Absolute Resonance

Chapter 57: Water awning


Lian Zhong shot, mercilessly, with the eight seals full of power, and the yellow knife slashed at Li Luo fiercely.

In the face of his fierce offensive, Li Luo did not intend to dodge. With a little tiptoe, his figure swept out like a flying eagle, and above the double knives in his hands, the power of blue water bloomed.


The knife hit hard, and the force spurted, rolling up the leaves on the ground nearby and dancing wildly.

However, it was the hard touch this time that Dianzhong's complexion changed slightly, because he discovered that Li Luo was completely unafraid of the strength of his eight seals. Between the two hard touches, he could not suppress each other.

"How come?! He is obviously only the strength of the Seven Seals!" Lian Zhong was shocked.

"The Eight Seals doesn't seem to be so good either."

Li Luo smiled. Now that his "water and light phase" has evolved to the sixth rank, and coupled with his phase power, it has also reached the seventh seal. The opponent of the eight seals is no longer the same as when he faced Song Yunfeng during the pre-examination. That kind of pressure brought him.

"Not ashamed of speaking!" Lian Zhong smiled angrily, the power surged, and the sword light cut angrily.

However, Li Luo shot faster than him, with two knives in his hand, and the blue light circulated, only to see the light of the knives like water waves, with a continuous momentum, facing Lian Zhong.

Lian Zhong's eyes were angry, and he greeted him fiercely with a big sword in his hand, like a wolf like a tiger.

Clang! Clang!

In a short moment, the two directly regretted dozens of rounds, and the sound of the gold and iron colliding with the blades echoed in the forest.

However, as the battle continued, Lian Zhong felt that Li Luo's offensive became more and more fierce, and the power on the blade began to become more vigorous.

"It's a high-level water phase technique, nine layers of blue waves?!"

Lian Zhong's complexion changed slightly. This water phase technique was very good at gradually stacking power during battle. Once it was allowed to successfully stack up its power, it would undoubtedly bring him a lot of pressure.

Lian Zhong obviously also has a lot of experience in fighting. He immediately moved his mind, and the earth and yellow force gushed, and the light of the knife slashed down, his momentum is heavy: "High-level Xiangshu, earth slash!"

The knife light fell, and the ground was directly cut with a trace, but Li Luo's double knives waved like lightning, and the knife light continued like water waves, and the knife light was taken down layer by layer.

"Want to break my nine layers of blue waves? It seems that the power is not enough." Li Luo chuckled lightly.

Lian Zhong's complexion became more and more ugly, he really didn't understand that Li Luoming was only seven seals, why his strength was so strong and difficult.

In the previous match, between his phase force and Li Luo's phase force collided, he could clearly feel that Li Luo's phase force, as if full of inexplicable spirituality, was able to check and balance him everywhere in subtleties. The power of earth.

This feeling is as if Li Luo's appearance is of high quality.

But according to the information he got, Li Luo is just a fifth-grade appearance? How can it be so difficult?

In Lian Zhong's confusion, Li Luo's eyes suddenly became sharp.

The gathering of the nine layers of blue waves is complete, and it's time to fight back.

Li Luo stepped out, his body was full of blue strength, like a blue wave, and the blue water-patterned knife in his hand was also very radiant. The powerful and powerful blade slashed down at Lian Zhong's chest like lightning.

This blow was extremely fierce.

Li Luo's sudden counterattack also made De Lianzhong look dignified. Because of the accumulation of the nine layers of blue waves, he did not dare to underestimate Li Luo's knife.

So, he took a deep breath, and the earthy yellow phase force spurted on his body. Accompanied by his violent drink, he actually formed a faint light armor on the surface of his body.

"High-level physiognomy, earth armor!"

A faint yellow light armor covered his body, flowing heavy power, strong soil phase force, and was best at defense. At the moment, Lian Zhong didn't dare to look down on Li Luo anymore, so he naturally began to give full play to his own advantages.


