Absolute Resonance

Chapter 68: Li Luo wants to be big

"What did you just say?"

Li Luo looked at Song Yunfeng, who hit the wall with some suspicion, and shook it into cracks. At this time, the latter was extremely embarrassed. The power that Li Luo exploded on the knife directly smashed it. Suppressed.

A blood stain appeared at the corner of Song Yunfeng's mouth, and he looked up at Li Luo in disbelief: "You, you actually got eight seals? How could it be!"

At the moment of the previous encounter, Li Luo's strength was not weaker than that of him.

And what made him feel most incredible was that Li Luo's water-phase power was extremely pure, and the continuous and mellow feeling was almost the same as that of the seventh-grade water-phase!

But isn't this guy's water phase the fifth grade?

At this moment, Song Yunfeng felt like a dream.

Li Luo sighed softly when he heard this, and said: "This matter actually started sixteen years ago. I was just weaned at that time, and on that day..."

Song Yunfeng listened subconsciously.

But in the next instant, Li Luo stepped on the sole of his foot, and water light emerged from under his feet, his figure appeared as if stepping on the water, directly sliding to Song Yunfeng at a very fast speed, and then he slashed it off again.

Song Yunfeng hurriedly resisted, the strength contained in the knife directly shook him to one knee and knelt down, and immediately roared angrily: "You **** me?!"

"It's so smart, you can see through it all."

Li Luo sighed and laughed, and immediately a shadow of a leg kicked directly on Song Yunfeng's chest like a whip, sending him out with one kick, rolling his face full of mud.

And before Song Yunfeng stood up, Li Luo rushed out again, and the sharp knife light engulfed Song Yunfeng in the sound of the waves.

Song Yunfeng was extremely aggrieved, and now Li Luo stepped into the Eight Seals, his power level was not weaker than that of him, but the **** also used these little tricks to directly suppress him without even a chance to breathe.

It is so cheap that there is no figure of the Young Palace Master of Luo Lan Mansion!

Under Li Luo's continuous blade, Song Yunfeng soon began to show off his color, blood flowing from his body, and he looked extremely miserable.

And he knew that he couldn't continue like this, he immediately roared, his own strength exploded, and the crimson spear light swept away at Li Luo in front of him like lightning.

Seeing this, Li Luo lifted his palm, as if water and light were looming in front of him, he shouted at the same time: "Big rebound technique!"

Hearing this roar, Song Yunfeng remembered the psychological shadow of Li Luo's weird water mirror technique reflected in the pre-examination. At that time, Li Luo was only six seals, and the opponent's strength is not weaker than him. Isn't the rebounding power of the water mirror technique even more brutal?

So Song Yunfeng hurriedly reduced his strength.

But when he converged, he was shocked to find that there was no water mirror in front of Li Luo. Instead, the latter showed a bright smile on his embarrassingly handsome face.

"Lied to you."

As Li Luo laughed, he stepped out with a violent step. On the watermark knife in his hand, there was water flowing at high speed, and the buzzing vibration seemed to cause the air to tremble.

Li Luo slashed it down, and directly slashed with Song Yunfeng's spear.


The sound of gold iron sounded, and then, Song Yunfeng looked terrified to see, the iron spear in his hand was directly cut off by Li Luo.

The remaining blade slashed on his body even more mercilessly.


The screams sounded, and Song Yunfeng's chest was spurted with blood, and he was directly hit hard.

At this time, Li Luo heard the rapid sound of breaking wind from behind, and when he glanced at the corner of his eyes, he saw the gloomy Shi Xiao coming quickly.

"Li Luo, dare you!" Shi Hong shouted like thunder, shaking the eardrums of the person with pain.

However, Li Luo didn't care at all, kicked Song Yunfeng who was screaming, and then flung out the spear with the other foot.


The broken gun directly hit Song Yunfeng's shoulder and thrust him into the wall, wailing ceaselessly.

