Absolute Resonance

Chapter 320: Want to make trouble

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As the host instructor took the stage, the eyes of the audience gathered, the noisy atmosphere gradually became quiet, and everyone was waiting for the results of the test.

The host instructor first walked to the refining table where Han Zhi was, and the latter stepped back with a smile and stretched out his hand to signal the other party to check.

The instructor nodded, took the bottle of spiritual water refined by Han Zhi, and inserted the quenching needle into it.

Waited for a few seconds.

Everyone is quietly waiting for the result.

In the end, the host instructor smiled appreciatively and said loudly: "Dazewu Han Zhi, the refined water, tempering power...sixty percent."

This voice suddenly caused a lot of uproar. Many people who know how to do it all nodded slightly. The upper limit of the tempering power of the four-star third-grade spiritual water should be around 70%, and Han Zhi can reach 60%. At six degrees, the bottle of spiritual water he refined was absolutely the best.

Of course, Han Zhi can achieve this tempering power more because he himself is a fifth-rank temperament master. If he is replaced by another third-rank temperament master, his tempering power may reach 60% in the end. Sixty-three percent of this range.

And this is also the average level of the "Brown Dust Spirit Water" produced by Osawa House.

After all, even in Dazewu, it is impossible to send a fifth-grade tempering master such as Han Zhi to refine the third-grade spiritual water at all times. The price/performance ratio is not cost-effective.

"If it's not surprising, I think Han Zhi will be the person with the highest tempering power." The middle-aged man named Guixu smiled at the place where the Tiangong house was, and then said to the princess.

There were no waves on the eldest princess's country-like beauty, just a little bit of her head, unexpectedly this thing... but it's a bit uncertain.

"How will Li Luo's grades be?" she asked with red lips slightly open.

Guixu glanced at the princess, and he found that the latter seemed to pay more attention to Li Luo. Does this have something to do with the other party?

Guixu pondered for a moment, and said: "The Xiyang House has a thin foundation, and the only bright spot is the secret source water of the seventh grade purity. If Li Luo refining a three-star formula, then even if he is outstanding, the refined Lingshui will not exceed 60%."

"Because the ultimate tempering power of the three-star formula is about 60%."

The princess's eyes flickered slightly, and said: "What if Li Luo refined a four-star formula?"

Gui Xu was startled and said, "I have never heard that Xiyang House has a four-star formula."

The eldest princess smiled lightly: "It didn't exist before, doesn't mean it doesn't exist now... Li Luo can suddenly come up with the secret source water of the seventh-grade purity, and suddenly add a four-star formula, it's not impossible, right? ?"

Gui Xu is a little helpless. The princess still doesn’t know much about Lingshui Qiguang’s industry. The formula is worth tens of thousands of dollars. The appearance of every four-star formula will cause great attention in the industry. How could Xiyangwu suddenly One more four-star formula?

However, since the eldest princess made such assumptions, he couldn’t refute her face, so he could only analyze: “Even if Li Luo is refining now is a four-star formula, but with his third-level tempering master’s ability, he finally tempered it. Refining power should be at the level of 60% to 62%."

"There is still a big gap between Han Zhi and the Five-Rank Tempering Masters."

"Hehe, in this game, if Li Luo can reach 63% of the tempering power, I think he will be a big win, because he just loses by the difference between the tempering master's levels. Once he reaches 4. The phase tempering master, then he will not be inferior to the five phase tempering masters like Han Zhi in the refining of the third-rank spiritual water and miraculous light, and the tempering masters who can do this step are basically regarded as tempering geniuses. "Finally, Gui Xu added again.

The princess nodded, and then looked towards the field.

On the stage, the host instructor smiled at Han Zhi: "Congratulations."

This presiding tutor is also a tempering master, so he has a good eye. Although he has not tested the other five-rank tempering masters, he already feels that Han Zhi will be the one with the highest probability.