The blue knife light slashed down and landed on the light armor of Lian Zhong's chest. The light armor was trembling fiercely and faint cracks appeared, and the tall and strong figure of Lian Zhong was also shaken backwards and shot out dozens of steps. Crashed into the trunk of a big tree.

There was a faint tingling in his chest, but he was relieved, because with the help of the tyrannical defense power of the ground armor, he also took Li Luo's strongest blow.

"What a hard turtle shell."

Li Luo also sighed. The soil phase is worthy of being good at defense. Before this Lian Zhong competed with him on offensive, he was originally to give up his own advantages, but now choosing defense, it has become a little trickier.

At this time, Lian Zhong's face was dignified. After previous fights, he already understood that Li Luo's strength was indeed not weaker than him.

Even right now, he was forced to rely on the superiority of the earth to deploy defenses to consume Li Luo's strength.

"Li Luo, you are indeed very powerful. Seven seals can force me to be so embarrassed. However, if you want to beat me, it is impossible." Lian Zhong's whole body is constantly surging with yellow power. , Thickening the faint yellow light armor.

Li Luo rubbed his chin, he stared at Lian Zhong's thick light armor, and he was a little helpless: "Big brother, you are shameless. You can hide in the tortoise shell if you can't beat it? You weren't very arrogant just now. ."

Lian Zhong gave a cold snort, completely ignored Li Luo's provocation, insisted on hiding in the tortoise shell, and then said: "Then you are here to hit me."

Li Luo dumbly said with a smile: "Since you have such a perverted request..."

"Then I will fulfill you."

"Huh, your mouth is hard." Lian Zhong sneered.

Li Luo smiled slightly, he put away the sun pattern knife and held the water pattern knife in one hand. The next moment, the force of the water phase surged and moved on the blade.

Gradually, the force of the water phase actually formed a blue blade, which was fluctuating on the blade.

It was like a blade of water flowing at high speed.

"High-level Xiangshu, Shuimang?"

Lian Zhong saw it, but he pierced through it, and immediately sneered even more. Water Manga is one of the more powerful attack powers in the entry-level water phase art. This is the high-speed operation of the water phase power, which brings fierceness. Of cutting.

However, the power of the water element is still not good at attacking after all, so Li Luo wants to break his ground armor with this, but it is somewhat impossible.

Li Luo looked down at the water glow flowing on the blade, smiled softly, and whispered to himself: "Ordinary water glow technique may indeed not break your tortoise shell..."

"However, my water awning technique is not ordinary."

While he was talking, there were suddenly some dazzling light spots in the blue water glow, and only Li Luo knew what was going on in it.

The light phase force poured into it, and then formed a very fine beam of light, with the light phase force as the channel, the water phase force flowed through it.

As a result, the flow speed of the water phase force reached a somewhat astonishing level.

The water awn technique spurred in this special way...Of course it is not ordinary.

Therefore, Li Luo named it...the first edition of Enhanced Water Mango Technique!

Lian Zhong looked at the water glow flowing on Li Luo's blade~www.readwn.com~ He only felt that the color of the water glow seemed to have become more pure. He didn't understand what happened, but there was a Kind of uneasy feeling like a mans back.

And Li Luo didn't make him feel uneasy for long, because his figure shot out directly, and the water pattern knife in his hand seemed to have brought up the blue waves, flying in mid-air, and swept towards Lian Zhong.

Lian Zhong roared: "Come on! I'm not afraid of you!"

In his roar, Li Luo's figure brushed past him, and the blade of his hand also passed the khaki light armor on his body.

Li Luo's figure appeared behind Lian Zhong. He didn't look back, but slowly inserted the watermarked knife in his hand into the scabbard on his waist with a calm expression.

In the back, the expression on Lian Zhong's face solidified at this moment, and the khaki light armor on the surface of his body burst open in the next instant.

His body was also at this time, slowly rising to the sky, splashing dust.

No one noticed that in the dense forest, there was a suspended spar gleaming, projecting this battle onto the crystal wall of Bailing Mountain.

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