Absolute Resonance

Chapter 16: Phase tree

Latest website: Xiangli tree is close to the top of the tree. The thick branches and trunks are tied together to form a wooden platform. At this time, on the wooden platform, some people are looking down and looking down at the location of Li Luo. .

"This Li Luo has been missing for a week, and he has finally come to a school."

Tifaqing arms her chest, her close-fitting school uniform envelops her well-developed body, coupled with her delicate and charming face, and her white and delicate skin, attracting the eyes of many teenagers nearby. Cast.

She stared at Li Luo's figure, curled her lips lightly, and said, "Is this afraid of being caused by Bei Kun? So this way of avoiding it?"

"It's a pity that you look so handsome." Beside him, a bunch of little sisters exclaimed with comment.

"Hehe, Xiao Nizi, I remember that when Li Luo was still in the first hospital, you were a little fan of others." A companion teased.

The girl who was teased suddenly turned red, stomped her feet and said, "You are not the same!"

The girls chuckled, and there were some regrets in their eyes. At the beginning, Li Luo, who first arrived at the First Hospital, was simply an unparalleled figure. Not only is he handsome, but the savvy revealed is also outstanding, the most important thing. The thing is, Luolan Mansion was at the top of the sky at that time, and the two houses in the same mansion were extremely prominent.

Handsome, talented, and strong background, which girl would not like such a teenager?

Unfortunately, as time went on, Li Luo's aura began to be stripped away. First of all, the disappearance of his parents directly caused the status and strength of Luo Lan Mansion to be greatly reduced. After that, Li Luo was exposed to the natural air. It even pushed it into the trough.

As a result, the once-influential figure in the first court was "distributed" to the second court.

At this time, admiring him again is obviously a bit out of place.

Tifaqing heard the chattering of the little sisters next to her, and shook her head a little bit irritably, and said, "A bunch of superficial nympho."


Li Luo just sat down on a silver leaf, and then he heard some commotion around him, his eyes raised, and he saw Bei Kun, surrounded by a group of fox friends and dogs, jumped down from the leaves above.

Bei Kun was a bit tall and strong, and his face was fair, but the color of the vulture in his eyes made him look a little gloomy.

"Li Luo, I thought you weren't coming to the university anymore." Bei Kun stared at Li Luo, smiling and not smiling.

Li Luo glanced at him, really too lazy to respond.

And Li Luo’s attitude immediately made Bei Kun angry. When Luolan Mansion was strong, he pleased Li Luo in every way, but the latter was always in this way of ignoring answers. At that time, he didn’t. Dare to say something, but now your Li Luo is still before?

"Li Luo, you asked me to wait for you in Qingfeng Tower for a day. How do you count this matter?" Bei Kun gritted his teeth.

Li Luo said angrily: "You don't want to blame your stupidity on me."

"What kind of IQ do you think I will invite you to Qingfeng Tower?"

Bei Kun's eyes were gloomy, and he said, "Li Luo, you apologize to me in person now, I won't investigate this matter, otherwise..."

Li Luo smiled and said, "Otherwise you are going to the Qingfeng Tower to wait for another day?"

There were some snickers around, and this Bei Kun was considered a tyrant in Nanfeng Academy. He bullied people on weekdays, but apparently Li Luo didn't take his threats at all.

Bei Kun stared at Li Luo gloomily, and immediately said: "With such a hard mouth, dare you come down and play with me?"

Li Luo shook his head: "Not interested."

This Bei Kun is really too low-level. He didn't want to talk to him before, but now he doesn't want to bother.

Pei Kun sneered and stopped talking, then he waved his hand, and his group of friends, friends, and friends suddenly yelled, "Are the people in the second hospital all cowards?"

More ugly words kept coming out.

The students of the second hospital nearby suddenly showed anger, but they were frightened by Bei Kun's fierce name, and they dared not speak for a while.

