Absolute Resonance

Chapter 75: Are you going to assassinate me?

After drinking for three rounds, Li Luo saw that the time was about to end, so he proposed to end here. After all, the big exam is only over today, and everyone has been tired for a day, so they should go back to rest earlier.

Others nodded in agreement, even though they still had some ideas.


But at this moment, there was a clear applause suddenly outside the curtain, and at the same time a voice sounded: "Is it right to walk without eyes?"

At the same time, the curtain was lifted, and a student from the Nanfeng Academy hid his face and exited in embarrassment, sitting on the ground with a sullen expression.

Then, a young man walked out. He looked at the many young girls in the hall and smiled: "I'm sorry, I interrupted your celebration."

"This little guy doesn't pay attention to walking and stepped on me." He pointed to the teenager sitting on the ground, and then smiled.

"Then you hit someone?" Lu Qing'er frowned and said coldly.

When Mo Ling saw Lu Qing'er, his eyes lighted slightly. Before, I vaguely saw this young girl with outstanding appearance and cool temperament. Now when I look at it up close, it is indeed the best, with such a look and temperament, even in the Saint Profound Star Academy. Among them, they are all considered top-notch.

He looked at Lu Qing'er and smiled: "Sorry, I'm quick for a while."

"Are you a student of Nanfeng Academy? It seems that this year's results are good. I am a student of Saint Profound Star Academy, and I will still be your senior in the future." Mo Ling smiled.

The students from the Nanfeng Academy present were shocked when they heard the words, and looked at the person in front of them with some fear. This person turned out to be a student of the Saint Profound Star Academy?

Li Luo stared at this person and said, "It seems that the person who came is not good?"

"In fact, I just want to see Tianshu County's first place in this big exam."

Mo Ling glanced over Li Luo's body, and immediately showed a casual smile: "But to be honest, the eight seals can actually get the first place in the big exam. Tianshu County has a very problematic quality in this year."

Everyone immediately glared at him.

"This person is here for trouble." Lu Qinger whispered to Li Luo.

Li Luo nodded solemnly, and immediately he took the initiative to step forward and walked to Na Mo Ling, and said in a deep voice: "Friends, we don't know each other, don't you need to come to find something?"

Mo Ling was innocent and smiled: "What are you talking about? I just want to say hello to everyone as a future senior."

"What are you talking about? Do you want to assassinate me?" Li Luo's voice rose sharply.

Mo Ling was taken aback, and said, "What assassination?"

Does this guy have a problem with his brain? Where is the word assassin in my words? I just came here to mess up your atmosphere and help Song Qiuyu to vent.

"Protect Young Palace Master!"

And just as he was stunned, behind some of the screens here, several figures suddenly flashed out, and their bodies rose up with power, all of them were in the realm of Xiangshi.

These are Li Luo's guards.

As the Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion, although the situation is worse now, there are some guards to protect him. There is no problem with this logic, right?

These guards would not take action in normal times, but once they encountered some assassinations against Li Luo, they would immediately take care of them.

For example, now, when they heard the word assassination, they rushed out without hesitation, and then rushed directly to Mo Ling.

Upon seeing this, Mo Ling's complexion changed slightly, and he quickly said, "I don't have one, I'm just here to say hello!"

He didn't expect that he didn't do anything to Li Luo at all, and this guy directly greeted the guard.

However, the guards ignored his words, and the fists and feet that contained the strength directly blasted up. Upon seeing this, Mo Ling hurriedly ran his own strength and hurriedly greeted him.

But his strength is at most similar to that of a guard. Now a group of people are beating, and in just a few breaths, his fists and feet blasted his face, suddenly screaming again and again.

The students from the surrounding Nanfeng Academy were also dumbfounded. The young palace lord really maintained the same wild path as before. This fight was not reported to the teacher, or directly greeted the guards, and wanted him to single out, unless you want to achieve a variety of harsh Condition...

But this time, this wild way makes them very happy.

At this time, Song Qiuyu upstairs, Tifa Jingming was also surprised by the scene, and immediately put down the wine glass in his hand and hurried down.

"What are you doing?!" The two shouted.

At the same time, there is phase force on the body to rise, and you must intervene.

