Absolute Resonance

Chapter 66: Li Luo is angry

In the tree hole, Lu Qinger was shocked by Li Luo's operation. She stared at Li Luo blankly with her ruddy mouth open. Compared with the usual coldness, Lu Qing'er looked a little rare and cute.

Li Luo was also amused by her expression, and couldn't help but said: "Haha, funny, in fact, before my big exam, I was doing some accumulation and preparation for this, so I was almost on the verge of a breakthrough. , And Song Yunfeng's behavior was forced by that teacher to fluctuate. After returning to practice for a while, he felt signs of a breakthrough."

Lu Qing'er breathed a sigh of relief and gave Li Luo an angry glance. This guy would break through when he broke through. He had to count one, two, three, and almost shattered her three views.

"But your cultivation speed seems to be a bit fast. I feel that the seventh stage is no more than that." Lu Qing'er said suddenly with some doubts.

Li Luo nodded when he heard the words: "I have raised some ranks with the magical light of spiritual water."

Lu Qinger said a little bit, but did not ask more, but turned back to the main topic: "However, even if you reach the Eight Seals, you will only narrow the gap with Shi Xiao, so your chance of winning is still not great."

Shi Huang is the strength of the Nine Seals, and he also possesses a seventh-rank thunder phase. This type of phase attack is swift and violent, and the speed is extremely fast.

On the other hand, Li Luo just broke through to the Eight Seals, plus a water phase that might reach the sixth rank... The gap on the bright side is really not small.

"Try it first," Li Luo said.

Seeing that Li Luo had made up his mind, Lu Qing'er would not persuade him more. If she can quickly solve the opponent by then, she can hurry up to help Li Luo.

And while the two were talking, a head suddenly appeared at the entrance of the tree hole. He stared at the two people in the tree hole blankly at first, and then suddenly recovered and said in ecstasy: "Here! "


As soon as the voice fell, a cold phase force screamed, as if it was a icicle, directly thrown on his face, the frost filled his face, and his face was frozen.

The man fell without a scream.

However, his shouting also immediately attracted some people nearby, and immediately a group of people rushed over.

But as soon as they approached here, they saw Li Luo and Lu Qinger walked out of it.

"Lu Qing'er is okay? Was she cheated by Shi Huang?" They saw Lu Qing'er unscathed, especially the force of ice flowing on the surface of the latter's body, and their complexion suddenly changed.

Lu Qing'er put on ice silk gloves again with her hands at this time, and she stared at these people who wanted to take advantage of the fire with cold eyes: "Go away, our goal is Shi Wei."

The cold shout spread, the power of the ice phase flowed, and the rocks under his feet were filled with frost.

Upon seeing this, the surrounding students turned pale, and then their figures hurriedly backed away, and at the same time they secretly cursed in their hearts, that Shi Wei was simply fooling a ghost, and Lu Qing'er's current state did not seem to be seriously injured at all.

Li Luo and Lu Qing'er stood there after driving away the others. They knew that Shi Huang and others would receive news soon.

The waiting of the two did not last long. A few minutes later, several figures rushed in from the west, and the figures leaped agilely and flexibly in the ruins.

It was Shi Huang, Song Yunfeng and others.

Their figures finally stopped in front of Li Luo and Lu Qing'er, and their eyes were all a little surprised at Lu Qing'er's body, because the latter's state seemed far better than they thought.

"Qing'er, is your injury healed?" Shi Wei asked with a look of concern.

Lu Qinger's pretty face was faint, and she ignored his hypocritical manner, but instead cast her fierce eyes on Song Yunfeng, saying: "Song Yunfeng, you are really disgusting."

She would have been besieged by Shi Hong and others before, obviously because of the marks Tifaqing left on Song Yunfeng, so the initiator of all this was Song Yunfeng.

Under Lu Qing'er's cold gaze, Song Yunfeng's expression was also a little unnatural, and he could only say in embarrassment, "Qing'er, I also have difficulties."

However, Lu Qing'er turned his eyes directly away from him, and the cold expression clearly drove him into the bottomless abyss in his heart.

A touch of shame and anger passed in Song Yunfeng's eyes, and he stopped defending, but was annoyed in his heart: "What kind of pretense, I have pursued you for so long, and there has been no progress at all. After you are eliminated this time, how can you be proud?"

At the same time, his gloomy eyes turned to Li Luo. Lu Qinger's recovery from the injury so quickly was obviously because of Li Luo.

I don't know what they have done during this period, but when he thinks of hero Li Luo saving the United States and saving Lu Qing'er, and thinking of Lu Qing'er's attitude towards him at this time, a flame of jealousy rises in his eyes.

"Li Luo, you are a dog, but you really like to be nosy." Song Yunfeng gritted his teeth and said with a gloomy expression.

Li Luo glanced at Song Yunfeng and slowly said, "You, the guy who eats the inside and out, pitted Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang."

Song Yunfeng said coldly: "Even if I don't do this, they will be eliminated sooner or later."

Li Luo smiled, but this smile, for some reason, made people feel some biting chills.

At this time, Shi Huang's gaze also turned from Lu Qing'er to Li Luo, and smiled: "Li Luo, the things here have nothing to do with you. I will give you a chance to leave, so you might still have a chance to get into the top ten, how about?"

Li Luo smiled and said: "But I am very angry now, so I don't want you to be in the top ten."

Shi Wei laughed dumbly and pointed to his head: "Are you so angry that you lose your mind? It seems that what happened just now has really impacted you a lot."

"Although Qinger's injury is much better now, if you expect her to beat me, you can only say that you think things are too simple."

Li Luo shook his head and said seriously: "I didn't intend to let her beat you, but I planned to come in person."

This time, Shi Wei didn't even bother to laugh. Song Yunfeng, Xiang Liang and others also stared at Li Luo with weird eyes, because these words really made people even ridiculed.

Is this Li Luo really stupid by anger?

And when they were a little speechless about it, Lu Qinger was also able to say to Li Luo: "Then I will deal with Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zongfu? What about Song Yunfeng? Do I need to solve it all at once?"

Li Luo thought for a while, and said, "Before eating the big dishes, I need an appetizer to brew my momentum~www.readwn.com~ Song Yunfeng is just right."


Lu Qing'er slightly clicked, and then, with a movement of her figure, she swept away in the other direction.

At this moment, the people on the other side were really a little surprised, and something incredible appeared in his eyes. Lu Qing'er actually planned to let Li Luo deal with Shi Huang?

"How do you say?" Xiang Liang and the three looked at Shi Huang in a little surprise.

Shi Wei narrowed his eyes slightly, and said faintly: "Lu Qing'er's "Ice Jade Hand" can't be used right now. You can play with her for a while, and I will help you after I solve it here."

The three of them hesitated for a while, and finally nodded, and then didn't say much. When the figure moved, they carefully followed Lu Qing'er.

And as they evacuated, in the ruins, only Li Luo used the power of one person to form a confrontation with the teacher and Song Yunfeng in front of him.

This scene was also projected to the foot of Bailing Mountain, and then it caused a lot of surprise and uproar, which was even worse than when Lu Qinger was hunted before.

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