Absolute Resonance

Chapter 3: Li Luo who wants to divorce

Four lions, horses, and beasts drove their cars and galloped smoothly on the spacious streets of Nanfeng City, and the trees-like buildings on the streets retreated quickly.

   The interior of the car is quite spacious, warm and comfortable, and Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e are sitting on both sides of the coffee table.

The two didn’t have much words. Li Luo closed his eyes and rested in the car, while Jiang Qing’e opened a book and read it carefully. A ray of sunlight projected in from the gap in the car window, shining in that exquisite way. On the jade-like cheeks, the cheeks became more crystal clear.

The silence lasted for a long time. Jiang Qing'e's slender eyelashes suddenly blinked, raised her pretty face, her golden eyes stared at Li Luo in front of him, and said: "It seems that what I said at Nanfeng Academy a few years ago, I will bring you Here comes some trouble."

   "I'm sorry."

   Li Luo opened his eyes when he heard the words. He looked at the beautiful and delicate face in front of him with a fierce and strong face that could not be concealed. He smiled and said: "This apology can't show any sincerity."

   "If you are sincere, allow me to terminate the marriage contract."

   Jiang Qing'e flipped the pages of the book at will, and said, "Could this be the legendary divorce? But in the drama, shouldn't it be me who actively mentioned this? Will you reverse the order?"

   For her sudden cold humor, Li Luo was also a little bit dumbfounded.

   Jiang Qing'e raised his head, glanced at Li Luo, and said faintly: "Why? Afraid this engagement will bring you even more trouble?"

Li Luo was silent for a while, shook his head, and said: "I'm afraid of delaying you, you are a girl, why bother to recite an unnecessary marriage contract? Why did this marriage contract come about? You don't know why, my father has been caught in these years. How many times did my mother fight?"

   "My father is so ridiculous, and I actually agree with the beating, but the key is why every time my mother beats my father, every time my mother beats my father, I have to take me and get a meal?!"

   At the end, Li Luo's expression is also a bit resentful.

Thinking of the scene where the graceful woman who was very gentle to herself, but with her waist in her waist, with upside-down eyebrows beat the two men in the house, one big and one small, even Jiang Qing'e could not help being ruddy at this time. The mouth bends slightly, and then it calms down again.

   "I'm not afraid." She shook her head.

   Li Luo said with a headache: "Then what should you do if you meet someone you like in the future? You are just fooling around."

   Jiang Qing'e smiled faintly: "You may not meet, I still have a good eye, and you and I have already had a marriage contract, it is impossible for me to have any thoughts about other people."

Li Luo stared at Jiang Qing'e, her voice a little more angry: "Jiang Qing'e, what are you thinking? I know my parents are very kind to you, and you are very grateful to them, but you don't need to use this method. To express your gratitude, what do you think I am? Are you a tool for expressing gratitude?"

   "You agree to this marriage contract, have I agreed to it?"

Li Luo's sudden anger made Jiang Qing'e stunned. Her pure golden eye pupils stared at the former's face, she was quiet for a moment, and then slightly lowered her head and said: "Sorry, this matter is indeed because I didn't consider you. Feelings."

   Li Luo saw this and said: "In that case, then this marriage contract..."


Jiang Qing'e raised her pretty face and looked at Li Luo seriously: "You should also know what the rules are in our house. If there is a disagreement between the two sides, then we will fight a game first, and then the winner will have the right to decide. "

This rule was set by Li Luo’s mother. For so many years, it has been common to everything at home, so every time she and Li Luo had a disagreement, she would roll up her sleeves and directly treat the old man. Dad dragged into the training room.

   "So if you have a big opinion about the marriage contract, we can go to the training room when we get home and follow the rules." Jiang Qing'e said.

Li Luo's expression suddenly stiffened, and his complexion changed. Finally, he gritted his teeth and pointed at Jiang Qing'e in grief and said: "Jiang Qing'e, don't go too far. I am now a beginner in the Ten Seal Realm, and I will fight with you. What a fart?!"

   This human race practice, after opening the Xianggong, it is the foundation of the ten seals realm, after the ten seals, it is the Xiangshi realm, but only after the Xiangshi realm, this practice really begins to enter the room.

   There are three main states after the master state.

   worship generals, appoint the marquis, and become king.

  Fenghou, said the king is too far away, and this worship general is divided into two levels, the upper is the Tiangang general, the lower is the earth evil general... and Jiang Qing'e is at the level of the earth evil general.

   And being able to reach the state of worship at this age, Jiang Qing'e's cultivation talent is absolutely shocking to countless people, and even some people have speculated that this record of the youngest monk in the Great Xia Kingdom will probably be broken by her.

   But now, Jiang Qing'e of the evil general here is actually going to fight with Li Luo, who is in the Ten Seal Realm...

   Li Luo was really worried that if she could not hold back then, she would slap him to death.

   Jiang Qing'e put away the books on the table, and said with some regret: "It seems that you don't agree with this method, then there is no way."

   Li Luo is trembling with anger, can this world be better? Is it so difficult for me to retire?

