Absolute Resonance

Chapter 58: Eat 1 wave

The foot of Bailing Mountain is boiling and noisy.

On the huge crystal wall, the points are constantly changing, and at the same time fierce battles are still projected at the top position, which attracts many exclamations from time to time.

Until a certain moment, the picture suddenly changed, and only the picture of two figures facing each other in a forest was projected.

In a pavilion, Cai Weiyu, who was somewhat bored, peeled a grape and was about to put it in her ruddy mouth. Her eyes suddenly stopped and stopped on the crystal wall.

"That person, seems to be the Young Palace Master?" Cai Wei said with some surprise.

Yan Lingqing immediately cast his eyes when he heard the words, and then saw the two confronting figures.


Cai Wei didn't even eat the grapes, and quickly sat upright and said, "Who is he fighting with?"

Yan Lingqing didn't know it either, but she quickly got information from the growing uproar around her: "It is the second place in Dongyuan Academy, called Lian Zhong, Liupinxiang, and Eight Seal Strength."

"How can Li Luo provoke such a powerful enemy?"

"In the knockout game, the Young Palace Master will be targeted even if he doesn't provoke others." Cai Wei frowned, her beautiful eyes staring at the screen on the crystal wall without blinking.

Yan Lingqing on the side also got serious and focused, because they knew that this would be a tough battle.

And under their concentrated attention, Li Luo and Lian Zhong in the picture are directly at war, and every fierce encounter makes the two goddesses slightly change.

However, as the battle continued, the surprise on their pretty faces became more and more intense, because they saw that in this battle, Li Luo did not have the slightest disadvantage.

Obviously it was only the strength of the Seven Seals, but it firmly suppressed the opponents of the Eight Seals.

Especially when Li Luo's water-patterned knife was flowing with water, and the light armor on Lian Zhong's body was smashed with one knife, Cai Wei couldn't help but patted the table with her little hand in excitement.

"Palace Young Master is so amazing!"

Yan Lingqing on the side also opened her red lips slightly, her eyes filled with unconcealable astonishment.

She also did not expect that Li Luo would defeat a powerful enemy of the Eight Seals so smoothly.

This beautiful record makes people unable to fault.

She stared at the scene where Li Luo slowly returned to the back of his sword. At this time, he was completely different from the usual young man who was honestly refining the magical light in front of the workbench.

Now he has to appear more sharp-edged.

But perhaps, this is the real Li Luo, the gentle and naughty in the usual days, just covering up his sharp edge...

"Now, I'm a little bit convinced that he might actually be able to break into the top ten." Yan Lingqing chuckled, and finally there was an interesting color in her cold eyes.

Outside the pavilion, there were also one after another exclamation sound at this time. It was obvious that the result of the battle between Li Luo and Lian Zhong shocked many people.

In the main pavilion, the old dean, the division governor, and the teacher Anlie also saw the result of the battle.

The old dean smiled, with a smug smile in his eyes, and immediately said: "This second place in Dongyuan Academy was defeated by Li Luo, who ranked 15th in my Nanfeng Academy. Haha, it's also interesting."

"Governor Division, don't you think?"

The Governor General shook his face lightly, and said with a smile: "As expected of the Young Palace Master of Luo Lan Mansion, it is really surprising."

"Is this the Young Palace Master Li Luo of Luolan Mansion? The one who has a marriage contract with Jiang Qing'e?" An Lie's tutor suddenly asked.

The old dean smiled and nodded.

"I don't look bad...hehe, although Li Luo has not yet entered the Saint Profound Star Academy, his name has long been famous in the Saint Profound Star Academy." Teacher An Lie said with a smile.

"If you defeat an opponent of the Eight Seals, you may not be able to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy." The division governor said with a light smile.

"Then you have to watch it carefully." The old dean raised his eyes, his voice was neither salty nor weak.


Naturally, Li Luo didn't know the heated discussion caused by his own battle outside the mountain. At this time, he dragged the unconscious Lian Zhong to another circle of battle.

Pulling aside the bushes, the battle ahead was fierce, but Li Luo was a little surprised that the Dongyuan Academy clearly had a small number of people, but in the current battle, it was suppressed by Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang. .

Zhao Kuo rushed to play the function of his physical shield, slashing with a big axe in his hand, withstanding most of the attacks, while Yu Lang went back and forth like the wind, attacking fiercely and directly pointing to the vitals of the three. , For a time forced them into a little embarrassment.

According to this situation, I am afraid that soon someone on the other side will start to show injuries.

Li Luo smiled and stepped out.

And his appearance suddenly stopped the fierce battle in the field, whether it was Zhao Kuoyulang or the three of the Dongyuan Academy cast their shocked eyes.

Especially when they saw Lian Zhong who was dragged into a coma by Li Luo, the shock was even more intense.

"Damn, Li Luo, you are a pervert, you actually defeated Lian Zhong?" Yu Lang was a little dumbfounded.

Li Luo smiled and nodded, then threw Lian Zhong in front, staring at the three Dongyuan Academy students: "Do you want to resist?"

Under his gaze, the three students from the Dongyuan Academy were so frightened that they had no courage to fight, and they turned their heads to scatter and flee.

However, Li Luo had been prepared long ago, his fingers flicked, and the water-light bullets whizzed out, exploding in front of their eyes, and the dazzling light made the three of them suddenly scream.

But Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang seized the opportunity and the offensive broke out suddenly.

In a short moment, the three of them wailed and fell to the ground.

"Divide their points." Li Luo smiled.

"Wow, this is really a big fish." Yu Lang's eyes lighted, and the five opponents all had a lot of scores, especially Lian Zhong, whose scores reached 2,400 points.

However, despite the eagerness, Yu Lang did not intend to score Lianzhong points. Instead, he said: "Lianzhong points, Li Luo, you can eat it yourself. Zhao Kuo and I can divide the four of them. "

The points of the other four members of Dongyuan Academy add up to more than 1,000. Although they are not as rich as Lianzhong, they are still not a small gain.

When Li Luo heard this, he wanted to say something, Zhao Kuo also smiled and said: "Brother Luo, you defeated this cheapness alone. We can't take advantage of our cheapness, and you have the potential to hit the top ten. There is no need to entangle with us. These."

Seeing that both of them said so, Li Luo didn't feel hypocritical, and when he took off the crystal card, he wiped out the cheap points.

Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo, with coveted smiles on their faces, washed them into whiteboards in the horrified gaze of the four people from Dongyuan Academy.

"Our boss will not let you go!" In grief and despair, the people of Dongyuan Academy roared, and at the same time shed tears of regret.

After eating this big wave ~www.readwn.com~ Li Luo's points reached 3900 points, while Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo also reached around 2,000 points.

Although he can't see the standings, according to Li Luo's estimation, he should be able to enter the top 30, and Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo can also enter the top 100.

There was a smile on his face. Although he still had some distance to the top ten, it was not too far away.

"The big brother from Dongyeon Academy... really caring."

"I don't know if there is any more?"

The more the knockout matches go to the back, the more slippery and difficult the remaining people are. It is really not easy to win points, so this Lianhe brings people to send a wave of warmth, which is so touching that I want to give them. Give an award.

"Let's go, we should not be far from Bailing Ruins."

Li Luo said, then stepped forward, Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang also followed.

And once it reaches Bailingxu, this knockout match will also enter the most intense stage.

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