Absolute Resonance

Chapter 63: The old-fashioned hero to save the United States appeared

Rocky ruins.

Shi Wei was braving his anger, and his eyes were gloomy and frightening. Seeing that Lu Qing'er was about to be eliminated by him, the biggest obstacle would be cleared. As a result, a Li Luo suddenly appeared and rescued people. !

As a result of this kind of failure, even though Shi Hong had a city mansion, he was still almost mad, and he couldn't wait to smash Li Luo's body into pieces.

Shi Hong glanced around, trying to sense Li Luo's deeds, but to no avail, Li Luo and Lu Qinger seemed to be directly invisible, making it impossible to notice.

After searching for a while, Shi Wei knew that this was not the way, so he took a deep breath, suppressed his emotions, turned around and came to the frozen Xiang Liang and the three of them, and then mobilized the force to rescue the three of them from the ice. .

The three of them broke the ice, their faces were purple and trembling, they were obviously very cold.

After a long while, the three of them gradually recovered.

Upon seeing this, Shi Wei said, "Lu Qing'er was rescued by Li Luo, and our mission has not been completed yet."

"The immediate task is to find them out. Lu Qing'er was injured by me before. It must take some time to recover. Moreover, her "ice jade hand" is exhausted and cannot be activated in a short time, so as long as she is found and eliminated She will be easy."

Upon hearing the words, the three Xiang Liang nodded.

They have put in so much effort, and of course they don't want to do useless work.

"Just relying on a few of us, I am afraid that the manpower is not enough. The terrain here is too complicated, so I suggest that the news of Lu Qinger's serious injury can be spread out. Now there are other students in Bailing Ruins. If Lu Qinger is in peak state, they will naturally I didn't dare to give birth to a strange heart, but now that Lu Qinger is seriously injured and carrying so many points on his back, I am afraid that there will be bold people who have ideas." Zong Fu said suddenly.

As soon as this remark came out, other people's approval immediately drew, and even Shi Hong's eyes were slightly bright, and he nodded with a smile.

"Hurry up and don't give them too much time."

Shi Wei gave an order, and immediately everyone became busy.


Outside Bailing Mountain.

As Lu Qing'er was rescued by someone who appeared suddenly, countless relieved voices rang out of the field. After all, apart from other factors, from a sensory point of view, they certainly support the beautiful Lu Qing'er, not to mention. , She was still the weak side under siege.

It's just that they also understand that Lu Qing'er has been injured, even if he is rescued, I am afraid it will only delay some of the time to be eliminated.

"It seems that it was Young Palace Master who saved Lu Qing'er." Although Li Luo's figure flashed, Cai Wei still had good eyesight and vaguely recognized him.

Yan Lingqing said slightly, "Li Luo is a very sophisticated hero to save the United States. The timing is perfect. Which little girl can stand this?"

Cai Wei said with a smile but a smile: "Could it be that Qing'e will have an extra rival in love?"

Yan Lingqing said gleefully: "If this is the case, then it's really a good show."

They were smiling here, and the atmosphere in the main pavilion was still calm, but as Lu Qinger was suddenly rescued, the old dean's gloomy expression eased a little.

But he still didn't speak, because he knew very well that Nanfeng Academy had already begun to fall into a disadvantage in this situation.

Lu Qing'er was severely injured and his combat effectiveness was damaged.

The Governor-General of the Division on the side drank tea peacefully, and did not change his color just because Lu Qinger was rescued. He also knew that even if there was a change at the last moment this time, the change came a little later.

Lu Qing'er is no longer the biggest problem.

Next, as long as Shi Wei finds her out and wins the points, everything is over.

At that time, the golden signboard of Tianshu County's No. 1 Academy will fall on the head of Dongyuan Academy.

Thinking of this, the corners of Governor Shi's lips couldn't help but a faint smile appeared.

By the way, it was Li Luo who saved the life just now, right? The people in Luolan Mansion are still annoying as always, but it doesn't matter, as long as he continues to take charge of Tianshu County, there are ways to nibble Luolan Mansion's industry here a little bit.


Somewhere in Bailing Ruins, in a tree hole that grew from the ruined wall, Li Luo gently let Lu Qing'er down in his arms.

