Absolute Resonance

Chapter 41: Chairmanship

"The King of Wanxiang (

On the second day after signing a long-term contract with Jinlong Baohang, Li Luo initiated a high-level meeting in Xiyang House in the name of the young palace owner.

In the chamber, Vice Chairman Zhuang Yi was late, while still complaining slightly: "My third-grade refining room is currently stepping up the refining of the third-grade spiritual water, and the time is really tight. After all, the first-grade refining I have to fill the gap caused by the room."

He sat down and smiled at Li Luo: "Palace Master Young, please be more considerate."

"It's really hard."

Facing his non-smiling expression, Li Luo acted very politely. At the same time, the smile on his handsome face has never disappeared, because after today, the internal problems of Xiyang House can be completely resolved. Solved, from now on here will continue to create profits for him for him to buy more high-grade spiritual water and miraculous light, how can this be unhappy?

Zhuang Yi looked at the smile on Li Luo’s face and felt something was wrong, but he didn’t care about it. Luo had no legitimate reason and couldn't help him.

Elder Zheng Ping was also there, and he also didn't know Li Luo's intentions for holding this high-level meeting. Seeing that everyone was there, he asked, "Palace Young, what on earth is there to tell us?"

Li Luo smiled and said: "It's nothing else. Didn't you talk to the elder about the vacancy of the president of Xiyang House?"

Zheng Ping was taken aback, and frowned immediately: "Isn't the matter already settled? Judging by the performance of the person in charge of the refining room, and now Vice President Yan seems to be at a great disadvantage."

"Palace Young doesn't want to use this method? But this is the rule of Xiyang House. Even if it is Young Palace, you can't change it for no reason, otherwise it will convince the public." Zhuang Yi said in an interface.

Although the high-level people present did not speak, their expressions clearly agreed with what Zhuang Yi said.

Li Luo greeted many doubtful gazes, waved his hand, and said, "This rule is very good, there is no need to change it."

"It's just that I want to say that the result should already be calculated."

The doubts in everyone's eyes became more intense, even Zhuang Yi was stunned, and immediately said amusedly: "Does the young palace master want to announce that I have won?"

"Or, vice-chairman Yan voluntarily surrendered?"

Hearing this, some high-level people present were a little surprised. Indeed, according to this rule, the performance of the third-rank refining room under the control of Zhuang Yi has exceeded one, and there are too many second-rank refining rooms. With this huge gap, It was reasonable for Yan Lingqing to give up.

"Give up? Dream your dream!" Yan Lingqing raised her eyebrows slightly and sneered.

Cai Wei also smiled at this time, took out a contract, and then handed it to Elder Zheng Ping, saying: "We Xiyang House and Jinlong Baohang signed a long-term order for Qingbi Lingshui."

Elder Zheng Ping took the contract and glanced a few times before his face changed drastically: "A green water with 60% tempering power?"

"You, aren't you guys making a fool of yourself?!"

"How can Xiyang House provide the green bilingual water with 60% of the tempering power?!"

Elder Zheng Ping's face was pale, his palms slapped **** the table, he stared at Li Luo, and said with a distress: "Palace Master, why would you sign this kind of contract? This is simply a joke with the reputation of Xiyang House!"

The others were already dumbfounded at this time. They looked at Li Luo, Cai Wei, and Yan Lingqing in shock. Obviously they didn't expect that they would make a contract of this kind, a Qingbi Lingshui with 60% quenching power? What a joke, the First Grade Temper of Xiyang House can't be refined at all!

That Zhuang Yi was also a little dumbfounded, and immediately couldn't help feeling ecstasy. He didn't expect that he didn't do anything here, and Li Luo and the others would kill themselves.

This Qingbi Lingshui with 60% tempering power is simply impossible!


Zhuang Yi sighed heavily, and then sternly said to Cai Wei: "Palace Master is not sensible, doesn't the butler also understand?"

He turned his gaze to Zheng Ping, and said excitedly: "The Qingbi Lingshui with 60% of the refining power, are they planning to let the Third-Rank Refining Room do it? They want to destroy the Xiyang House, right?"

"I would never agree!"

"Elder Zheng Ping, you have also seen it. The Xiyang House must confirm a president as soon as possible, otherwise, Xiyang House will lose all the market in Tianshu County!"

