Absolute Resonance

Chapter 19: Li Luo's face

The latest website: Around the wooden platform, crowds are raging.

However, at this time, the atmosphere fell into a weird silence. Everyone stared at Liu Yang who had slipped out of the field with wide-eyed eyes.

This result obviously exceeded their expectations.

Liu Yang in the Six Seals Realm was defeated by Li Luo with one stick?

How is this possible? !

The silence continued for a few breaths, and then suddenly there was a boiling uproar.

"What happened?"

"Why did Liu Yang lose with one move?"

"That's not right, Liu Yang is at Liu Yin's power level anyway, even if he is caught off guard for a while, but under the defense of the power, shouldn't Li Luo be able to beat him?"

"This...Is that guy Liu Yang collecting money to fight fake matches?"

"Then this is too fake to insult our IQ, right?"


At the First Hospital, Tifaqing's ruddy mouth opened slightly, and there seemed to be a question mark on her head. After a while, she frowned and said, "What is this guy Liu Yang doing? This is too watery, right?"

Song Yunfeng's brows were also frowned, and then he said faintly: "It should be too small to look down on the other party, so even Xiangli hasn't had time to use it."

"Too stupid." Tifaqing shook his head.

"I'm afraid he won't be so lucky next time."

Lu Qinger on the side stared at the tall and slender figure holding an iron rod in the field. He was slightly in a trance, as if he had seen the spirited and smiling face that was once in the hospital, making fun of her substandard physiognomy, and at the same time The teenager who corrected her little by little.

"Next time..."

Lu Qing'er opened her red lips slightly and said softly, "I'm afraid he will win, or even... if there are two games left, he may win."

As soon as these words came out, many outstanding students in the first hospital immediately looked at each other, especially some young people, who suddenly gave birth to some dissatisfaction and jealousy.

"Impossible... You are so optimistic about him, do you mean anything to Li Luo?" someone booed in the crowd.

When Song Yunfeng heard the words, his face suddenly sank, and he shouted, "Who is talking nonsense?!"

He swept his stern eyes, and everyone died, not daring to provoke.

Immediately, Song Yunfeng looked at Lu Qing'er, who had ignored these hoots, and said lightly: "Qing'er, he can't win."


"Li Luo, good job!"

Compared with the many consternations on the first courtyard, Zhao Kuo shouted excitedly for the first time, and then there were cheers from the second courtyard.

Regardless of whether Li Luo won because Liu Yang underestimated the enemy, no matter what, the Second House won the first game.

The surrounding uproar made Liu Yang pale. He climbed up with difficulty, and murmured something like "I am careless, no flashes", but no one paid any attention to him at this time.


Hearing the cheers of the second hospital, Bei Kun's expression became a lot ugly. He glared angrily while lying on the ground with a pale face of Liu Yang, and then said to the other person: "Lu Tai, you go, be careful Don't overturn the boat in the gutter."

The young man named Lu Tai was a little thin, but he had a sense of shrewdness. He didn't say much when he heard the words. He just glanced at Li Luo's body, then took an iron sword and walked into the arena. In.

On the high platform, Xu Shanyue exclaimed with a smile: "Li Luo's physiognomy is indeed quite proficient and exquisite. It is a pity. With his physiognomy attainments, as long as his physiognomy can reach the fifth seal, I am afraid it will be enough to challenge the absolute. Most of the opponents of the sixth seal."

Lin Feng's expression was flat and said: "It's no use to be a pity."

"The second scene, let's start."

However, it can be seen that Lin Feng looked a little unhappy because of Liu Yang's defeat, so he didn't bother to argue with Xu Shanyue and directly announced the start of the second game.

When his voice fell, Lu Tai in the field urged his own phase force without hesitation, and saw the fiery red phase force rise from the surface of his body, like a thin layer of flame, exuding fiery heat. Temperature.

This is the fifth-grade fire element owned by Lu Tai.

After passing through Liu Yang's lessons learned, Lu Tai obviously didn't dare to underestimate him.