"Li Luo, why are you implicating the entire Second Court because of your problem?" Pei Kun said maliciously.

This Pei Kun had some tricks and deliberately expanded and angered the students of the Second Academy, and these students did not dare to treat him, so they would naturally turn their grievances towards Li Luo, and then force Li Luo to come forward.

"Shut up, you guys."

But soon there was an angry shout, and Zhao Kuo stood up, glared at Bei Kun, and said: "If you want to fight, I will accompany you."

"It's you again."

Bei Kun frowned and said, "It seems that I didn't hurt you last time."

Zhao Kuogang wanted to speak, but saw Li Luo waved his hand to stop him. The latter said helplessly: "You care about what the **** is doing."

Soon he turned his gaze to Bei Kun's friends, friends, and sighed, "You help me write down all these people, and I will ask them to teach them how to get along with their classmates later."

Although Luolan Mansion is not a small problem now, it is one of the five big mansions of the Great Xia Kingdom at any rate, and the strength to stay in the old house is not too weak. At least some guards at the level of the master can do it.

When the surrounding students heard this, they were a little dumbfounded, and Bei Kun's friends and friends were also dumbfounded.

Brother, do you want this? We are just kids playing around in the school, you just go home and find someone to beat us?

You are not logical.

They looked at each other, and then couldn't help taking a few steps back, and their yelling mouth stopped because they knew that Li Luo really had this ability.

Although they are empty faces, at least it is the Young Master of Luolan Mansion. It is very easy to send some master masters to beat them with a head covering.

Bei Kun was also stunned, and immediately cursed: "Li Luo, you are not ashamed of you, even playing this method."

Li Luo frowned and said: "If you are not convinced, please ask your Bei family master to hit me."

Bei Kun opened his mouth and found that he could not answer. After all, although Luolan Mansion is currently suffering from internal and external troubles, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Before it really collapsed, the Bei family only dared to take a few bites. He went to move the master of Bei's house, not to mention that he could not move. Would he dare to do anything to Li Luo after he moved? He obviously couldn't bear the consequences.

So, for a while, he was stunned in place, a little messy.


At the top of the Xiangli Tree, there is a tree house. At this time, the figures in front of the tree house are also watching the quarrel among the students below.

"Hehe, this little guy in Luolan Mansion is really interesting." An old man with gray hair wearing a black and white coat laughed.

The old man is the dean of Nanfeng Academy, and his name is Weisha. He is also famous in Tianshu County.

"The dispute between the students has to be settled by the power of the family. This is not very interesting. How did the two outstanding people in Luolan Mansion give birth to such a rogue son?" A voice said on the side.

It was a thin man, and the man gave people a gentle and gentle feeling, but between his brows, there was a sense of arrogance.

This one is the tutor of the First Academy of Nanfeng Academy, Lin Feng.

Prior to this, he also advocated strongly that Li Luo was kicked out of the first court and relegated to the second court.

"Instructor Lin Feng is too bad to hear, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, that Bei Kun knows that Li Luokongxiang, and has to look for something, isn't it even worse." Xu Shanyue on the side retorted immediately when he heard the words. .

Lin Feng said lightly: "Disputes among students help them compete with each other and improve."

However, he obviously didn't bother to argue with Xu Shanyue on this topic. He turned his eyes to the old man next to him, and said, "Dean, what do you think of the proposal I mentioned earlier?"

Dean Wei blinked and said, "Which proposal?"

Lin Feng was a little helpless when he saw this, so he could only say: "The college entrance examination is coming soon, and the gold leaves of our first hospital are not enough. I want the dean to divide five more gold leaves for our first hospital."

"I don't agree!"

It was Xu Shanyue who made the noise. He glared at Lin Feng, because now, apart from the hands of the first house, there are only ten pieces of gold leaves on the second house. This Lin Feng wants to divide it into five more. Where can I divide the film? Isn't it their second hospital? !

This guy is so invaluable.

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