Absolute Resonance

Chapter 18: Rosy

The latest website: The news that the first and second hospitals are about to compete for five gold leaves spread almost instantly. For a while, the high-rise-like Xiangli tree was overcrowded, and the students from all the Nanfeng Academy were all running. Come join in the fun.

Nanfeng Academy has four colleges in total, one of which is the elite, the second is the reserve team, and the third and fourth are a bit too much to make up, but the standard is indeed relatively poor.

Therefore, the Golden Leaf Cultivation Platform on the Xiangli Tree is something that is beyond sight to them, and it is a rare good show to be able to watch the first courtyard and the second courtyard fight for it.

Although almost no one thinks that the second house can really win the first house.

On the east side of the Xiangli Tree, there is a thick python-like branch entangled together, and finally formed a wooden platform about tens of meters in length and width. In the past, this place was used for some students to learn after their practice. , The venue for the competition.

At this time, the surrounding area was overcrowded.

The first house and the second house occupy the east and west sides, but the atmosphere on the two sides is different. On the first house, most of the students smiled jokingly. Obviously, they didn’t really make this comparison too important. But it's normal. There are still limits on the power level in this competition. The power level of the sixth seal is not even in the top ten in the first house.

This shows that the truly powerful people in the First Hospital will not take action.

Compared with the banter and leisure of the first hospital, the atmosphere of the second hospital is filled with anger and anxiety. After all, they are from the same institution, and they know the roots of the tyranny of the first hospital, so if you say this kind of comparison, the second hospital has a high probability. If they will win, I'm afraid they don't even believe it, so they just hope that they won't lose too ugly.

"It's really boring, this kind of competition is meaningless." In the stands, Tifaqing stretched his waist, the curves outlined by the school uniform, even some of the girls nearby were envious, and some of the youths were full of blood. His complexion is faintly hot.

Obviously, there is a reason why Tifaqing can become a golden flower of Nanfeng Academy.

"Always pass some time." A soft laughter sounded from the side. Tifaqing tilted her head to see that Lu Qing'er with fluttering long hair and a very clear and beautiful appearance, with ice muscle and bones.

"Sister Qing'er." Tifaqing's beautiful eyes lit up and hurriedly said hello. Lu Qing'er's reputation in Nanfeng Academy is better than her, and most importantly, she is not only based on her appearance, her strength, but also Steadily suppressed many outstanding people in the hospital.

The golden signboard of Nanfeng Academy is alive and well.

If it weren't for the brilliance of Jiang Qing'e's jade before, everyone would think that Lu Qing'er would become the legend of Nanfeng Academy.

So if Tifaqing's first worship object is Jiang Qing'e, then Lu Qing'er will be second.

The two women, as the most outstanding people in Nanfeng Academy today, stood together and suddenly became a beautiful scenery, and then slowly attracted everyone else.

"Didn't Sister Qinger usually don't like to join in the fun?" Tifaqing asked curiously.

Lu Qinger smiled lightly and said, "Just take a look."

She stared beautifully at the direction of the Second Court, and said, "Which three do you think the Second Court will send out?"

Tifaqing said nonchalantly: "The only people from the Second Court to the Six Seals are Zhao Kuo and Yuan Qiu, both of whom have just ascended."

"Where is the third one?" Lu Qinger said.

Tifa paused, and someone on the side answered and laughed: "It will probably be Li Luo. Although he is empty, he is still extremely talented in the practice of Xiangshu, and he is barely able to socialize with people in the Five Seals realm. Fight."

As Lu Qing'er came to watch the game, the top students who were not interested in this kind of competition in the first hospital also got together. At this time, the person speaking was a tall and handsome young man.

Tifaqing glanced at him, jokingly said: "Song Yunfeng, you also came to watch the excitement? It's really a drunkard who doesn't mean to drink."

This Song Yunfeng is also very famous in Nanfeng Academy. In terms of strength, he is second only to Lu Qing'er. In addition, he comes from the Song family and his background is not weak.

Song Yunfeng's love for Lu Qing'er was not a secret at Nanfeng Academy, after all, he didn't conceal it deliberately.

Facing Tifaqing's ridicule, Song Yunfeng showed a gentle smile and did not refute. Instead, he fixed his gaze on Lu Qing'er's beautiful cheek.

In the face of his direct and fiery gaze, Lu Qing'er's expression was not wavering, as if he hadn't heard it, but only responded with a polite and fine smile with a distance.

When Tifaqing saw Lu Qing'er look like this, he immediately brought the topic back: "If the Second House really sends Li Luo to appear on the stage, it would be self-inflicted. The name of the six seals is bound to be the best among the six seals."

Song Yunfeng smiled, and said sharply: "Do you really think that the second court is thinking about winning? It's nothing more than going out."

"That's true." Tifaqing smiled.

Lu Qing'er stared at the field, she looked at Li Luo's figure. For some reason, she felt that Li Luo today seemed a little different.

So she smiled slightly and said, "I don't think... not necessarily."

When she said this, Tifaqing, Song Yunfeng and the outstanding students of the other academy were a little astonished.

Song Yunfeng followed Lu Qing'er's sight and saw Li Luo, and the faint smile on Lu Qing'er's cheek made him feel a little uncomfortable.

"Qing'er, it's not what it used to be." Song Yunfeng smiled slightly.