But at this time, Shi Wei rushed over and shot his anger, as if a thunder-like spear stab Li Luo violently.

Li Luo floated away, landed on the broken wall, and smiled at Shi Wei: "Oh, come back for dinner?"

Shi Wei's eyes were cold. He glanced at Song Yunfeng who was hung on the wall and frowned slightly. The latter's injuries were obviously not minor, and he was directly abolished by Li Luo's combat effectiveness.

He turned his gaze to Li Luo, the anger in his eyes was gradually dissipating, and he said faintly: "Li Luo, as expected, everyone underestimated you."

"You are the one who hides the deepest in Nanfeng Academy."

Li Luo smiled and said: "Thank you for your reward."

Shi Hong looked indifferent and said, "But you don't need to be too proud, because the overall situation is already set, and you can't change anything when you come out at this time."

"If you can change it, you have to try it."

Li Luo smiled slightly and said: "I only have one idea now..."

His eyes were on Song Yunfeng, and Shi Wei turned around and said, "As Yu Lang said, take the two of you...inverted in the cesspool."

Shi Wei shook his head, stopped these meaningless words, slowly raised the spear in his hand and pointed at Li Luo: "Don't say these useless words, don't wait for a while, but make people feel ridiculous."

"Bring out your true strength, Li Luo, otherwise today...I will sweep you away as the Young Master of Luo Lan Mansion."

When his voice fell, the power of the thunder phase had already rushed from his body, and the power of the nine phases broke out unreservedly.


In the faint thunder, Shi Wei's figure shot out like an electric burst. At that speed, Li Luo's eyes were all condensed, and the power of thunder was really fast.


Within a few breaths, Shi Hong appeared in front of Li Luo, with a lightning spear in his hand as if a flash of lightning that pierced the void, and attacked Li Luo very quickly.

The thunderstorm brought a sense of oppression.

Li Luo held a pair of knives, and the blue phase force above the blade flowed at a high speed, obviously without hesitation in stimulating the most lethal water awn technique.

He cut out with both knives, leaving a faint blue light trail when the blue water light slashed across the air.


The knives and guns collided in the next instant, and the violent winds caused by the vibration of the phase force whizzed up and fluttered all over the floor.

In this head-on collision, Shi Hao remained motionless, while Li Luo slipped out. Obviously, Shi Hao had the upper hand.

"Eight seals..."

"But your phase power is so pure that even my thunder phase power can't invade your body and destroy it."

However, even though he had the upper hand, Shi Hao frowned slightly, because Li Luo's power had a peculiar sense of purity. If you know that he is a high-ranking thunder phase, the power of phase power is inherently domineering. , And the high-quality phase's phase force is spiritual, and it can erode and destroy the opponent's phase force with extremely subtle changes during the collision with the opponent's phase force. This is one of the advantages of the high-quality phase.

But although he had repelled Li Luo before, the power of Lei Xiang did not penetrate into the latter as he wished, reducing his combat effectiveness.

Li Luo's palms holding the double knives twisted slightly. The previous hard touch made him understand how fierce the opponent is. com, it's no wonder that even Lu Qinger is jealous of him.

The strength of the nine seals, the top seven thunder phase.

It's a rival.

Li Luo laughed suddenly, because he felt that he didn't seem to be nervous because of the other party's tyranny, but found that his blood was faintly boiling.

Over the years, the existence of that empty phase has caused Li Luo not to expose himself, and always likes to keep some hole cards to make him feel more secure.

He is as low-key as possible.

However, at this time he actually knew that although he had been accustomed to low-key development over the years, in fact, in his bones, there was still warfare flowing.

After all, he is also the son of Shuanghou anyhow.

Forget it, after so many years of low-key, this time, it's time to pretend to be a big one!

With a low laugh, Li Luo, who was holding a pair of knives, circulated the physical force in his body, and the figure shot out at Shi Wei.

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