper. Xiyang House."

Song Shan sighed: "This **** Luolan Mansion, **** Li Luo, really hateful."

"No hurry, I am coming back this time to deal with Tianshu County's "Site of Spiritual Water and Wonderful Light." Then take advantage of the opportunity to launch the spirit of water that cooperates with the ink house, and everything will be reversed at that time." Song Qiuyu comforted.

"Your competitor this time should be Yan Lingqing of Xiyang House, are you sure?" Song Shan said.

"Yan Lingqing, I'm an old opponent. I don't know how many times I have fought each other at Saint Profound Star Academy."

Song Qiuyu smiled faintly and said, "But this time, she will definitely lose."

Song Shan nodded when he heard the words.

Song Qiuyu turned the subject away and asked, "How is Yunfeng?"

"The injury is not serious, but it was hit hard." Song Shan said.

Song Yunfeng had previously fought against Li Luo during the pre-examination. The latter could only force a draw with the help of water mirrors, so Song Yunfeng didn't think that Li Luo could really compete with him, but what about the facts? In the battle at the entrance examination, Li Luo almost easily crushed and defeated him, and did not even regard him as a real opponent.

This undoubtedly brought Song Yunfeng a great sense of frustration~www.readwn.com~ should be able to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy, right? Song Qiuyu asked Liu frowning.

Song Shan hesitated for a moment. This time Song Yunfeng helped Shi Huang deal with Nanfeng Academy under the sign of the Governor's Mansion. This behavior is indeed a bit hated, but generally speaking, his ranking has been determined during the pre-examination. Nanfeng Academy has The extra places for admission should definitely be given to him.

However, the old dean of Nanfeng Academy was a smelly and hard stone, and even the Governor of the Division didn't give the slightest face to him, and he didn't know if he would do anything.

"I hope Na Weisha won't be too unruly."

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