Li Luo waved his hand at this time, and several guards retreated, leaving behind Mo Ling with his head on the ground and bruised face.

"Palace Master Li Luo, you are such a mighty prestige, do you always greet the guards to hit people?" Song Qiuyu asked with a livid expression on her face.

"Brother." Na Tifaqing also exclaimed when he saw Tifa Jingming who came over.

Lu Qinger said next to Li Luo: "That's Song Qiuyu, Song Yunfeng's sister, and Tifa Jingming. It seems that this person will come to trouble, mostly because of Song Qiuyu."

Li Luo looked at the two of Song Qiuyu and smiled: "Are you accomplices with this person? He just wanted to assassinate me, could it be that you instigated it?"

Good guy, let's take a big pot when we meet.

Song Qiuyu said angrily: "What assassinated you, don't spray people with blood, he is our friend, just as a senior to say hello to you."

Then Mo Ling also got up, on his bruised face, staring at Li Luo with fire-breathing eyes: "When did I say I wanted to assassinate you?"

At this time, he was full of anger and grievance. Damn, he hadn't started to use the methods here. As a result, he didn't expect that Li Luo would directly spray people with blood and he was going to assassinate him, so he immediately greeted the guards. .

It's shameless!

Li Luo groaned: "I heard you just said you want to..."

Mo Ling said angrily: "I said I want to say hello to everyone as a senior!"

"Is this..."

Li Luo clapped his hands and said, "Today I broke a lot of people's good deeds. I was worried that the popularity would not come to assassinate me, so my spirit tightened a bit. It seems that I heard it wrong."

Mo Ling was trembling with anger.

"Well, today your consumption will be recorded on my head, as an apology." Li Luo smiled.

Song Qiuyu's pretty face was cold, as their identity, who would care about spending at a table, Li Luo's move was intentional, he obviously saw that Mo Ling wanted to make trouble, so he just wanted to find a reason to start the trouble first.

"I want your money?" Mo Ling gritted his teeth.

Li Luo smiled slightly and said, "Otherwise, what can you do?"

Song Qiuyu was silent for a moment. Originally, they planned to let Mo Ling disturb the atmosphere and anger Li Luo. If the latter can compete with Mo Ling over and over under the anger, then he can ask him for trouble today. Eat, but what they didn't expect was that this young palace lord didn't seem to have that kind of youthful spirit, especially in front of some pretty little girls.

This boy is not too arrogant.

And when this happened, they found that they could not do much to Li Luo. Could it be true that they would beat Li Luo together? Not to mention that there are so many guards next to him, it really makes a lot of trouble, and it doesn't make much sense.

So in the end, Song Qiuyu only took a deep look at Li Luo, did not say a word, but helped Mo Ling, turned and left.

Tifa Jingming paused his eyes on Li Luo, then smiled, nodded at Tifaqing, and followed suit.

Although Song Qiuyu and the others had left, the atmosphere here was also lost, and everyone lost interest and began to disperse one after another.

Li Luo and Lu Qing'er stood downstairs in Qingfeng.

"Song Qiuyu practiced in the Tempering Phase Academy of the Saint Profound Star Academy. I am afraid that I am coming to your Xiyang Room when I come back this time~www.readwn.com~ said Lu Qing'er.

Recently, due to the spiritual water provided by Li Luo, the quality of Xiyang House has greatly improved, and the market sales are extremely good, and the Pine House is almost overwhelmed.

"It's because of Tianshu County's Spirit Water and Wonderful Light Sacrifice next month?" Li Luo pondered.

In this Tianshu County, there will be a ceremony about Lingshui Qiguang every year. At that time, all Lingshui Qiguang houses in the entire county will participate. In this ceremony, each family will play many games to win attention and win Lingshui Qiguang market.

Li Luo also knew that their Xiyang House was also preparing for this.

And when Song Qiuyu came back at this time, she must have come for this ceremony.

Li Luo frowned slightly. For example, with his support from the Xiyang House Branch of Shu County, it can be said to be thriving. A steady flow of gold flows in every day to provide him with the funds to purchase the Sixth-Rank Spirit Water and Wonderful Light. .

At this time, how could he be willing to let Song Qiuyu interfere with his biggest source of funds?

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