Absolute Resonance

Chapter 65: I'm done

In the ruins of the clearing.

Yu Lang sat on the ground grinning, Zhao Kuo hung on it, swaying with the wind, but he was also laughing loudly at this time.

"Yu Lang, your little brain is really smart."

"Thank you." Yu Lang dialed his bangs and replied modestly.

Shi Wei looked at the two men blankly, and then withdrew his gaze. They had no use value anymore, and now they can only make a profit here, and there is no need to bother.

Song Yunfeng was a little annoyed. After all, he proposed this plan, but he didn't expect to be destroyed by this wave of waves.

"Yu Lang, you had the opportunity to get into the top ten, but you chose to eliminate yourself here. Do you think it's really worthwhile?" Song Yunfeng sneered.

Yu Lang lazily said, "You don’t understand, Song Yunfeng, although Yu Lang loves money, I still have some bottom lines. At the very least, I don’t want to help other institutions to cheat my own institution. Will do it."

"You said these things without any blow to me. I will be able to go to the Saint Profound Star Academy smoothly, and you should basically stop here." Song Yunfeng said lightly.

Yu Lang smiled and said, "That's not necessarily true. After all, you would even have been forced into a tie by Li Luo before, so what else can't be?"

A gloomy anger appeared in Song Yunfeng's eyes, and Yu Lang's mouth was really cheap, so he poked his sore spots.

Shi Wei waved his hand to stop him and Yu Lang from wasting words, and said, "Forget it, if this method doesn't work, then continue searching every inch, they won't be able to hide for too long."

When Song Yunfeng heard the words, he nodded and ignored the constant noise of Yu Lang.

It's just that they have never noticed that in a hidden place not far away, Li Luo looked at this scene with a faint expression.

His expression was very flat, as if there were no fluctuations in his emotions, but those who were familiar with Li Luo would know what this appearance meant for this gentle and well-contacted person.

That was his real anger.

Li Luo's gaze paused for a few seconds on Shi Huang and Song Yunfeng, and then no longer hesitated, he turned around, and the faint figure disappeared in the distance.

When he left, Shi Wei seemed to have a sense of feeling, frowning and looking at the direction of his disappearance. Just now, it seemed that he had sensed a stare full of hostility.

Will it be Li Luo? If it is, then it is best. The scene just now should arouse his anger, right?

But what about the anger of the weak?

In the tree hole.

When Li Luo came back, Lu Qing'er was still closing his eyes to reply. He didn't wake her up, but sat down and closed his eyes to practice.

Time passed, and another hour passed.

The setting sun in the sky, the dark red light spreading in the Bailing Mountain, made the world become hazy, but Li Luo could hear more and more voices coming in this direction, it was searched. People.

When Li Luo opened his eyes, he found Lu Qing'er looking at him with beautiful eyes on the side, and the latter touched him with his eyes and quickly moved away.

"How is your recovery?" Li Luo asked.

"Not bad." Lu Qinger said with a smile.

Li Luo was silent for a few breaths, and said: "In your state, can you still win against Shi Huang?"

Lu Qinger hesitated, shook her head lightly, and said, "No, Shi Huang's strength is not weaker than mine. If my "Ice Jade Hand" is in perfect condition, I should be able to defeat him, but now the "Ice Jade Hand" power is consumed. Exhausted, I can't recover for the time being, and my injury has not fully recovered after all."

"Furthermore, Shi Hong's "Armor of Crazy Thunder" is quite powerful. Without the "Ice Jade Hand", I'm afraid I can't break it."

Li Luo frowned. If so, wouldn't Shi Wei win the first place sooner or later?

Lu Qinger looked at Li Luo with some doubts. She felt that the latter's mood seemed a little wrong, and immediately asked carefully: "Li Luo, what's the matter with you?"

Li Luo said indifferently: "I want to eliminate both Shi Huang and Song Yunfeng before the top ten is decided."

Lu Qing'er was shocked. There were not many people in the Bailing Ruins at the moment, and it was very stable for Shi Huang and Song Yunfeng to enter the top ten. Li Luo wanted them not to even go to the top ten. How is it possible?

"They just grabbed Zhao Kuo and humiliated me a while, trying to force me out, but in the end Yu Lang sneaked out and eliminated Zhao Kuo, and then he also crushed the crystal card and eliminated himself." Li Luo calmly Tao.

Lu Qing'er heard this, and Qingli's cheeks also showed anger: "It's too much!"

Only then did she understand why Li Luo was not in the right mood at this time, and even the gentle appearance of the past was gone, obviously she was really angry in her heart.

"I'll help you. Although Shi Wei is very difficult to deal with, but if you really want to fight to the death, he may not be able to win!" Lu Qinger was silent for a moment, and suddenly said every word.

Li Luo glanced at her. He saw some resolute expressions in Lu Qing'er's eyes, which surprised him a bit. Does Lu Qing'er have any deeper cards?

It just seems that this kind of trump card must have to pay a price, otherwise she would not rather be eliminated than use it before.

"No need."

Li Luo was a little moved, and shook his head with a smile: "Shi Wei, I will deal with it. You go to solve the three people Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zong Fu."

Lu Qing'er looked at him in surprise: "Are you going to deal with Shi Huang?"

Although I don't want to say anything to hit Li Luo, the fact is that Li Luo is only the Seven Seals, and Shi Hong has the strength of the Nine Seals of the Seventh Stage!

This is far more powerful than Song Yunfeng and his ilk.

Li Luo smiled helplessly: "I didn't intend to steal your limelight in this big exam, but who made them so aggressive?"

"So don't blame me, I was really forced."

"Who cares about the limelight, but you... don't be brave, okay? I said that I can help you defeat Shi Xiao." Lu Qinger couldn't help stomping his feet and said.

She was afraid that Li Luo would go his own way, but instead fell into the hands of Shi Wei.

"You have a little confidence in me..." Li Luo smiled.

"Your seven seals are too far from Shi Wei!" Lu Qinger said.

"What you said is true."

Li Luo nodded ~www.readwn.com~ and smiled immediately: "So I plan to break through to the Eight Seals!"

Lu Qinger was speechless: "How can there be time for you to break through now?"

Li Luo raised his hand: "Wait."

Lu Qing'er is inexplicable: "Wait for what?"




"I'm fine." Li Luo exhaled.

Lu Qing'er was confused and just about to speak. In the next instant, her beautiful eyes suddenly widened, and she looked at Li Luo in a little astonishment, because at this moment, she sensed the violent fluctuations in the phase force in Li Luo's body. Now, that is... the power level has increased?

Is this really the eight seals? ! !

So she was messed up, don't you want to play like this? ! What kind of pervert is this man?

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