Absolute Resonance

Chapter 20: 1 wear 3

Latest website: The impact and shock brought by the rising blue phase force of Li Luo's body in the field almost far exceeded Lu Tai's defeat. The waves made them feel a little trembling for a while.

"He, why did he suddenly have a water phase?" Tifaqing murmured.

She looked at the young man with a long body and an unusually handsome face holding an iron rod in the field. She was in a daze for a while, because she remembered that when Li Luo first entered the Nanfeng Academy, at that time, he had become no one in the school. The most accessible figure in the limelight even catches up with the legendary Jiang Qing'e.

It was only afterwards that Li Luo's scenery plummeted with the reveal of his personality, and finally he was even dropped into the second courtyard.

However, at this moment, the young man with blue power rising all over his body, as if it was the same as before, gradually became dazzling.

Song Yunfeng's complexion changed most brilliantly, his eyes nailed Li Luo's body like a nail, as if he wanted to see his body inside and out thoroughly.

If anyone is the least willing to see this scene, I am afraid that Song Yunfeng is the first one.

Because he had seen how brilliant Li Luo was, and because of this, he didn't want to see Li Luo get up again.

Song Yunfeng tilted his head, he looked at Lu Qing'er's profile. At this time, her bright eyes seemed to be looking at the teenager in the field with a slight brilliance. This made his fists in his sleeves slowly clenched, eyes Deep down, it was full of shadows.

When different emotions were surging in the hearts of Tifaqing and Song Yunfeng, Lu Qing'er beside her was the most calm, her water-cut pupils stayed on Li Luo's body.

"Sure enough..."

"This Nanfeng Academy will become interesting in the future."

"Li Luo, can you come back again?"


"What's going on? Why did Li Luo suddenly have a water phase?" On the high platform, Lin Feng was extremely shocked, and after a moment, he couldn't help but utter a voice.

"Did he use any illegal bans?"

Xu Shanyue was also in shock, but when he heard Lin Feng's words, he suddenly said with dissatisfaction: "What nonsense are you talking about, Li Luo used to be empty, shouldn't he always be?"

Lin Feng stagnated and frowned, "I didn't mean that, but we all understand that emptiness is born. How can it be possible to have it the day after tomorrow?"

Xu Shanyue snorted coldly: "We find it incredible, it's just that we don't have enough experience."

Lin Feng still argued. The old dean in front said: "Although the appearance of acquired nature is rare, it is indeed not impossible. It is said that some rare treasures of heaven and earth in the legend have this kind of magical effect."

"Li Luo's parents, it is possible that they have left him with this kind of natural treasure, so that he has the water phase."

"Don't rush to discuss these, wait for the test, and then ask Li Luo. We are an academy and only teach students. As for other things, the academy is not qualified to intervene."

Hearing what the old dean said, Lin Feng had nothing to say. He stared at Li Luo in the field, his eyes flickering, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

Amidst the many shaking gazes of the audience, Bei Kun, who looked a little ugly, walked into the arena with a spear in his hand.

"Li Luo, I didn't expect you to hide so deeply. Do you want to prove yourself with these three matches today? But I won't let you do what you want." Bei Kun said coldly.

Li Luo smiled and said: "The lines are too mentally retarded, are you acting?"

Bei Kun's face turned red, and he was a little annoyed immediately: "I see how long you can laugh!"

He stepped out one step, and Xiangli rose from his body, and there was a faint roar of tigers, and a sense of coercion was also radiating with it.

That is Bei Kun's Mountain-Cracking Tiger Phase, ranked sixth grade. This phase is known for its fierceness and fierceness. If it is powerful, it has the power of Mountain-Cracking.

Li Luo felt the faint suffocation rushing toward his face, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Compared with Liu Yang before, this Bei Kun's own strength was stronger than that of Liu Yang, and the most important thing was that he had six ranks. With the increase in Sundering Mountain Tiger's appearance, his overall strength can be regarded as the top level in the sixth seal.

On the other hand, Li Luo himself is now at the level of the Fifth Seal, and his own "water and light phase" is only the fifth rank. From the surface, it seems that he is behind the opponent as a whole.

But sometimes the outcome is not entirely determined by this.


Pei Kun urged his personality. He didn't hesitate at all. He shot out like a tiger in a mountain, with an extremely strong and powerful force wrapped in an iron spear, and directly smashed at Li Luo fiercely.

Above the iron rod in Li Luo's hand, the blue phase force surging, like a blue wave, directly regretted with Bei Kun's iron spear.