He looked down and found that Lu Qing'er was looking at his face intently.

"Although I know that such a hero to save the United States is too lethal for you, but I still hope that you can restrain yourself." Li Luo mused.

Lu Qinger gave a light sip, and then frowned her eyebrows slightly. The tingling pain from her body made her understand that her injury was serious.

"How is the injury?" Li Luo asked when he saw it.

Lu Qinger sighed, and said with a bit of frustration: "It's heavier, I'm afraid the combat effectiveness will decrease sharply in the future, I'm really too careless."

"That's troublesome, now Shi Huang and the others should be looking for us madly. If he is smart, he will even provoke other students. Sooner or later, we will be dug out." Li Luo frowned and said.

"Sorry." Lu Qinger bowed her head.

"What do you apologize for?" Li Luo asked puzzled.

"Failing to win the first place and failing your expectations, this will also cause Nanfeng Academy to lose additional places for admission." Lu Qinger said softly.

"What's the matter with you? You have to fight for the number of admissions on your own. If you have extra places, you can get the first place. It's your ability. If you can't get the first place, it's because the others in Nanfeng Academy are out of luck. Good." Li Luo said irritably.

"The Lu Qing'er I know is not so hypocritical. Have you been beaten stupid?"

Lu Qing'er glared at Li Luo angrily, and said, "You were beaten stupid."

Li Luo smiled and said, "By the way, I almost forgot. Although you are injured, I am the water phase. I can help you heal your injuries!"

"My injury, I'm afraid I won't be able to recover in such a short time." Lu Qinger hesitated.

"You can recover as much as you can." Li Luo said, his "water and light phase" is very special. Both the water phase and the light phase have a healing effect. When the two are superimposed, they must have a miraculous effect on healing.

So he stretched out his palm and held Lu Qing'er's slender white hand.

However, as soon as he took hold of it, Lu Qing'er was like an electric shock, and violently withdrew her hand, her white and clear face turned red, and her beautiful eyes stared at Li Luo in shame: "Rogue, what are you doing!"

Li Luo was also taken aback by her violent reaction, and immediately smiled bitterly: "Use my water phase power to help you heal your injuries."

Lu Qinger stubbornly said, "Well, then don't hold my hand."

Li Luo scratched his head and was speechless: "My superficial power, the effect is weak through the clothing, or you can turn it over and I will take your clothes off a little."

Lu Qing'er bit her little white teeth and looked at him shamefully, like a ferocious little tigress.

"It's dead! It's too hard to serve! Let's all wait here to be eliminated." Li Luo was also angry. This girl is in trouble, and he can treat a wound like this.

Li Luo also has a temper!


Seeing that he was about to get up, Lu Qinger hurriedly stopped, and immediately bowed his head and said, "I was wrong, you can continue to heal."

Li Luo snorted softly, then sat down, stretched out his palm, and roughly grabbed Lu Qing'er's little hand, but let alone, I don't know if it was because of the secret technique she practiced. Her little hand was delicate and cold, with a kind of jade. Like the touch, people have the desire to play.

But Li Luo was expressionless, UU reading www.uukanshu. com swiftly circulated the physical force in the body, and saw that the blue phase force followed the surging of his palm, and began to get into Lu Qinger's body one after another, recovering her injuries.

And as Li Luo's water phase power poured into her body, Lu Qinger's eyes suddenly flashed with surprise, because she found that Li Luo's water phase power was extremely pure, and the healing effect was better than she had imagined. Better.

The faint softness dissipated from the injured part of the body, dispelling the tingling pain.

Lu Qing'er glanced at the little hand held by Li Luo, her teeth bit her red lips, her head slightly tilted, and her pretty face was half-hidden with her long hair, because at this time, her complexion was red, and her body was faintly glowing. She's trembling, this look doesn't appear to her on weekdays.

Lu Qing'er is actually not resisting being held by Li Luo, just because of the practice of "ice jade hands", her hands will become extremely sensitive when there is no movement, so she also wears ice silk gloves on weekdays. , Never let people touch her hands.

But right now, this Li Luo recklessly came in, grabbed her hand, and tried to make her bow her head to admit her mistake. Thinking of this, Lu Qing'er, who was always proud, felt a little wronged.

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