Absolute Resonance

Chapter 55: Mist

As the college entrance examination gradually entered the knockout stage, on the huge crystal wall outside Bailing Mountain, the beating and change of points began to become faster and faster, which revealed how fierce it was at this time.

Countless eyes gathered on the crystal wall, and many exclamations and howls erupted from time to time. Everyone was paying attention to the achievements of their students.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing are also always paying attention to their Young Palace Master, and when they see that Li Luo's points are steadily increasing, their pretty faces are all smiles.

"Palace Master Young isn't bad." Cai Wei shook the flower cluster fan, gave a sweet smile, and said.

"It should be that we haven't met a strong enemy yet. With the passage of time in the knockout matches, all that will be left will be tricky opponents. Only then will we be able to see the true level." Yan Lingqing cautiously analyzed.

Cai Weizhen slightly said, smiling like a flower: "But I believe the Young Palace Master can definitely do it."

"So confident?"

"Because appearance is justice." Cai Wei said solemnly.

"It's boring." Yan Lingqing held the silver frame lightly, too lazy to take care of her.


In the dense forest.


The three of Li Luo surrounded a hapless guy. In his desperate gaze, the three of them wiped his points clean, and then walked away, leaving the hapless guy with tears streaming down his face.

"We have reached 1,500 points."

Li Luo glanced at their respective crystal cards. These thousand and five hundred points were the result of their hard work for most of the morning, and below this was a group of greedy and unlucky fish.

"But it's getting harder and harder to catch." Zhao Kuo said sadly. They had only one hapless bait after they had been down for an hour.

"Because our fishing reputation has spread." Li Luo said.

They did not miss the fishing this morning. Some fish were extremely slippery and their strength was extraordinary, so they were also run away. These people ran away and also spread Li Luo and the others’ fishing incidents. .

So the students who are still in this area, I'm afraid they won't get the bait easily.

“It’s not realistic to fish all the time. As more and more people are eliminated, if you want to win points later, you will need to fight hard.” Li Luo didn’t care about it, after all, he didn’t really expect to keep fishing. Go down.

Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang nodded, they also understand this.

The three of them did not stop while chatting, and kept advancing on guard. However, as they moved forward, they suddenly discovered that a thin mist began to spread in the dense forest.

The mist is rapidly becoming thicker.

Li Luo paused, frowned, and said: "Something is wrong, withdraw."

Immediately the three of them turned around, and quickly retreated to the original road.

After running for a few minutes, Li Luo suddenly turned his head, and then found that Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo who were following him disappeared at some point.

Li Luo pondered for a few breaths, then searched among the nearby bushes, and finally saw clusters of gray mushrooms. It was this kind of mushroom that was constantly spitting out mist.

"It's misty mushrooms."

Li Luo was a little helpless. The mist spitting from the Mist Mushroom can make people feel disorientated. Obviously, they stepped on an area of ​​Mist Mushroom without knowing it.

And just now Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo should have been lost when they were running, and they left the team as they walked.

"It's really troublesome."

Li Luo raised his foot to smash the misty mushrooms. Although this mist is troublesome, it should be time-limited. As long as he waits for the mist to clear, he should be able to find both of them.

At the same time, on the other side of the fog.

Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang were walking together. They also discovered that they were missing with Li Luo, and then they were a little confused. While looking at each other, they could only continue to move forward cautiously.

After walking for a while, they heard the sound of footsteps in front of them. They were overjoyed, and Zhao Kuo tentatively called out, "Brother Luo?"

The footsteps became clearer and clearer, and then a figure appeared in the vision of the two of them, and when they were seeing each other clearly, their complexions suddenly changed slightly.

Because that was not Li Luo, but someone who had met before.

It was the Lian Zhong from Dongyeon Academy who tried to **** their ghost face fruit before!

At this time, that Lian Zhong stared at the two with a sneer, and said: "Li Luo didn't wait, but first met two small attendants."

Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang separated without hesitation and fled. The other party is here to wait for the rabbit. Obviously, he has been prepared long ago, and his target should be Li Luo.

However, their figures just moved, and they could only see the direction of fleeing, and two figures came out of each, just blocking their retreat.

There are still four people on the other side.

