Absolute Resonance

Chapter 69: Great Wars

Clang! Clang!

In a dilapidated alley in the ruins, two human figures rushed into each other. The knives and guns in their hands slashed at each other quickly, and the shadows and knives flew by, tearing the nearby broken wall continuously. Rift.

The gravel under his feet was constantly being rolled up, crackling against the surrounding walls, making a rhythmic sound.

Li Luo's expression was solemn, and the two knives swung to the light of the knives, continuously, like waves, wave after wave to Shi Xiao.

In the face of his attack, Shi Huang's expression was much more plain. Even though Li Luo's offensive was continuous, he chose to break it with force. Will be torn apart.

The two of them fought together, each other violently, but it was very fierce.

However, this kind of struggle, Shi Wei occupies some advantages visible to the naked eye, and from time to time the offensive of Li Luo with guns piercing through Li Luo poses a great threat to him.

And every time at this time, on the tip of Li Luo's knife, there were many **** of light bursting out, bursting out with a dazzling glare, so that Deshi Huang had to turn back.

Therefore, although the situation has some advantages, Shi Wei's heart is obviously a little unhappy, because this situation is not what he wants.

Therefore, as the battle intensified, Shi Huang looked at a gap, his eyes suddenly sharp, and the power of the thunder phase jumping above the spear in his hand became violent.

"High-level physiognomy, thundering bird!"

On Shi Huang's spear, the thunder light was shining, and there was a harsh bird's song resounding, the bird's song resounding like thunder, resounding loudly, shocked both Li Luo's ears and became deaf.

He is deaf in both ears, and there is a thundering light in front of him. The power of the thunder on the Shi Huang's spear, like a thunderbird that has turned into a rage, is slaughtered with a fierce force.

Li Luo's sword light was instantly defeated.

But when the guns whizzed in, a water mirror suddenly appeared in front of Li Luo.

"Water and Light Mirror!"


The thunderbird violently hit the water mirror directly, and ripples suddenly splashed on it, but the next moment, there was a burst of power pouring out from the mirror surface, colliding with the thunderbird.


Thunder resounded, and the broken wall of the alley was cracked by the shock wave of the phase force.

The figures of Li Luo and Shi Huang shot up at the same time, and the soles of their feet stamped on the ground to make a mark.

Shi Wei's face was cold, and his eyes staring at Li Luo were sharp like eagles: "Is this the weird water mirror technique that forced Song Yunfeng to a tie during the pre-test?"

Obviously, he also has some information about Li Luo.

"You can call it... the technique of a big draw!" Li Luo smiled.

Facing Li Luo's ridicule, Shi Wei ignored him. With a swing of his spear, the power of the thunder phase surged again, and another thundering bird blasted past.

Li Luo raised his hand, the water and light magic mirror was displayed, and then both of them were shaken back.

Then the two sides fought again, but even if Shi Huang had the advantage, his attack could not break through Li Luo's "Water and Light Magic Mirror", and the battle between the two sides ended in a stalemate for a while.

This scene fell on the countless gazes outside Bailing Mountain, and it caused countless exclamations. This result was obviously unexpected.

The Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion has not been famous in Tianshu County in these years, and is very low-key, but who would have thought that he would be so splendid in the college entrance examination.

It really deserves to be the sons of those two.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing were also surprised to see that this Li Luo had already reached the Eight Seals unknowingly. You should know that a month ago, he was even an empty phase. Although there were some accumulated reasons for this, but Such a rapid cultivation speed still makes people feel a little shocked.

In the end, it can only be attributed to the accumulated accumulation.

When countless outside the mountain marveled, Li Luo's fight with Shi Huang continued for several minutes again.

Until a certain moment, Shi Wei's eyes shot again with cold eyes, and the water and light magic mirror was displayed, and it rebounded with energetic power.

But this time, there was a faint lightning jump on Shi Wei's body, as if forming a thunder armor. As soon as the rebound force touched Lei Kai, it was absorbed by all of them, and suddenly the lightning jumped even more. Ferocious.

The sudden change made Li Luo's eyes condensed, and his figure suddenly retreated.

However, Shi Wei's shot was faster, and the gun body swept across, throwing out a flash of thunder, which directly swept Li Luo's body.


With a deep sound, Li Luo flew out directly, and his short knife made two long marks on the ground before finally stabilizing his figure.

A trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth, and a severe tingling pain came from his chest, which was obviously injured by this sudden shot by Shi Hong.

But fortunately, he himself is a "water and light phase", possessing a strong healing power, so while the phase power is running, the tingling pain in his chest is also rapidly disappearing.

Li Luo looked ahead. At this time, Shi Hao was holding a spear and staring at him indifferently. On the surface of his body, a faint light of thunder formed a looming light armor. It was the existence of this thunder light armor that absorbed Li Luo's "Water Light Demon". The rebounding power of the “mirror”.

"The armor of the mad thunder..."

Li Luo frowned slightly. Lu Qing'er told him earlier that this is Shixun’s killer. This thunder armor will not only greatly enhance Shixun’s defense, but even his attack power and speed will be improved, which is quite tricky. .

But while Li Luo's mind was turning, Shi Huang didn't intend to give him any chance to breathe. When the figure moved, thunder light suddenly appeared, and he attacked directly.

The offensive this time was obviously much more violent than before.

Li Luo didn't bump into it again~www.readwn.com~, the water-light bullet burst out, and the dazzling light broke out, blocking Shi Wei's offensive.

However, Shi Wei was prepared for this, he closed his eyes and jumped with the spear of violent thunder, and directly enveloped the area where Li Luo was.

Li Luo slipped and retreated like water rippling under his feet, avoiding the attack range.

However, Shi Huang's offensive did not stop, like a thunderstorm, roaring loudly, and constantly chasing away.

In the alley, the broken wall was shattered, Li Luo retreated sharply, Shi Wei hurriedly chased him, lightning jumped wherever he passed, and water flowed.

This time, all Li Luo's methods were useless.

With the blessing of the Thunder Armor, Shi Huang at this time completely crushed Li Luo.

At the foot of Bailing Mountain, some regretful voices sounded. At this point in the battle, the gap had been revealed, and Li Luo was still no match for Jiuyin's Shi Huang.

It seems that this time the college entrance examination of Tianshu County, the golden signboard of the first college of Nanfeng Academy, is going to be dangerous.

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