The flame phase force rises, Lu Tai holds the long sword in his hand, and the figure rushes out without hesitation. Above the sword's edge, the crimson phase force flutters like a flame.

Huh! Huh!

Dao Crimson Sword Shadow, directly shrouded in front of Li Luo.

"Li Luo, no matter what weird you are, as long as I crush it down with the power of the six seals, you will undoubtedly lose!" Lu Tai shouted in a low voice.

Li Luo's physiognomy is superb, which is not a secret at Nanfeng Academy, but no matter how superb physiognomy, without sufficient strength support, it is just the moon in the water, and it will disperse at the touch of it.

The blazing sword wind whizzed in, Li Luo slowly squeezed the iron rod in his palm, and immediately retreated with a swift pace, avoiding the sword wind as much as possible.

"Can you hide?"

Lu Tai sneered, and the next moment his wrist shook, only the red light surged, turning into fires and roaring, like a rain of fire, gorgeous and dangerous.

That was the middle-level physiognomy, the fire rain sword, and it was also Lu Tai's best physiognomy.

A lot of fire blasted, and the iron rod in Li Luo's hand suddenly turned at this time, like a windmill, forming an airtight defensive barrier.

"Without Xiangli, how can you block my Xiangshu?" However, Lu Tai dismissed Li Luo's move.

Bang! Bang!

Many flames burst before the iron rod, and there was high temperature erosion. The iron rod in Li Luo's hand quickly became hot, but at this moment, there was blue light emerging from the iron rod.

Chi Chi!

The smoke rose up, obscuring Lu Tai's vision.


However, in that instant, the steamy smoke was torn apart, and a steel rod with a shining blue luster was pierced out, and it was pointed directly at it in a thunderous manner. Lu Tai frowned.

The sudden attack shocked Lu Tai. His physiognomy was actually blocked by Li Luo?


There was a bit of astonishment in his heart, but Lu Tai was not slow in his hands. On the long sword, the crimson force surged, and he directly tried his best to hit the iron rod violently.


The sound of gold and iron sounded.

But something shocking happened. Under this collision, the crimson power on Lu Tai's long sword seemed to have been greatly suppressed, and almost instantly, it was all dimmed.


Under the erosion of high temperature and moisture, the iron sword shattered in an instant, and the iron rod shining with blue luster stopped at the center of Lu Tai's eyebrows while the fragments were flying.

Lu Tai's face turned pale when he felt the sting of his eyebrows.

This kind of touch, but between the electric light and the flint, when everyone recovered, Li Luo's iron rod was already hovering between Lu Tai's eyebrows.

Li Luo... won again? !

If everyone was just astonished in the previous one, then this time, it was really incredible.

Because this time, Lu Tai didn't have any underestimation, and the strength of the Six Seals was unreserved, but even so, he lost to Li Luo? !

How could it be possible!

In those unbelievable gazes, the haunting water vapor smoke on the other end of the iron rod gradually dissipated at this time, and Li Luo's figure also appeared in the eyes of the crowd.


The long-lost sounds of inhaling air-conditioning, with horror, rang one after another.

One hospital over there, UU reading www.uukanshu. The beautiful eyes of com Tifaqing and Lu Qing'er both stared round and round at the same time. Song Yunfeng on the side slapped the wooden pole in front of him directly, and cracked the wooden poles.

On the high platform, Xu Shanyue, Lin Feng and other Nanfeng Academy tutors also showed a touch of amazement on their faces.

The old dean in front of him narrowed his eyes even more.

Because all of them have seen that at this time, Li Luo, above his body, has a blue phase force, slowly rising like layers of blue waves.

With their eyes, they can naturally tell at a glance, that is, the power of the water phase.

However, as everyone knows, Li Luo is born with empty phase, so it is difficult to cultivate phase force.

But right now...

How did the power of the water phase appear? !

Or... Li Luo is no longer the void phase, but the water phase was born? !

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