Absolute Resonance

Chapter 21: Pre-test

Latest website: Around the wooden platform on the Xiangli tree, there was constant boiling noise, and all the students except the first hospital were sighing.

No one expected this result.

At first, I thought that today’s competition was just the reason why the first house invaded the five gold leaves of the second house, but who knew that the three six seals of the first house were overthrown by Li Luo alone. Ground.

This is really a rare good show.

The most important thing is that there are many dramatic effects in this. For example, Li Luo was lowered from the first hospital to the second hospital. The reason was that Li Luo was born with an empty appearance and had limited potential...

But right now, Li Luo's sudden appearance and strength might be quite complicated in the mind of the Lin Feng instructor from the First Hospital, right?

While many students were amazed, they couldn't help re-examining Li Luo in the field of view. Is this man of the world who once fell, is about to rise again? But now... will it be a little bit late?

There was constant noise, and the First Hospital was relatively quieter. Many students looked at each other with complicated expressions.

Tifaqing stared at Li Luo's figure in a daze, and only after a while did he say inconceivably, "Isn't he born with empty appearance? How could he suddenly appear in appearance?"

Song Yunfeng had no expression on his face, and he was also unable to answer this question.

"Although acquired appearances are extremely rare, they are not without them. Some special natural treasures can also give birth to acquired appearances, but they are extremely rare. It is rare for us in Daxia country for hundreds of years, but Li Luo's parents They are two outstanding people, they may not have the skills to get them." Lu Qinger said to the side.

The things that Jinlongbaohang had contact with were extremely vast, and Lu Qinger's second uncle was the president of Jinlongbaohang in Nanfeng City, so he was familiar with and knew many things that ordinary people didn't know.

"With such a treasure, why does he have to wait until now?" Tifaqing said.

"Maybe it needs some special conditions. I don't know how it is." Lu Qinger smiled lightly.

Tifaqing was silent for a while, and finally said: "This guy, really wants to turn over?"

The tone is a bit complicated. The Tifa family where she belongs is naturally competing for interests with Luolan Mansion, but it is much smaller than the Song family. There is no special grudge between her and Li Luo, but the only thing that makes her dissatisfied is The marriage contract between Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e.

"How easy is it."

Song Yunfeng said faintly: "Li Luo's phase should be a water phase. From the battle with Bei Kun just now, you can actually guess the rank, probably between the fifth and sixth ranks. This kind of phase, although Not bad, but far from excellent."

"And his power level is at the level of the five seals...Do you think a five-six stage five seals realm is really rare?"

Tifaqing nodded thoughtfully. With this configuration, he would not even be able to enter the top ten in a hospital. Even though Li Luo has excellent talents in the practice of Xiangshu, he still wants to achieve the dazzling level that he once was. Difficult.

Of course, the most important thing is that it has been less than a month since the college entrance examination... Could Li Luo catch up in such a short time?

Tifaqing can only say that it is impossible.

Thinking of this, Tifaqing seemed to breathe a sigh of relief quietly in her heart. For a while, she didn't even know whether she was happy to see Li Luo's rise again.

Lu Qing'er did not participate in the conversation between the two of them, her beautiful eyes stayed on Li Luo's body.

Have you finally solved the problem of emptiness... Then in these last hours, can you really catch up?

When many students were boiling, on that high platform, the high-levels of the Nanfeng Academy were a little quiet.

Even Xu Shanyue himself was a bit surprised at the result.

As for that Lin Feng, he didn't say a word from beginning to end, his expressionless face looked like a wooden stake.

The other instructors only occasionally glanced at Lin Feng, with a smile in their eyes.

In the end, the old dean clapped his hands and smiled: "As expected of the two sons, is this a late bloomer?"

Lin Feng said faintly: "Dean, you may have used the wrong words. The strength of the Five Seals Realm and the seemingly fifth and sixth ranks of water are not considered to be great weapons from any point of view."

The old dean shook his head. Of course, he knew that Lin Feng might be a little upset at this time, and immediately smiled: "You are too arrogant. Sooner or later you will suffer from this."

Lin Feng was noncommittal, then looked at Xu Shanyue, and said, "This time, my first hospital is not as skilled as people. Ten gold leaves will be given as many as possible. These guys have no ability and can't keep it up, so let them pay a price. ."

Xu Shanyue laughed and said: "I thought you would say to let Li Luo go back to the first hospital."

Lin Feng smiled openly when he heard this, and said, "You think too much. As I said before, he is not a big weapon. There is no shortage of such a normal student in our hospital, and now he should think more. Yes, is it possible to catch up in the last less than a month, and then reach the qualifications for admission to the Saint Profound Star Academy."

Indeed, although Li Luo's sudden appearance of the water phase caught him off guard, he really didn't feel that way if he had to say anything.

After all, this water phase came too late, and now Li Luo is only the level of the power of the Five Seals, plus that water phase does not necessarily have a high level, so in Lin Feng’s view, Li Luo just came from In the quagmire, only half of his body was struggling. As for wanting to stand up to the top again, are the outstanding students of his hospital really a display?

And most importantly, the college entrance examination is coming soon, and Li Luo doesn’t have much time to catch up. If you miss this time, you will miss the age requirement of the Saint Profound Star Academy. In this case, Lin Feng still needs to pay attention to Li Luo’s future meeting. Are there any achievements?