When Lu Qing'er heard the words, she didn't answer, but just smiled noncommittal. For her smile, Song Yunfeng didn't know why, and his heart was a little angry. At the same time, the gaze at Li Luo became colder.

This bastard, obviously has fallen into the mud, why is it still so lingering.


As the atmosphere in the court continued to rise, three figures came out from the second courtyard. Unsurprisingly, it was Li Luo, Zhao Kuo, and Yuan Qiu.

On the side of the first courtyard, three people also came out.

The one in the center was Bei Kun who had just met, and the other two were also two of the more famous Six Seals in the first courtyard.

"Li Luo, what are you going to do this time? Do you continue to use the threat just now?" Bei Kun's eyes locked on Li Luo, and a sarcastic smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Previously, he led people to deliberately find Li Luo's troubles. Li Luo used an off-market attack to counterattack. In fact, it cannot be said that he is unruly. But now it is a formal test. If Li Luo still wants to use that threatening method, then It would really make people laugh and be generous, and even the university would punish him.

Li Luo ignored him. Instead, Yuan Qiu waved his hand at Zhao Kuo and said, "Then I will go first."

Zhao Kuo quickly said: "Be careful. If you can't hold it, you will surrender and leave the field. If you have such a handsome face, you will lose a lot if you are beaten."

Li Luo gave a thumbs up: "Good brother, have vision."

Yuan Qiu sighed softly, and his listless appearance obviously had no confidence in the next competition.

Under all eyes, Li Luo stepped into the arena, and then drew an iron rod from the weapon rack. He dragged it casually, and the iron rod rubbed against the ground and made a harsh sound.

Outside the court, many eyes saw Li Luo's first appearance, and there was also a faint commotion.

"The Second Court actually let Li Luo take the lead..."

"That's what it means to be cannon fodder."

"Haha, it's also interesting. Li Luo, who was kicked out of the first house, is now playing the first house... If he wins, then it will be really interesting."

"What are you thinking about... He is born with emptiness, no matter how good the physiognomy is, it is difficult to beat the Six Seals."

"Haha, just kidding, let's liven up the atmosphere."


The appearance of Li Luo has caused many students to raise some interest. After all, in this Nanfeng Academy, Li Luo is also equivalent to an alternative legend...

And most importantly, it is said that Senior Sister Jiang Qinge also returned to Nanfeng City last week, and also came to pick up Li Luo at the gate of the Academy. This is envious and hateful.

With this mentality, many people still want to see Li Luo being beaten today...

Bei Kun put his arms around his chest, looked at Li Luo playfully, then turned his head to look at the other two people, and said, "Liu Yang, go and play with him."

Although he wanted to beat Li Luo directly, he felt that this kind of appearance was not handsome enough, so he planned to let others warm up the atmosphere first.

The young man he called Liu Yang was a bit tall. He heard Bei Kun's words and felt a little dissatisfied. Now so many people are watching, it is just a good time for him to take the lead in making a cannon fodder, which is really a bit of a fall.

"You have solved Li Luo twice, won't you be able to beat the people behind? If you can endure enough, you will defeat all three of them directly." Bei Kun said.


Liu Yang nodded. He took an iron gun, then walked into the court casually, and smiled at Li Luo: "Li Luo, you have to be merciful."

There is obviously a bit of joking between the words.

Li Luo held the iron rod, his expression noncommittal.

At this time, at the high platform, the old dean nodded, so Xu Shanyue and Lin Feng, the two heads of the two houses, shouted at the same time: "Start!"

At the same time the shout fell, Li Luo and Liu Yang shot out almost at the same time.

Liu Yang looked at the figure opposite, couldn't help smiling, and said, "Your speed... a bit..."


As soon as his voice fell, Li Luo in front of him suddenly hit the ground with his toes, and his whole person accelerated like a flying eagle. In that instant, there was a faint sound of sharp breaking wind.

The laughter in Liu Yang's mouth hadn't completely come out yet, a flower was in front of him, and Li Luo's figure appeared directly in front of him.

But next to Li Luo's figure, there was also the piercing stick figure, which made a screaming sound. The speed was so fast that Liu Yang didn't even have time to react at all, but at the critical moment, he still Some phase force circulates like a conditioned reflex and protects his chest.

Although Li Luo's sudden speed is astonishing, he has no phase power after all, and his attack power is limited. As long as he defends him with phase power, Li Luo will be able to pay the price next.

When Liu Yang was thinking like this in his heart, the stick figure lit up like a black python and fell on his chest.


There was a low muffled sound, and then, a sharp pain came from Liu Yang’s chest. At this moment, his heart surged with horror, because the force covering his chest was unexpectedly The moment he came into contact with Li Luo Gunying, he was directly torn apart.

At the same time, Liu Yang's body flew upside down, smashed heavily outside the court, and also marked a few meters on the ground.

At this time, the many students outside the field, many of the laughter had not completely fallen, and then the sound suddenly stopped abruptly.

Those students from the First Hospital stared blankly at Liu Yang, who flew out of the field, and then rolled around in pain, his eyes were filled with blank expression.

What happened just now?

How did you fly out, not Li Luo?

They cast doubtful gazes on the field. At this time, Li Luo, with the iron rod in his hand, kept the posture of a flat strike. He met those gazes and looked at Liu Yang, who was handsome enough to make the other party feel ashamed. A bright smile appeared on his face.

"You say...what's the matter?"

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