Absolute Resonance

Chapter 5: Pei Hao

After leaving Jinlongbaohang, Jiang Qinge did not speak in the car, but Li Luo remained silent, just holding the box, not knowing what he was thinking.

  Until the chariot arrived outside a magnificent manor, inside the manor, there were hills ups and downs, pavilions and pavilions, very magnificent.

   This is the old house where Li Luo's parents founded Luolan Mansion.

  Four lions, horses and beasts stopped at the entrance of the manor, Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e both got out of the car.

   "This place is really deserted compared to before." Jiang Qing'e looked at the manor and said with some sigh.

   When Li Luo's parents were still there, this was the headquarters of Luolan Mansion. The crowded state at that time was in sharp contrast with the desertedness now.

   "The headquarters of Xuanluo Mansion has already been transferred to Wangcheng. This is just an old house, and it is natural to be deserted." Li Luo smiled.

   As the two talked, someone from behind the gate also greeted him.

An old man in the lead, with a simple and gentle smile, and a woman next to him. The woman's makeup is quite mature and the face is beautiful, especially the plump body, exquisite and refined, just like ripe honey. Like a peach, the swaying grace is moving.

   "Uncle Liu."

   Li Luo yelled at the old man. This old man was an old man who followed his parents in his early years. Now he takes care of this old house and also takes care of Li Luo's daily life.

   But the strange mature woman made Li Luo a little puzzled.

"Uncle Liu, it's been a long time." Jiang Qing'e pointed at the old man lightly, then introduced to Li Luo: "This one is Sister Cai Wei. She is my assistant in the royal city and helps me take care of Luolan Mansion. Many things."

   "I have seen Palace Master Young." The mature beauty named Cai Wei smiled at Li Luo and looked at Li Luo.

   Li Luo nodded and smiled: "It's hard work for sister Cai Wei."

   "After a period of time, Cai Wei will stay in Nanfeng City to take care of some of Luolan Mansion's properties in Tianshu County, and everything will be reported to you." Jiang Qing'e continued.

   Li Luo was stunned. As Luo Lan Mansion moved its headquarters to Wangcheng, many industries in Tianshu County remained unchanged, but very stable. How could Sister Qing'e suddenly send a powerful officer to take over?

   "Did something happen?" Li Luo groaned for a moment, but still asked.

   The sudden return of Jiang Qing'e is obviously not just because tomorrow is his seventeenth birthday.

   Jiang Qing'e was silent for a while, her delicate face became a little colder, and then she stepped towards the manor, and at the same time motioned for Li Luo to follow.

"Although you stay in South Wind City, you must have heard some wind about Luolan Mansion? I haven't told you about these things before, I am afraid it will affect you." Walking on the gravel road, there are light spots among the trees. When she fell, Jiang Qinge's voice was clear and cold.

   Li Luo nodded. Although he did not intervene in Luo Lan Mansion, he can guess that with his parents disappearing for several years, Luo Lan Mansion will not be calm.

   In this great summer country, it is not a simple matter to open a mansion, and one of the hardest conditions is that only those who hold the marquee can open the mansion.

   Nowadays, there are five big mansions in Daxia, and Luolan Mansion is one of them.

   Among the five major palaces, Luolan Mansion has the shortest establishment time and the fastest rise time, because at the beginning Li Luo's parents all stepped into the Fenghou realm.

   Yang Xuan Hou, Li Tai Xuan.

   Lan Hou, Tan Tai Lan.

One government and two times, this is the most important reason for Luolan Mansion to quickly rank among the five big mans after its establishment. Compared with the long history of the other four big mansions, Luolan Mansion is undoubtedly extremely young, but this also illustrates the theory. In terms of background, Luolan Mansion is much weaker than the other Four Mansions.

   But originally this was not a problem. With Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan's talent and strength, it was enough to smooth out this gap in the next time.

   But unfortunately, they disappeared suddenly.

Losing these two pillars, the strength of Luo Lan Mansion can be described as a rapid decline. At the very beginning, the remaining power was still there, but no one dared to stir up the storm, but as time passed, Li Taixuan and Tantailan There was no news for a long time, and in the end there was even a rumor that they had fallen on the battlefield of the princes.

  Luolan Mansion is one of the five big mansions of the Great Xia Kingdom. I don't know how many of its industries are. This is an indescribable piece of fat. In Great Xia, I don't know how many forces are staring at it and coveting it.

   Therefore, with the passage of time, the remaining prestige left by Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan gradually weakened. In the past two years, some forces began to open their fangs against Luolan Mansion.

Under such circumstances, Jiang Qinge, who is still cultivating at the Saint Profound Star Academy, had to temporarily take over Luolan Mansion. Although Jiang Qinge's reputation in the Great Xia Kingdom has become stronger and stronger in the past two years, she has never entered. Feng Hou Realm was still not as good as the strength deterrence, so in the face of the wolves, she also decisively abandoned some of Luolan Mansion's industries, intending to gain some time to recover and grow.

   This behavior of constantly giving up has also made the outside world think that Luolan Mansion is one of the main reasons for the precariousness of the storm.

   But Li Luo recognized this very much. After all, he didn't have enough strength. If he still occupied Jinshan, it would only cause more trouble. Suitable forbearance would be the long-term solution.

   "Although Luo Lan Mansion's momentum has dropped a lot in the past two years, it seems that the overall situation has begun to stabilize, right?" Li Luo asked with some doubts.

