Absolute Resonance

Chapter 4: Jinlong Baohang

In this Daxia country, there are powerful parties and many forces, but among them, two special forces are in an absolute neutral position, and no matter it is the big houses or even the Daxia royal family, they will not easily provoke them.

   One is Sheng Xuan Xing Academy, and the other is Jinlong Baohang.

Needless to say, Saint Profound Star Academy is the ultimate dream of countless young girls in Daxia. The young talents who come out of it every year, whether it is the royal family or the various forces, are eager for it.

Jinlongbaohang, on the other hand, is engaged in the business of deposit and withdrawal of various items, auctions, exchanges, etc. Its financial strength is sufficient to make countless forces be jealous, but no one has really dared to make its idea because of the power of Jinlongbaohang. It was huge, far beyond the imagination of any force in the Great Xia Kingdom, and the treasures in this Great Xia country were just one of its branches.

   The real Jinlongbaohang is still famous in the more expansive and expansive places abroad, and the Golden Dragon Ticket produced by Jinlongbaohang, which is known as a place with people, can be exchanged for an equal amount of gold.

   As the prefecture of Tianshu County, Nanfeng City naturally has the existence of Jinlongbaohang, and it is also located in the most luxurious area in the center of the city.

When Li Luo got out of the car and looked at the magnificent building in front of him, even if it wasn’t the first time he saw it, he couldn’t help but exclaimed. It’s just a branch in a county city, it’s such a grandeur, this golden dragon treasure The financial resources of the bank are really unimaginable.

   Compared with this kind of behemoth, even Luolan Mansion seemed a bit small.

   Jiang Qing'e was flat on this, her eyes didn't look much, she just stepped into Baohang, and Li Luo hurriedly followed.

   Entering the unusually majestic treasure shop, Jiang Qing'e took out a golden ticket and handed it to a maid. The maid carefully checked it and hurriedly welcomed the two into the VIP room respectfully.

   The two waited for a while in the VIP room, when they saw a jeweled, middle-aged fat man with a jewel ring of different colors and a festive smile on his face walked in.

"Haha, it turned out that it was the Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion and Miss Jiang who came here, really making my treasure travel splendid." I have to say that the person who can do things in this Jinlong Baoxing is indeed exquisite. Now that he recognized Li Luo, he naturally understood his current situation, but he did not show the slightest negligence. Even the order of addressing put Li Luo ahead.

   "This is President Lu of Jinlong Baoxing in Tianshu County." Jiang Qinge obviously knew each other and introduced Li Luo by the way.

   "President Lu, take us to pick up the goods."

After the introduction of   , Jiang Qing'e showed a vigorous and resolute acting style.

   President Lu nodded with a smile, turned and led the way, the three of them passed through the gates all the way, and finally seemed to go deep into the ground.

   Under the guidance of President Lu, the last three people came to a completely enclosed room. The stone walls of the room were dark and smooth, as if it were a mirror.

   President Lu stretched out his palm and patted lightly on the smooth stone wall, and the wall suddenly began to crack, and an iron box made of unknown metal slowly emerged.

"Two, this is what the two palace masters left here at the beginning. If you want to open it, you need to come here personally, and then use blood as the key." President Lu said with a smile, and then he was conscious of it. Exited the room.

   Li Luo was looking at the safe in front of him. He was a little lost for a while. He didn't know what his father and mother had left him with such a mystery.

   But for some reason, he felt that it seemed that this thing was extremely important to him. If he couldn't say it, it would change his future.

   So, he took a deep breath, took two steps forward, stretched out his palm and pressed it on the safe, and suddenly felt a pain in his fingertips, as if a drop of blood was drawn in and sucked into the safe.

   Click, click!

   The next moment, there was a mechanical sound from the safe box that looked like a whole, and then a faint luster appeared on the surface of the box, and then it cracked directly from the middle.

   As the safe broke open, the scene inside finally fell into Li Luo's eyes.

   It was a dark crystal ball. The crystal ball was extremely smooth, reflecting Li Luo's face, which seemed a little mysterious.

   "This is..." Li Luo blinked.

   "Let's put it away first, Master and Madam said, let you open it on your seventeenth birthday." Jiang Qing'e handed over a suitcase.

   Li Luo nodded, carefully took out the black crystal ball, put it into the box, and then squeezed it firmly, while his eyes seemed to be a little moist.

   "What's wrong?" Jiang Qing'e looked puzzled.

   "I have a hunch, I am about to turn over, excited."

   Li Luo shook the suitcase, and solemnly said to Jiang Qing'e: "You wait, I will be a successful divorce!"


