Absolute Resonance

Chapter 31: Encountered a strong enemy

The commotion in the audience lasted for a while, and finally subsided as Yu Lang was quickly lifted away, but the gazes around Li Luo cast a little bit of horror.

Obviously he was frightened by Li Luo's shot too hard.

Li Luo was also a little speechless when he saw this, and he secretly cursed the **** Yu Lang, which plainly burdened his reputation.

He stood on the stage, swept his gaze towards the four directions, and finally stopped at one position.

There, Song Yunfeng was chatting and laughing among a group of people, seeming to notice Li Luo's gaze, he also raised his head, gave him a faint look, and then withdrew his gaze.

Li Luo didn't want to say anything in the past, so he turned and left the battlefield.

"Brother Luo, you're a bit fierce, even Yu Lang has cleaned up." Zhao Kuo greeted him in the audience and exclaimed.

"That guy was careless." Li Luo estimated the strength of the two sides. If he continues to fight, he will be able to beat Yu Lang, but the time will be longer.

From this point of view, his current combat effectiveness should be regarded as the best in the Seven Seals. Such strength should be in the top 20 without any problem.

Now wait for the two games tomorrow. If he can win, he will definitely be able to enter the top 20. When that happens, he will be able to rest.

It is said that after the top 20 appear, you can choose whether to continue to compete for the ranking. Li Luo is not very interested in this. Anyway, the top 20 are qualified to participate in the college entrance examination, so there is no need to carry out these unnecessary battles here. .

With this time, he might as well go to refine the magic light of spiritual water.

After playing today's two matches, Li Luo did not leave the school immediately, because tomorrow's last two match lists will be released earlier today.

He wants to see tomorrow's opponent.

His waiting didn't last long. An hour later, a golden bell rang in the square, and Li Luo and Zhao Kuo walked towards a stone wall.

The stone wall was surrounded by many students. Li Luo's gaze swept across the writing on the stone wall like flowing water, and soon he found two opponents of tomorrow.

The first opponent was a member of the Seven Seals of the First House, who should be weaker than Yu Lang, but it was not a big problem.

But when Li Luo saw the last opponent he was about to face, his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Brother Luo, you, you met Song Yunfeng for the last time!" Zhao Kuo, who was on the side, also found the result, and immediately lost his voice.

That's right, Li Luo's last game directly met Song Yunfeng, who was ranked second in the hospital!

There are some eyes cast around, with sympathy.

Although Li Luo has risen extremely fast recently, especially today he defeated Yu Lang, his footsteps are really coming here, because he met Song Yunfeng.

"Song Yunfeng is now the strength of the Eight Seals, which is too unlucky." Zhao Kuo also sighed, feeling a pity for Li Luo.

Li Luo is not too surprised: "It is not a weak hand that can be kept until now, and it is not impossible to run into him."

"But it doesn't matter, even if you lose a game tomorrow, it is still a certainty to enter the top 20." Zhao Kuo comforted.

Li Luo smiled and nodded when he heard the words, his eyes were deep, and he didn't know what he was thinking about.

In the other direction of the square, Song Yunfeng also saw the list of tomorrow's matches on the stone wall. He stared at Li Luo's name for a long time, and then a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"You looked ugly since just now, why are you suddenly getting better now?" The voice of a suspicious girl came from the side, and it was Tifaqing.

"Because I met a pleasant opponent tomorrow, I really didn't expect that there would be such a good thing as Tiansui people wished." Song Yunfeng smiled.

Tifaqing was also taken aback when she saw it beautifully, and said, "I actually met Li Luo...but it's normal. You are all victorious, and the probability of meeting is indeed not small."

"But his luck is really bad. It seems that his beautiful record will end here."

Tifaqing knows best how strong Song Yunfeng’s strength is. Looking at the entire Nanfeng Academy, only Lu Qinger can crush him. Don’t look at the recent signs of Li Luo flying into the sky, but compared with Song Yunfeng, this is still insurmountable. Gap.

She can already imagine that tomorrow's battle will inevitably be devastating.

And she also knew that Song Yunfeng had grievances against Li Luo, whether it was personal reasons or the grievances between the Song family and Luolan Mansion, so if Song Yunfeng took the shot tomorrow, she might use the most thunderous method, and then step Li Luo fiercely. In the mud.

For a while, even Tifaqing felt sympathetic to Li Luo. How could this game end tomorrow?

But this Li Luo is also really, knowing that Song Yunfeng loves Lu Qing'er, he has to be so close to others... You know, the man whose jealousy is burning is not much sensible.

On the other side, after Li Luo knew of tomorrow's opponent, he parted with Zhao Kuo in some sympathetic eyes, and then left the school straight away.

Li Luo closed his eyes and pondered in the car on the way home.

Tomorrow's battle with Song Yunfeng, I have to say, it is indeed very difficult. The opponent is not only in the Eight Seals Realm, but his own strength is stronger than him. What's more, Song Yunfeng also possesses a seventh-rank red sculpture.

The appearance of the ninth grade, the seventh to the ninth grade is high, so the appearance that can reach the seventh grade can be called the high-grade appearance.

Don’t underestimate the word “Gaopin”, because this is not a change in the simple name, but because once the phase nature reaches the seventh rank, then the phase strength of its cultivation will also become a little different because of this, simpler. In other words, the strength of the high-grade phases cultivated is more spiritual than those of the low-grade and middle-grade phases.

Spirituality is difficult to elaborate, but the beauty of it is only known to those who oppose it.

Therefore, the seventh stage is a watershed, and if you step through this obstacle, you will become the high-quality stage.

Even in the high-grade phase, there are two levels of subdivision, which is a treatment that the first to sixth-grade phases do not have, and the gap between them can also be seen from this.

Song Yunfeng's red sculpture is the lower seven.

Therefore, regardless of the strength of the phase or the rank of the phase, Li Luo is completely behind Song Yunfeng. This kind of battle is almost unbalanced.

No one is optimistic about the competition between Li Luo and Song Yunfeng, in a sense, even Li Luo himself. UU reading www.uukanshu. cm

"It's really troublesome."

Li Luo said to himself that although his "water light phase" is peculiar, no matter how peculiar it is, it is still only a fifth-grade phase, although the miraculous effect of this water-light phase in refining spiritual water is not weaker than that of the seventh-grade phase. , But if used in battle, it may not really take much advantage in a head-on confrontation with the seventh stage.

If he could raise the "water light phase" to the sixth rank, his pressure would be much less, but unfortunately, even though Li Luo was constantly using the fifth-rank spiritual water wonder light during this period, he wanted to evolve to the sixth rank. It still takes some time, this far water obviously cannot save the near fire.

"Why don't you just admit defeat?"

Li Luo scratched his head. In fact, this choice can be used as an alternative, because no matter from what point of view, this choice is the most normal. After all, a discerning person can see that there is a huge gap between the two sides, and knowing that the ending is crushing. , Even harder, isn't that a masochistic?

Li Luo thought for a while. Today, he didn't plan to go to Xiyang House anymore, but went straight back to the old house, because even if there were alternatives, he felt that he still needed to make some preparations for emergencies.

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