Absolute Resonance

Chapter 51: 3 0 points

In the hall, chaos turned into a pot of porridge.

All the students were slaughtered with great effort, avoiding those four-winged bats that seemed to be endless. However, due to the large number of opponents, many students began to hang on their bodies and were caught by the sharp minions of the four-winged bats. Dao's bloodstain, and the crystal card on his chest was constantly shining red light.

There are only a handful of students with strong abilities who have found people to rely on each other quickly, so the damage is not too great.

It’s just that when everyone was busy dealing with the four-winged bats, no one noticed. At the edge of the hall, under the faint light and shadow, three figures easily avoided the search of the four-winged bats, and then faced the people in the hall. Everyone commented.

"Haha, look at that guy, his face is almost scratched."

"Wow, this talent is unlucky. He was caught in the crotch by a four-winged bat. Looking at his distorted face, I don't know if there will be a psychological shadow in the future?"



The three of them looked at the embarrassed people in the hall with sympathy, and at the same time regretted that they had forgotten to bring some melon seeds to eat before they came in.

Li Luo glanced at Yu Lang suddenly and frowned: "Can you not lean so close to me? Isn't it disgusting?"

This guy, at this time, tightly grasped Li Luo's palm, and kept getting close, a scent of sweat rushed over his face, making Li Luo feel uncomfortable.

Yu Lang plausibly said: "You bad guy, what if you suddenly throw me out? Of course you have to hurry up."

Li Luo was speechless, thinking in his heart that if it weren't for you to help me hide information, he would really kick you out of this idiot...

"Brother Luo, this should be considered a perfect performance, right? This level of basic points, if you don't give full marks, I think it will be unbearable." Zhao Kuo on one side laughed so that the corners of his mouth would crack.

Li Luo nodded. At this level of review, they have never been hit by a four-winged bat, so if this is the scoring point, no one here should be able to surpass them.

In the leisurely watching of the three people, the four-winged bats in the hall raged for about half an hour, and finally seemed to have received some order. They suddenly rolled back, turning into a black torrent and poured into the uppermost part of the hall. In the two dark holes.

Obviously, the test of this level is over.

In the hall, many students covered in blood all sat down paralyzed.

And at this moment, above the hall, there seemed to be a spar sparkling light, and a light web quickly scanned past the bodies of everyone present.

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw that on the crystal tiles on their chests, numbers began to jump.

"Huh? I have basic points, forty-six points!"

"I am fifty points here."

"Unlucky, I'm only twenty minutes!"


Various surprises and frustrations sounded in the hall, messy.

But when everyone was happy and frustrated because of their own points, the three of Li Luo, Zhao Kuo, and Yu Lang who were on the edge were in a state of bewilderment.

Because they found that the points shown on their crystal cards are still zero.

"How is it possible!" Zhao Kuo was dumbfounded.

"We obviously avoided the attack of the four-winged bat perfectly!" Yu Lang was also angry, feeling unfairly treated.

Li Luo hesitated and said, "Could it be that this "water shadow technique" is too effective and blocked the detection light, so we were directly missed?"

Zhao Kuo was shocked, how could he be like this? Is the "Water Shadow Technique" too good for its masking effect, is it wrong?

"The detection light just now seems to have really fallen on us." Yu Lang thought for a while and said.

For a while, the three of them looked at each other, and their mentality collapsed.

No one thought it would be such a result... They originally happily waited for the full score of the basic score, but told them to hide too well and didn't find them, so they gave a zero score?

It's too much!

"No, I want to appeal! This is their mistake!" Yu Lang said angrily.

Li Luo curled his lips and said, "Now I will lose my qualifications for the big exam. Forget it, I get a zero score. Anyway, the basic score is also used to be robbed. Besides, isn't there a level of evaluation."

Hearing what he said, Yu Lang eased a little, but he couldn't help cursing.

Li Luo dissipated from the water shadow technique, and the three of them showed their figures, which immediately attracted some gazes in the hall. When they saw the zero points on the three Li Luo's crystal cards, they were also shocked.

Because they found that even the most miserable person in the field still has a few points at least. This may be a performance point, but no one has a zero point.

What did Li Luo do?

Inside the hall, snickers of gleeful misfortune sounded.

Facing those gazes, the three of Li Luo were expressionless, and they didn't bother to stay here, but walked directly toward a wooden door that was already wide open on the other side of the hall.

Damn, how angry, they were watching these people's jokes, but they were laughed at in the end. The ups and downs of this life are really vividly interpreted here.


And when the three of Li Luo headed for the next level, at the foot of the Bailing Mountain, there was constant boiling sound at this time.

Because on that huge crystal wall, many scores began to jump, and names continued to pop up, attracting all eyes and causing bursts of exclamation.

The beating of the score lasted for a while, and then gradually stopped. At this time, the names in the front row all had a base score of 100 points.

This is the full score in the review.

Not surprisingly, the names of Lu Qing'er, Shi Huang and others were at the forefront.

Countless eyes glanced, but suddenly someone was surprised because they saw three strange scores...

Zero points?

To know the scores of other people, the worst is one point, because it is regarded as a performance point, but as for the zero point, I have never seen it.

So these three zero points came out, which immediately caused heated discussion.

Especially when they saw the name of one of the three zero points, they were even more upset.

Nanfeng Academy, Li Luo.

Isn't that the Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion? The reputation of this person in Tianshu County is not small. Why did he suddenly get a zero score right now?

What is the situation?

"Hey, that zero score, isn't it the Young Master?" Cai Wei also saw the conspicuous zero score, and immediately opened her ruddy little mouth.

Yan Lingqing rubbed her eyebrows and said, "Apart from his name Li Luo, who else can Nanfeng Academy have?"

"How could it be a zero score?" Cai Wei was a little bit dumbfounded, what exactly did this do?

Yan Lingqing spread her hands: "You ask me, I ask who will go."

"But it doesn't matter. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is just getting basic points. The final result is the final knockout."

Cai Wei said helplessly: "This Young Palace Master is really unnerving."


In the pavilion.

The old dean, the division governor, and the teacher Na An Lie also saw three conspicuous zero points, and they were a little surprised for a while.

The governor of the division immediately said with a smile: "Old dean, you students from the Nanfeng Academy are very special."

The old dean frowned and looked at the names of the three people. He also had a headache. What are these three thorns doing? It's really shameful.

He felt helpless, so he did not hear the ridiculous words of Governor-General Division. Anyway, it was only a level of evaluation, which was not important.

But I also hope that these three little ancestors will stop messing around, otherwise, will he really be the old dean and can't use the knife?

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