Jiang Qing'e pursed her red lips and said calmly: "The external pressure has temporarily eased, but this time, the problem lies within Luolan Mansion."

   Li Luo's eyes suddenly condensed, and he slowly said, "Is that brother Pei Hao?"

   Jiang Qing'e and the mature woman Cai Wei on the side looked at Li Luo in surprise.

"Although Sister Qing'e took over Luolan Mansion for a long time, your charm is unmatched. Now in Luolan Mansion, your prestige is not low, and in Luolan Mansion, the only one who can resist you Yes, there is only this named big disciple accepted by my parents." Li Luo met their surprised eyes and smiled.

Pei Hao, who was wandering and desolate when he was a teenager, was almost killed because of offending his enemy. Li Luo's parents accidentally rescued him at the time. Seeing that he was pitiful, he was admitted to Luolan Mansion. After entering Luolan Mansion, he was also industrious. Doing things, showing a good talent, but mixed in Luo Lan's mansion, so in the end Li Luo's parents accepted him as a named disciple.

   After having this status, this Pei Hao's position in Luolan Mansion has also been rising steadily. When Li Luo's father and mother disappeared, he was already quite powerful in Luolan Mansion.

When his father and mother were still there, this senior brother Pei Hao would come to contact him from time to time, but this contact has decreased a lot in the past two years, especially after the emptiness of his side came out... .

   From this point of view, this brother Pei Hao is quite real.

"Pei Hao has been dissatisfied with me taking control of Luolan Mansion over the past few years. He has also acted arbitrarily with regard to many decisions in Luolan Mansion. He has a high prestige in Luolan Mansion. Nearly half of the nine pavilions in the mansion are close to him. It has caused a very bad effect." Jiang Qing'e said lightly.

   "In fact, if he can contribute to Luolan Mansion, I can bear all of this, and even in this so-called position of control, if it weren't for the appointment of the master before leaving, I don't want to come forward."

   Li Luo nodded, Jiang Qing'e's personality, in fact, doesn't really like these affairs in the palace, with her talent, concentration on cultivation is the most suitable.

Of course, in the final analysis, it’s because he is not very good at the young palace lord... But both he and Jiang Qing'e understand that in his current state, this so-called emptiness talent cannot convince the public at all. If he is really let this young man The palace lord came to take charge of Luolan Mansion, and I am afraid that the foundation established by his parents will soon fall apart.

   After all, in this world, strength is the foundation for convincing people.

   "It's really hard work for Sister Qing'e." Li Luo said sincerely in gratitude.

   Jiang Qing'e shook his head: "No, after all, you and I have a marriage contract, this Luolan Mansion also has mine."

   So direct.

   Li Luo was dumb, and Cai Wei on the side also covered her lips and chuckled, with a charming style.

"Since the disappearance of Master and Madam, the feelings of the people in the mansion have fluctuated. Although I tried my best to appease, the situation in Luolan Mansion can still be seen at a glance, and Pei Hao took the opportunity to win people's hearts and restrained me everywhere. I had investigated before and suspected it. Behind him, there may be other forces secretly helping." Jiang Qing'e continued.

   Li Luo reached out to pick up the falling leaves below, and said: "This is... raising a white-eyed wolf."

"Tomorrow, Pei Hao will lead someone to Nanfeng City to have a talk with me, but there is a high probability that we will not agree, and the worst result of not agreeing, I am afraid that Luolan Mansion will split directly. This is only for the current situation of Luolan Mansion. It will be a serious injury." Jiang Qing'e's golden eyes looked exceptionally cold at this time, even with a vaguely killing intent.

Li Luo's brows are also frowning. Now Luolan Mansion is surrounded by wolves in Daxia. Once it is split, the strength of Luolan Mansion will be greatly weakened, and it will be more and more in the future. Trouble.

   But in the end he could only sigh helplessly, because with his current state of strength, he can't have any influence on this situation at all, UU reading www.uukanshu. com's so-called Young Palace Master, in Luolan Mansion, I am afraid that not many people will look at him directly, or even say that, many people in this mansion have directly forgotten him as the Young Palace Master.

   And all this is because he doesn't have the strength and the future.

   "Sorry, I can't help you much." Li Luo said.

   Jiang Qing'e shook his head and said softly: "Don't worry, even if Luo Lan Mansion is not stable right now, I will make it complete when it is finally handed over to you."

   Li Luo never spoke, because in fact, he didn't really care about it, because no matter how strong Luolan Mansion was, it was also a foreign object. In this world, only its own strength is the root of everything.

   If he can step into the princely realm one day, all the problems will be solved.

   Then the two returned to the old house and had a meal together. Jiang Qinge went straight away, obviously preparing for tomorrow.

   And Li Luo didn't bother her either. He went to the training room and practiced for two hours, then went back to the room to rest.

   Li Luo didn't sleep for a long time tonight, until 12 o'clock in the morning, he turned over from the bed directly, and then opened today's suitcase from the bottom of the bed.

   The mysterious black crystal ball was also taken out, and he held it carefully. At this moment, Li Luo could feel that his heartbeat seemed to be beating violently.

   "Father, mother, what have you left me?"

   Li Luo lightly patted the beating heart, then ridiculed himself comfortingly.

   "It shouldn't really be just a birthday cake that has been stored for several years..."

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