Absolute Resonance

Chapter 47: Zong Fu

Amidst the turbulent crowds, many students onlookers looked at this scene with a stunned expression.

No one thought that Li Luo, who came to the rescue, would bring a supervisory instructor by the way.

"I'm going, this young palace lord is too unruly."

"Too embarrassing, doesn't this seem to be afraid of Zong Fu?"

"The quarrel between the students is really shocking.

"That's right, but...it seems like finding a mentor is the most correct way? Fighting privately is a violation of the rules."

"You...you are right, but...but..." Someone has been there for a long time, but there is no way to refute it, because if you violate the rules and regulations, it seems that there is nothing wrong with the instructor to report the complaint.

But why doesn't it feel right?

When some students around were lost in thought, that Zong Fu hurriedly released the palm of Zhao Kuo’s back, and smiled at the expressionless supervisory instructor and said: "Teacher, we No fight, just joking."

"You obviously wanted to hit me just now." Zhao Kuo said.

Zong Fu awkwardly denied: "How is it possible, don't slander me."

Li Luo also walked up and said with a smile: "It doesn't matter, bravely tell your true thoughts."

Zong Fu smiled and said, "No, no, really no."

The supervisory instructor took a look at the situation in the field, and then at the junior school girl who is as strong as a bear in Zhongyang Academy. He twitched and said, "If you want to touch porcelain, can't you find a better one?"

Zong Fu was very wronged. Zhongyang Academy was originally full of yang energy, and no female students could find a few. This sturdy little junior girl was the only girl among the top 20 of their schools. They usually regarded them as treasures. .

"You, stand for three hours, one minute late, and let your dean come to lead the person." The supervisory instructor said irritably.

In fact, there have been too many fights among these students recently, and they also closed one eye, but when Li Luo came to report, they had to deal with it, otherwise it would be negligent.

After the supervisory instructor finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Among the people onlookers, there was a low roar of laughter, and they didn't know who was laughing.

Zong Fu stood helplessly and didn't dare to move. Li Luo stepped forward and smiled: "Are you so curious about me? You even tried to use Zhao Kuo to force me out."

Zong Fu stared at Li Luo and sighed: "Because others say that you are not afraid of Young Palace Master, but I feel that you may be the biggest variable in this big exam, so I have to test your bottom line."

Li Luo said in surprise: "You look at me so much?"

Zong Fu nodded and said, "Because I know the horror of Jiang Qing'e, I don't believe that someone who has a marriage contract with her will really be useless."

"Have you played against Jiang Qing'e?" Li Luo was even more surprised.

Zong Fu sighed, and said, "The hand that gave you a fart, she looked at me that time, and my legs were numb in fright."

"But Li Luo, you are so concealed that you don't want to do it. It seems that you are really hiding something. I am also very curious about how you will behave on the big entrance examination."

"I'll know when I meet you on the big exam."

Li Luo smiled and patted Zong Fu's shoulder immediately: "Then you can continue to stand, I will go back to sleep first."

After finishing speaking, he took Zhao Kuo in a lot of weird gazes, and went away leisurely.

Zong Fu looked at them to leave, curled his lips helplessly, and immediately he seemed to think of something, his complexion changed.

"Damn, I was punished to stand, how can I go to the night Shihu party? He wouldn't think that I had defected and would not give him face?"


Somewhere in Bailing Garden, inside a room.

Shi Wei greeted Xiang Liang and Chi Su in front of him with a gentle smile, and he personally poured tea for the two, politely speaking.

The three said for a while, Chi Su frowned, and said, "Why isn't Zongfu coming?"

Xiang Liang also had some doubts, because Zong Fu didn't seem to be interested in Shi Wei's proposal, so he would appear with a high probability.

Shi Wei smiled, but his eyes were slightly deep. Isn't this Zong Fu not wanting to give him face?

And when his mind was turning, someone knocked on the door and came in, saying something in his ear, and then, a touch of astonishment appeared on his face.

Shi Wei waved his hand to repatriate the person, then looked at the two of them, smiled and said, "Zong Fu may not be coming tonight."

"What's going on?" Xiang Liang and Chi Su asked in surprise.

"He wanted to test Li Luo, but he was reported to the supervisory instructor by Li Luo, and then he was fined to stand for three hours." Shi Hong's expression was a little weird when he said this.


Xiang Liang, Chi Su couldn't help but lose his voice, and immediately looked at each other, a little bit dumbfounded for a while.

"This Li Luo, it's a bit unreasonable to play cards." Xiang Liang couldn't help laughing.

Report it to the tutor, but this guy can figure it out. Isn't he afraid of being laughed at?

"Maybe it is really incapable of dealing with Zongfu, so I can only choose this method." Chi Su said.

"I just said, there is no need to test Li Luo, he is not the opponent we need to pay attention to, and he is not qualified to make us so cautious." Xiang Liang pouted his lips and said.

Shi Wei smiled and said: "Zongfu's caution is also good. If you really meet Li Luo on the big exam, you can solve it first, so as not to have any accidents in the end."

Obviously, he didn't care too much about it, but as soon as the topic changed, he turned to today's business: "Although Zongfu hasn't arrived, the purpose of our meeting today cannot be delayed."

"We all have the same goal, which is to pull Nanfeng Academy from the throne of Tianshu County's No. 1 Academy."

"The strongest person in Nanfeng Academy this year should be Lu Qing'er. As long as she is dealt with, Nanfeng Academy will lose the qualification to compete for the first place. At that time, they would definitely win this year. Less than the maximum number of admissions."

"My suggestion is also very simple. In the final stage, we need to join forces to eliminate Lu Qing'er."

Xiang Liang and Chi Su looked at each other, they both saw the dignity in each other's eyes, and immediately asked their doubts: "It is not easy to deal with Lu Qing'er together. Even if you can't beat it, she should be able to retreat with her whole body. There must be other powerful enemies in the final period. Once we fight Lu Qing'er too hard, we may be profited by the fisherman."

Shi Wei smiled and said: "I will make arrangements for everything, as long as you show up at the time and place I arranged."

Xiang Liang, Chi Su pondered for a moment, and finally nodded.

"Then according to what you said, Nanfeng Academy has occupied Tianshu County's No. 1 Academy for too long, so it's time to take another seat."

Shi Wei smiled even more on his face, then raised his teacup.

The three teacups touched lightly.

"Then, happy cooperation."

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