   He leaned weakly against the car window, looking at Jiang Qing'e's smooth and delicate face, especially the pair of golden eyes, which was pure and intoxicating.

   He sighed, and his voice became much lower: "Sister Qing'e, we have been together for many years, but I understand that you don't actually have that kind of feeling between men and women for me."

"Without feelings as the basis, what is the meaning of this kind of marriage contract?"

   Jiang Qing'e was silent for a moment, and said: "Although I want to say, you will be only seventeen years old tomorrow, pretending to be mature..."

   "But what you said does have some truth, but I don't have any interest in other people, but at least I don't reject you."

Li Luo smiled bitterly and said: "Sister Qing'e, that engagement is more because of your gratitude to my parents. I believe that your feelings for them are stronger than those for me, but I don’t know how much. Thank you, I don’t really need it."

   After that, Li Luo lowered his head and slowly said: "I know it may not be realistic to let you withdraw the marriage contract, but..."

   He raised his head and looked directly into Jiang Qing'e's eyes, "I hope you can give yourself and give me a chance."

Li Luo paused, and then said: "We can make a deal. You can help me control Luolan Mansion before I have enough abilities. If you wait for me to take over Luolan Mansion, you can keep it small. For the loss, then as a thank you, I will return the marriage contract to you, how?"

   Jiang Qing'e did not speak, but the slender jade fingers moved rhythmically on the table gently, and it remained quiet for a long while, and finally she whispered: "Li Luo, you really don't like me?"

Li Luo stagnated, and immediately he took a deep breath and said: "Sister Qing'e, you may have underestimated your attractiveness and excellence. For people of this age, your charm is a killer type. If I say I don't like it, that's really counterintuitive and hypocritical."

   "But, I don't need this kind of engagement."

   Jiang Qing'e's Liu eyebrows lightly raised, and her little hand suddenly patted on the coffee table.


   Li Luo was startled, and quickly moved his hips back, saying: "Let's discuss it carefully, but don't do it."

Jiang Qing'e gave him a white look, and said faintly: "Li Luo, not seeing you for a while, you are good at eloquence, but what you said is somewhat reasonable, I can treat this as a deal, and wait for you to take over Luolan Mansion. At that time, I will give it to you in its entirety. At that time, you will return the marriage contract to me."

   Li Luo heaved a sigh of relief as soon as he heard the words, but at the same time, in the deepest part of his heart, some inexplicable loss appeared uncontrollable, which made him curse himself secretly. It's really mean...

   "What you said today made me look at me a bit, it seems that you are no longer a kid."

   Li Luo was a little angry: "Children? Where am I young?"

Jiang Qing'e ignored his remarks, but stared at him with a faint smile, and said: "But Li Luo, I still have to remind you in the end, do you really plan to make this transaction? This marriage contract will be withdrawn once it is withdrawn. When you come back, I am afraid that in this life, you really have no hope at all."

   Li Luo narrowed his eyes. He pressed his arms on the coffee table, straightened up, and directly looked down at Jiang Qing'e. Their faces were no more than half a foot apart.

   "Jiang Qing'e, this marriage contract is really not rare for me, because in the future, I want you to give me the marriage contract with your own hands, not to my parents."

Jiang Qing'e’s golden eyes reflected Li Luo Junlang’s face, and the corners of her lips were more like a smile. Of course she understood what Li Luo meant. There is no meaning of liking between men and women, and later, when she married Li Luo again, it means that she fell in love with him.

   "Sit down." Her red lips opened slightly.

   An inexplicable force appeared out of thin air, directly pressing Li Luo's **** back, and sitting heavily on the car plate, the force made the latter grin uncontrollably.

   So the previous momentum broke the power instantly.

Jiang Qing'e was holding her cheek. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com glanced at Li Luo lazily, and said, "I don’t have much skill, but my tone is not small. I have seen a lot of arrogance in recent years, but no one dares yet. Tell me this."

   "Li Luo, don't be too ambitious, your goal is too unrealistic, but if you really want to try, I might as well give you a chance."

   Her golden pupils glowed, mysterious and deep.

"I'm waiting for you at the Saint Profound Star Academy...This is the first step, and if you can't even reach this point, you will treat it as a young and energetic rebellious heart attacking today, and then forget it. "

   Li Luo didn't say much this time, he just leaned against the car window, his eyes gradually closed, and calmly said: "Then you just wait."

   Jiang Qing'e looked at the streets and buildings passing by the gaps in the car windows. Sunlight flew into her eyes, and then she smiled imperceptibly.

   There is a rare softness in the eyes.

   Cars and horses galloped, after a long time, Li Luo suddenly opened his eyes and said with some confusion: "This is not the way home?"

   Jiang Qing'e said slightly, and said softly: "Go to Jinlongbaohang and get something."

   Her golden pupils cast towards Li Luo.

   "Before the master left, the things that I left for you, said that you can open it when you are seventeen."

   Li Luo's heart was shocked when he heard the words.

   The father and mother left something for him?

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