Jiang Qing'e didn't bother to pay attention to him, and turned around and walked outside the basement. She knew that Li Luo was feeling agitated at this time, so she didn't feel uncomfortable.

   The two went out of the basement, and here, I saw the waiting President Lu again, but this time, beside him, there was a young girl standing beside him.

The young girl is dressed in Tsing Yi, with a long and graceful body, and her appearance is extremely beautiful. The green silk is hanging down like a waterfall to the slender waist like a willow leaf. Her eyes are bright and deep, and her skin is the most noticeable. It is a kind of white snow. The sparkling feeling is like a real ice muscle and bones.

In addition, her hands wear thin silk-like gloves, and even if they are covered by gloves, she can still feel the slenderness of the jade fingers. If you can take off the gloves, those jade hands will definitely make people coveted. And hang around.

   In terms of appearance and temperament, the girl in front of her is obviously taller than the Tifaqing she had seen before.

   But when Li Luo saw her, his complexion was slightly unnatural, and then quickly returned to normal.

"Hehe, this is my little niece, Lu Qing'er, who is now also practicing in Nanfeng Academy. I really admire Ms. Jiang. You must come to see me, and I hope Ms. Jiang won't be offended." President Lu He arched his hands at Jiang Qing'e, with a smile on his face.

   "I have seen Senior Sister Jiang." Na Lu Qinger gave Jiang Qing'e a generous salute.

   Jiang Qing'e looked at Lu Qing'er, and the first one said slightly, "Since you are also practicing in Nanfeng Academy, you should have met Li Luo?"

Lu Qinger glanced at Li Luo next to him, smiled and lightly tapped her head, and said with a deep light: "Li Luo used to point me to Xiangshu. I have been very grateful to him, but in the past two years, he doesn't seem to be Want to see me."

   Li Luo suddenly smiled awkwardly when he heard the words, and hurriedly said, "No, no, don't talk nonsense, it's just that they belong to the two houses, it's rare to meet them."

In his heart, there was some helplessness. The fame of Lu Qing'er in Nanfeng Academy is a whole higher than that of Tifaqing's golden flower, because she is not only beautiful, but also now the newest of Nanfeng Academy. The signboard, even in the hospital where the talented people came out in large numbers, is the first person to be proper.

In the past, when Li Luoshang was in the first hospital, many students had not yet opened the Xianggong. His savvy talent in Xiangshu undoubtedly made him a leader in the first hospital, so many students would come to ask him for advice, including Lv Qing'er in front of me.

   The relationship between the two was actually pretty good at the time.

   Only those changes happened later, and when Li Luo was kicked out of the first house and went to the second house, the relationship between the two parties became a lot more awkward.

  Of course, the most important thing is that Li Luo is avoiding Lu Qing'er here. This is not to hate the other party, but it is really embarrassing to meet. After all, he used to be the first person in a hospital, but now, Lu Qing'er has taken his place...

   Li Luo is also a high-spirited young man. In order to save the embarrassment, he usually avoids Lu Qing'er in schools.

   I just didn't expect to meet here today.

   For Li Luo's somewhat perfunctory remarks, Lu Qing'er was noncommittal, but did not say much, but turned her gaze to Jiang Qing'e, UU reading www.uukanshu.com lightly smiled and talked with him.

   Finally, they sent Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo to the gate of Baohang.

   "Hehe, Miss Jiang, I heard that Luolan Mansion will be a bit lively these two days." President Lu said with a smile on his face when he parted.

   Jiang Qing'e looked plain, and said: "Chairman Lu's news is really well-informed."

   "Oh, what a pity."

  Chairman Lu sighed, and immediately said: "If there is any place where you need to cooperate in the future, you can come to me for both of you. I believe in harmony and make money."

   Li Luo on the side was a little confused, but didn't ask much, just followed Jiang Qing'e into the chariot and left quickly.

   President Lu touched the greasy and fat face and glanced at Lu Qinger next to her, and found that she was looking at the direction of the car's departure with her water-cut pupils.


   President Lu coughed suddenly and said: "I said girl, you, you are not interested in that Li Luo?"

Lu Qing'er gave President Lu a white glance, and said softly, "I just feel sorry for Li Luo, and he did instruct me on my physiognomy at the beginning. For Li Luo, I only have some previous appreciation, if it is not the reason of emptiness. , He will be my biggest competitor at Nanfeng Academy."

President Lu patted his chest, and said with a sigh of relief: "That's good, that's good... Qing'er, he is a person who is in a marriage contract, so just ignore it. On your terms, What kind of young genius is not worthy of this Daxia?"

   Lu Qinger shook his head, ignoring her second uncle’s self-talk, and turned around directly with Xiangfeng, leaving President Lu who was smiling and touching his head in place.

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