And looking at the crystal tiles on the chest, they are all from Dongyuan Academy.

"Fight with them!" Zhao Kuo's eyes were fierce.

But Yu Lang raised his hand and quickly said: "Surrender, surrender, we surrender!"

Lian Zhong was taken aback, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth: "People from Nanfeng Academy, are their bones so soft?"

Zhao Kuo roared: "Yu Lang, what are you doing?! Will they let you go if you surrender?!"

"Zhao Kuo, they went to Li Luo, it has nothing to do with us," Yu Lang said.

"Damn, you rubbish!"

Zhao Kuo's face was full of anger, and he slammed over with a punch.

Yu Lang hurriedly avoided, his expression was a bit ugly, and said: "You are too much, we are really not Li Luo's younger brother."

Immediately he looked at Lian Zhong who looked at the play and said, "Brother, let me go."

Lian Zhong smiled and said, "Didn't you tell me before, did you and Li Luo live and die?"

Yu Lang awkwardly said: "Just kidding, it's just a scene. If you are willing to let me go, I can help you find Li Luo. He has set a special contact with us before."

Zhao Kuo's eyes were about to split, and he rushed over frantically to hammer Yu Lang to death, but was intercepted by two students from the Dongyuan Academy.

Lian Zhong narrowed his eyes and stared at Yu Lang: "Do you think I will believe you?"

With tears in his eyes, Yu Lang said, "If you have ever inquired, you will know that there is actually a deep hatred between Li Luo and I. In the pre-examination of Nanfeng Academy, he used vicious methods and beat me. I was seriously injured. I lay on the bed for many days. Until now, when it rains, my body still feels aching."

"I was unlucky to meet both of them before, and then was threatened and intimidated, so I had to join them on the team."

A student from the Dongyuan Academy whispered in Yu Lang’s ear: “I’ve heard of this person, a famous person at Nanfeng Academy who saw money and opened his eyes. In order to make money, he was admitted to the Nanfeng Academy. He was indeed admitted by Li. Luo beat him miserably. I heard from my friends at the Nanfeng Academy. At that time, Li Luo beat him to the ground, and people shed tears."

Lian Zhong frowned, and then he heard Yu Lang's voice: "Actually, I hinted at you before."

"What's the hint?"

Yu Lang smiled implicitly: "I want you to add money... As long as you add money, I can help you."

Lian Zhong was stunned, Yu Lang did say this at the time, but how could he believe it, but now think about it again, combined with Yu Lang's rumors, is this really a hint?

If so, this guy is really shameless.

Lian Zhong folded his arms around his chest and said faintly: "If you can really attract Li Luo, I can let you go."

It doesn't matter if what this guy said is true or false, as long as it can attract Li Luo.

Yu Lang was overjoyed and said, "No problem!"

"This Zhao Kuo has a very good relationship with Li Luo. We can use him as a hostage. When Li Luo is attracted, we can use him as a threat to make Li Luo throw a rat." Soon he thought of his thoughts intimately.

Hearing this, Lian Zhong couldn't help but stared at Yu Lang for a moment, and said, "You sell your teammates, right?"

Yu Lang smiled awkwardly.

"Yu Lang, you can't die, you wait, I won't let you go!" Zhao Kuo roared fiercely.

"Tie it up and block his mouth." Lian Zhong waved his hand.

Four students from Dongyeon Academy rushed forward, and UU reading www.uukanshu.com **** Zhao Kuo.

Lian Zhong stood beside Yu Lang, and then put a slicing knife across the latter's neck, smiling: "Now you can use your contact information to find Li Luo for me."

"If he doesn't come, you can be eliminated directly."

Yu Lang slapped his chest, his face full of stern expression.

"Brother, don't worry, then Li Luo will definitely be recruited. When you catch him, you must hit him hard in the face. I really hate him for his amazing looks for a long time!"

Hearing the words, Lian Zhong touched his rough, ordinary face. He didn't know what he thought of, and angrily and hatred came out in his eyes.

Because he also hates this kind of little white face who eats on his face!

Yu Lang's remarks simply touched his heart.

Fights can be lost, handsome guys must die! And to be as handsome as Li Luo's level, even more so must be cut!

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