The sound of the golden iron resounded, and the air wave spread, and Li Luo's figure shook and shot out, but his steps were agile as a fish, quickly unloading all the violent waves that came.

"Huh, it's just the power of the fifth seal!"

In this head-on fight, Bei Kun immediately noticed Li Luo's power level, and immediately felt relieved, and sneered: "I thought I was really going to turn over, but that was the case."

With a sneer, he pounced like a tiger, with a powerful force wrapped in an iron spear in his hand.

Obviously, he wanted to take advantage of the victory to defeat Li Luo with the most fierce attitude.

In the face of Bei Kun's pursuit, Li Luo did not evade either. He looked calm and greeted again. At that moment, the guns of the two sides continuously collided, making a loud sound of gold and iron.

The two of them fought together directly, and they shook each other for a while, but it seemed quite fierce.

But with the passage of time, Na Bei Kun's complexion began to become a little difficult to look, because he found that the power surging above the iron rod in Li Luo's hand was gradually becoming more vigorous.

In the stands of the First Hospital, some outstanding students also saw that something was wrong.

"Li Luo actually blocked Bei Kun's explosive power. Strangely, he was clearly the fifth seal's power level..."

"And Li Luo's power seems to be getting stronger... how could this be?"

"It's a high-level physiognomy, nine layers of blue waves. This technique is extremely compatible with the water phase. It is good at post-production control. Its strength is like a wave. It will be stronger unless it is brutally broken with absolute force."

"If Bei Kun doesn't break the game, I'm afraid he will lose."

The expressions of the outstanding students in the First Academy became a little dignified at this time. The Nine Layers of Jade Wave Technique is a high-level physiognomy, and even this high-order physiognomy, even if it is in a hospital, all students who can master it It is one of the few, but now Li Luo is very skillful in showing it.

"Li Luo deserves to be the first person with the comprehension of Xiangshu in my Nanfeng Academy." They couldn't help sighing. When Li Luo didn't have the power before, they didn't feel this kind of deep, but now with Li Luo, the same is born. After having the strength, they only understood how difficult it is to combine the two.


And while they were talking, Bei Kun suddenly burst into a roar. Obviously he also noticed something wrong. Li Luo in front of him clearly didn't seem to be too strong, but it was like a whirlpool. He entangled.

In addition, for some reason, Li Luo's strength always gave him a strange sense of purity.

But no matter what, Bei Kun knew that it couldn't continue like this.

A fierce light flashed in his eyes, his palms suddenly gripped the iron spear, and his palms were faintly transformed into tiger claw phantoms, and the violent phase force surged out.

"High-level physiognomy, tooth spurs!"

Pei Kun stepped out, and the iron spear in his hand pierced like a fierce tiger, directly tore through the heavy continuous water force, and pointed directly at Li Luo behind.

Li Luo watched the roaring spear light that resembled fangs and sharp teeth. On the iron rod in his hand, the superimposed water force also burst out like a huge wave.

The gun sticks did not collide, but staggered and pointed directly at each other.

"You're looking for death!"

Bei Kun showed a hideous face, a fierce light flashed in his eyes, and the iron spear stabbed without hesitation, but at that moment, he saw the blue phase force flashing on the iron rod, faint, as if dazzling. The light caused him to narrow his eyes.

In the next instant, Bei Kun's eyes suddenly shrank, because he found that the tip of his spear that was poking at Li Luo had fallen through and appeared in a position a little above Li Luo's shoulder.

"It's over."

Bei Kun's heart was chilled. He didn't understand how he could have such a fault. His shot could clearly stab Li Luo in the shoulder.

But at this time, it was too late to have any reaction, because Li Luo's iron rod containing gravity had already whizzed and hit his face directly.


A mouthful of blood mixed with teeth sprayed out, screaming sounded, Bei Kun's figure suddenly flew out, slamming heavily on the outside of the field.

Bei Kun's screams echoed in the field.

Li Luo slowly retracted the iron rod and let out a long sigh of white breath. The rising blue phase force of his body also disappeared little by little at this time.

The surroundings are silent, UU reading www. uukanshu.com only has Bei Kun's screams continuously.

But this silence didn't last long. It was suddenly broken by the harsh screams and boiling sounds. Except for the first hospital, the students in the other hospitals were all excited and screaming.

They couldn't believe what they saw today...

They saw the once again dazzling light from the Nanfeng Academy.

They saw that the young man known as the empty phase, as the second house, completed the feat of wearing three for the first house!

Zhao Kuo's face flushed with excitement, and then he made a contemptuous gesture to the first courtyard, and an arrogant roar sounded.

"Have you seen it!"

"That man, back!"

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