Han Zhi expressed his gratitude with a smile, and watched the host instructor walk towards the next five-level tempering master, and then turned his attention to Li Luo's place.

At this time, Li Luo was stretching his waist. It seemed that the previous refining was not easy.

Perceiving Han Zhi's gaze, Li Luo also raised his head to touch him, and then moved his mouth, his mouth was: "Kill you!"

Han Zhi smiled slightly, annoyance rose in his eyes, and he let out a cold snort, Li Luo ah Li Luo, no matter how fierce your verbal prestige is, it will not change today's ending.

All eyes in the field were also moving with the movement of the host instructor. Next, he successively tested the spirit water and miraculous light refined by the other four five-rank tempering masters. Again.

"Blu-ray room, Huangfuxu, tempering power: 64%."

"Beishan Ice House, Bingling, tempering power: sixty-five percent."

"Ink room, refiner, motai, tempering power: sixty-four."


As the results of the other four Five-Rank Tempering Masters were reported, sighs continued to be heard in the field. These fifth-rank Tempering Masters were indeed not weak, and the gap between them was not too big, and it was not beyond everyone’s guess. Among the five Five-Rank Tempering Masters, Han Zhi is the best performer.

Sixty percent of the tempering, proud of the field of view.

After inspecting the five five-rank tempering masters, the presiding tutor came to the refining stage where Li Luo was, and all the eyes in the field gathered at this time.

Everyone knows that the next test is probably the highlight of this game.

Does the president of Xiyang House really have some certainty, or is he simply young and vigorous and wants to come on stage to have a sense of existence?

If it is the former, then this Xiyang House is afraid that it will cause a sensation today and become the best in the audience, while the latter... it can only be said to be laughable and generous. After all, it is not clear that the occasion is not showing courage. On the contrary, it will lose face.

"Tutor, please."

Li Luo looked at the instructor who came before him, and handed over the "Meng Butterfly Spirit Water" in his hand.

The instructor glanced at Li Luo and said, "Don't be under pressure, just as an experience of the Five-Rank Tempering Master's abilities."

Li Luo smiled and nodded.

The instructor took the "Meng Butterfly Spirit Water", and he felt the faint brilliance rising from it, his eyes suddenly changed, and a color of surprise rose in his eyes.

Because of this, he felt that this bottle of spiritual water was a little different.

The smell of rising, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com is pure and strong, this is not the level that a three-star formula can achieve!

The host instructor quickly inserted the quenching needle in his hand into the bottle of spiritual water. After a few breaths, his eyes gradually became round and saw the scale that was climbing quickly.

Sixty-three... Sixty-four... Sixty-five!

The rise started to slow down, but it did not stop.

In the end, the scale climbed to the sixty-sixth position with great effort!

This is already the same tempering power as Han Zhi!

How can it be? !

The host instructor took a breath, and his face was full of shock. His first reaction was whether the quenching needle was broken, but his reason still allowed him to press down this emotion, because before he took the stage, he prepared something. The quenching needle has been strictly inspected.

The quenching needle is specially made and it is impossible to make mistakes.

That is to say, Li Luo's tempering of this bottle of spiritual water has truly reached 60%!

This is definitely not a three-star formula!

Because of his professional level, he immediately determined that the spiritual water refined by Li Luo was not a three-star formula, it was a genuine four-star formula!

Li Luo really came prepared.

But it's not right, even if it is a four-star formula, it is impossible for Li Luo to use the strength of the third-rank tempering master to refine the spiritual water with a tempering power of 60%!

The five Five-Rank Tempering Masters on stage, who didn't own the four-star formula, but in the end only Han Zhi reached 60%, and this Li Luo, why?

The presiding tutor was a little dazed, and was in a state of absent-mindedness for a while.

However, Li Luo kindly woke him up, smiled and said, "Tutor, everyone is waiting for you to announce it."

The instructor recovered and took a deep look at the young man in front of him.

Boy, I can see that you are trying to make trouble.

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