Losing the opportunity to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy will only be a loss that Li Luo can hardly make up for. This will not change because he is the Young Palace Master of Luo Lan Mansion.

With these in mind, Lin Feng's expression became more casual.

At this time, the old dean beckoned to Li Luo who was in the field. The latter saw it, thought about it, and walked up to the stand along the wooden platform.

"Good dean." Li Luo greeted with a smile.

The old dean looked at Li Luo with a smile, and said, "Your problem of emptiness has been solved?"

Li Luo nodded and said, "Well, it's a fifth-grade water phase."

When the fifth-grade water phase fell in his ears, Lin Feng couldn't help but smile, and said: "Li Luo, this water phase is of medium grade, but if you work harder, you can still achieve success in the future."

"This is not too much worry for the teacher of Laolin Feng. Although the phase level can affect the cultivation phase strength, but in this world, there may not be no five-ranks who can be crowned kings." Li Luo said.

Lin Fengwan's taste: "Five-rank appearance, the title of the king? It's really a child's disposition, can you even believe this?"

The old dean waved his hand and stopped Lin Feng's words, but said to Li Luo: "It is best if you have this confidence, but it is less than a month before the college entrance examination. If you want to catch up , I’m afraid it will take more effort."

Li Luo nodded: "I see."

The old dean once again exhorted a few words and let Li Luo leave. At the same time, taking advantage of the crowds, he announced to the audience: "There is less than a month left before the college entrance examination, so two weeks later, the college will The pre-examination is opened, and the basic indicators of the Saint Profound Star Academy this year have also come down. Well, it needs a level of strength not lower than the Seven Seal Realm."

As soon as this statement came out, it immediately caused grief everywhere, and many students were full of frustration, not lower than the Seven Seal Realm, which was a very high threshold for them.

Only some of the top students in one hospital have a faint smile on their faces.

As the top university in Daxia, even among the surrounding countries, it is considered a leader. Of course, it is impossible for everyone to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy.

"Not lower than the Seven Seals..."

Li Luo smacked his lips, but he wasn't surprised at this. He was only in the Five Seals Realm, and there were two stages left. It seemed that in the next half month, he was really going to cultivate crazily.

The Seven Seals are just a basic indicator, and there will be some competition at that time, so if Li Luo wants to be safe, he feels that he needs to improve his "water and light phase" a little bit.

However, the difference between the fifth-grade and the sixth-grade is not a star and a half. Li Luo estimated it. If this is the case, he feels that Luolan Mansion's income in Tianshu County will be completely swallowed by him.

While Li Luo was pondering, the students in the field gradually dissipated in wailing, and then he suddenly noticed that someone was walking to his side.

Li Luo turned his head to see Lu Qing'er looking at him lightly.

"Congratulations, Palace Master Young," she said.

As soon as Li Luo saw her, he reflexively wanted to avoid, but just moved, he stopped awkwardly.

"Hello, hello." Li Luo said the most perfunctory greeting.

"Don't hide?" Lu Qinger said.

"Really didn't hide." Li Luo said embarrassedly.

Lu Qing'er was noncommittal and said: "Li Luo, I am very grateful to you for pointing me to Xiangshu, but I don't think you should be so naive to avoid me these years, because I didn't take your position, and you should also understand this position. It’s not who let it, but it needs to be won by strength."

"Li Luo, I am now the first person in Nanfeng Academy. If you want to regain this position, then come and defeat me. I used to worry about your sensitive mood, so these words are hard to say, but now you have solved the problem. The question of appearance, if you are still a man, you should take back all that you have lost."

Li Luo smiled bitterly and nodded: "Then, then I will try my best."

Lu Qing'er smiled, and then Li Luo saw a cold and slightly annoyed expression in her eyes.

"I'm waiting for you... Besides, I tell you that your behavior over the years has reduced my appreciation for you a lot, so if I have a chance..."

When she said this, she broke off, but her cold eyes showed everything.

When the voice fell, she turned around and left.

Looking at her back, Li Luo could only shook his head helplessly. It seemed that this time, he had offended Lu Qing'er. Sure enough, the more beautiful the woman, the more careful!

While sighing, he suddenly noticed that a man-like gaze rested on him, so he turned his head.

He saw that on a wooden platform not far away, a figure stared at him with cold eyes, and there was a warning in the eyes.

That was the second person in the first courtyard, Song Yunfeng.

The eyes of the two met, Song Yunfeng's eyes were full of sharpness and aggression, and immediately he shook his head contemptuously, and there was a silent word between the opening and closing of his lips.

"Li Luo, don't look for things, stay away from Lu Qing'er."

He believed that Li Luo should know the meaning of his lips. UU read www.uukānshu.com because he thought it was a basic operation.

But Li Luo, who was not far away, frowned and said to himself: "What is this fool doing? Just shout out if you want to speak. He moves like a rat that eats food. The ghost knows you are here. Tell me something."

Because he couldn't tell what the other party was doing, Li Luo finally shook his head.

On the wooden platform, Song Yunfeng stared at Li Luo's leaving figure, his eyes narrowed, his eyes dark.

Did you ignore me so much? Too arrogant.

Li Luo's previous eyes reminded him of the time when Li Luo was the most beautiful in Nanfeng Academy. At that time, Li Luo was brilliant.


Song Yunfeng couldn't help squeezing the wooden pole in his palm, pinching out cracks.

What are you pretending to be...Do you really think that a five-stage appearance can bring you back to the past?

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