Absolute Resonance

Chapter 62: Ice jade hand

The snow-white gloves dropped from Lu Qing'er's hands, and a pair of slender, slender, almost perfect jade hands appeared under the gaze of countless eyes.

The catkins are like snow, pure and white, and they don't seem to be stained with dust.

Lu Qing'er's slender hands have a different kind of beauty, just like a work of art crafted from suet jade. They are flawless and enough to make people love them.

So when Lu Qing'er showed his hands, Mo said that it was the three teenagers present, even the girl Chi Su was stunned, with envy in his eyes.

They have seen a lot of beautiful faces, but it is the first time they have seen such beautiful hands.

It is a pity that Lu Qinger usually hides them under silk gloves.

Moreover, in Lu Qing'er's small hands like ice crystals and white jade, there seemed to be mysterious ice patterns looming, and a breath of extreme cold was slowly radiating out.

"Be careful, that's Lu Qing'er's secret technique, Bingyu Hand...Even if she is only nine seals, the power of this technique is comparable to some general rank skills." Shi Wei's solemn voice was at this moment. Sounded.

When Xiang Liang and others heard this, their complexion suddenly changed, and when they looked at Lu Qing'er's perfect jade hands, they were already full of jealousy.

For people in the Ten Seals realm like them, the general stage physiognomy is hardly one level. It is just that the physiognomy of that level cannot be used at all with their physiognomy, but the secret technique of Lu Qing'er at the moment can make her How can it not be frightening to use the power of general physiognomy before stepping into the realm of master physiognomy.

At this time, they understood why Shi Huang was obviously not weak, but he wanted to take them to hunt Lu Qing'er. It turned out that the latter had such a hole card.

Lu Qing'er's pretty face was cold, like an iceberg. She didn't say a single word of nonsense, and Qianying suddenly rushed out and pointed directly at the teacher.

Obviously intends to deal with Shi Huang first.

However, Shi Huang seemed to have expected it long ago, only to see lightning flashing on the surface of his body, and immediately his figure shot backwards like lightning.

The power of Lei Xiang is also good at speed, not inferior to Feng Xiang.

Upon seeing this, Lu Qinger decisively gave up the idea of ​​capturing the thieves and the king first, and as soon as the figure turned, he locked the target to Xiang Liang.

When Xiang Liang saw Lu Qing'er rushing over, his complexion changed drastically, but he didn't have the speed of Shi Hong, so he could only roar, and the fiery red Xiangli body rose up into the air.

At the same time, his hand was like a long knife burning with flames, and it directly slashed down at Lu Qing'er.


The fiery blade light whizzed, but Lu Qing'er didn't care. He only saw her left hand bend with **** together, bringing up a cold air, and directly hitting the fiery blade light that had been slashed.


It seemed that there was a crisp sound, and then Xiang Liang was amazed to see that thick frost spread from his blade, instantly extinguishing his fire force, and the frost was still at an extremely fast speed. Spreading, just a few breaths, solidified his body in place.

With just one blow, Xiang Liang, the strength of the Eight Seals, was solved!

The power of Lu Qing'er's "ice jade hand" made people fearful.

So when Chi Su and Zong Fu saw this, they turned around and ran away without hesitation.

But since Lu Qing'er showed his trump card, where would they be allowed to escape, the jade feet that had been prepared right away were lightened, as if frost was forming under their feet, turning into two ice pieces, and directly frozen the soles of the two people's feet. In situ.

Immediately, the shadow flicked out, and the **** of his left hand quickly pointed out.

After a few dozen breaths, two more ice sculptures appeared in the ruins.

In this electric light and flint, the three elites who were among the best in the standings were eliminated by Lu Qing'er.

However, after solving the three, the faint lines of frost on Lu Qing'er's left hand began to dim.


There was a clapping sound coming from behind, and I saw Shi Wei looking at this scene with a smile, and exclaimed: "What a great ice jade hand."

Lu Qinger's face was expressionless, her delicate body shot out, pointing straight at Shi Huang.

But this time, Shi Huang did not evade.

Therefore, Lu Qing'er shot out his right palm, Ling Ling howled with cold air, and even the air was faintly frozen. In the end, wrapped in domineering and domineering, he shot directly on Shi Huang's chest.

However, what is amazing is that Shi Wei's body has not been frozen.

Because on the surface of his body, there was a violent thunder light jumping, faintly, as if forming a thunder light armor.

"Qing'er, if you are the "Ice Jade Hand" with both hands, you can still break my "Armor of Crazy Thunder", but the power of this hand is not enough." A smile appeared on Shi Wei's face. This mad thunder armor is also his own hole card.

If Lu Qinger is an "ice jade hand" under full power, Shi Wei is still cautious about this kind of hard touch, but now that Lu Qinger has used half of his power to deal with the three of Xiang Liang, then Shi Wei is no longer afraid .

It can be said that he will find Xiang Liang and three people, but the purpose is to use them to consume Lu Qinger's "ice jade hands", and now, the plan is as he wants.

Lei Guang and Cold Qi were madly colliding with each other, consuming each other's strength. Finally, Lu Qing'er's heart sank to see that the frost pattern on her right hand was also dimmed at this time.

Bingyu's power was exhausted.


And it was at this time that Shi Huang shot like lightning, a fierce and heavy punch with a low thunder sound, directly blasting on Lu Qing'er's lower abdomen.

Lu Qing'er's delicate body suddenly flew upside down, smashed heavily into a mess of rocks, and blood stains appeared on the corners of her lips.

"Qing'er, it's a pity that I was the one who won in the end." Shi Wei smiled apologetically, and then step by step towards Lu Qing'er, who had no resistance for the time being.

Upon seeing this, Lu Qinger sighed secretly, and looked at the approaching Shi Huang blankly. Although she was very unwilling, she could only give up in her heart.

"Your points, I will laugh at it."

Shi Wei stretched out his hand and was about to grab the crystal card on Lu Qing'er's chest.


And that is, at this moment, dozens of light **** burst out in front of that, directly exploding between Shi Huang and Lu Qing'er ~www.readwn.com~ a dazzling burst of light.

The sudden attack caused Shi Huang to be stunned for a moment, his eyes tingling, but he quickly reached out and grabbed Lu Qing'er in front of him.

But this catch was missed.

He was startled, and hurriedly opened his stinging eyes, and then saw a figure hug Lu Qing'er, and quickly jumped into the ruins. The light flickered before disappearing.

Shi Hong was furious, and his figure shot out, trying to chase, but he turned over the broken wall, but there was no half of him in the surroundings.

At this time, all the smiles on Shi Wei's face disappeared, replaced by endless gloom.

Although the previous figure hided extremely quickly, Shi Wei still recognized it.

"Damn Li Luo! How dare to ruin my good deeds!"

There was a voice containing violent anger, slowly coming out of Shi Wei's teeth.

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