Li Luo quietly looked at Zhuang Yi, who was filled with righteous indignation, but did not stop him, but after letting him vent, he looked at the pale-faced Elder Zheng Ping and said: "This contract will not use any of Xiyang House. The third-rank tempering master, but will be completely completed by the first-rank refining room."

Elder Zheng Ping frowned and said solemnly: "Palace Master, our first-grade refining room in Xiyang House does not have this ability."

"That's just before."

Li Luo smiled faintly, and then he picked up a box from under his feet and opened it, with ten enhanced versions of Qingbi Lingshui lying in it.

"Elder Zheng Ping, this is the enhanced version of the green bilingual water produced by our Xiyang House in the future. The quenching power can stably reach 60%. The previous 40 pieces have been delivered to Jinlong Baohang, and there are still about ten left. ."

"Moreover, in the future, the output of this enhanced version of Qingbi Lingshui will increase to 300 or more per month. In terms of total value, the first-grade refining room will exceed the third-grade refining room."

Li Luo's faint voice echoed in the conference hall, but it caused a silence.

Everyone looked at him in a little astonishment, as if they were listening to some fantastic story.

"Enhanced version of Qingbi Lingshui? What is that? I have never heard of it! The first-grade refining room of our Xiyang House can refine Qingbi Lingshui with 60% of the quenching power? What are you talking about!" Yi said angrily, his words had already begun to become unceremonious.

In other words, it is a little uneasy.

Because Li Luo's calm look didn't seem to be a loss of reason.

The others also looked at each other, and in the end, Elder Zheng Ping was silent for a few breaths, and then took the quenching needle on the table and inserted it into the enhanced version of the green bilingual water.

So everyone saw that the scale was pointing to 60%.

The eyes of everyone present couldn't help but became a little rounder.

"You don’t have to doubt whether these enhanced versions of Qingbi Lingshui were refined by Vice President Yan himself. The first-grade refining room was completely closed a few days ago, but it can be opened to everyone later, Palace Master said , The sentence is true, the enhanced version of Qingbi Lingshui refined by Xiyang House will stabilize at 60%." Cai Wei's soft voice also sounded at this time.

Elder Zheng Ping stayed for a while, and until now he can't imagine that this is the truth, but the ten green bilingual waters in front of him really tell him that these are indeed true, and Li Luo and the others do not need to use this kind of poke. Just break the lie to lie to them.

After a while, Elder Zheng Ping sighed heavily and smiled bitterly: "If this is the case, the first-grade refining room may really surpass the third-grade refining room in the future ~www.readwn.com~."

"So I announce, Yan Lingqing, will become the meeting of Xiyang House Tianshu County Branch..."

"I don't agree!" Zhuang Yimeng sternly clapped the table with a distorted expression.

"This must be weird, how can the first-grade refining room be able to stably refining 60% of the quenching power of Qingbi Lingshui?!"

Elder Zheng Ping's expression sank and said, "It's useless if you don't agree. At least this contract with Jinlongbaohang is enough to do this."

Zhuang Yi's complexion turned blue and said: "I don't believe it, I don't believe that they can stably provide the green blue spirit water with 60% tempering power!"

Li Luo stood up and pulled up the curtain of the conference hall. Here you can just see the first-grade refining room in the crystal wall. At this time, there are many first-grade tempering masters who are busy, and some people see someone collecting it. Holding the Qingbi Lingshui that was just refined, at last an attendant carried a box of newly-baked Qingbi Lingshui straight to the chamber.

After a while, when a box of enhanced version of Qingbi Lingshui appeared in front of everyone, this time, no one uttered any doubts, because no matter how unbelievable they were, the facts were in front of them.

Even Zhuang Yi sat down with a pale face and kept mumbling about impossible.

However, everyone knows that Zhuang Yi lost the fight completely this time. The key is that even he himself did not expect that he would lose so fast...

Elder Zheng Ping showed a rare smile on his staid face at this time. He stood up and announced directly.

"From now on, Yan Lingqing will be promoted to the new chairman of Xiyang House in Tianshu County!"

There was applause in the chamber, and Li Luo also leaned on the back of the chair, letting out a sigh of relief in his heart.

It's not easy. This money bag is finally stable for the time being.

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