Chapter 0409: The Invincible Senior Jiang

The two mighty blades crossed along the horizon, a majestic clash of gold that bordered the blackened ground and azure sky.

The audience watched with bated breath, knowing that the victor would be decided at this moment.

Zhao Huiyin's descending slash had felt like the sun setting on the day, but now Jiang Qing'e had brought a new dawn with her own upward slash, showing a glimpse of her true power.

Fiend Finisher Tier!

That strike with Fiend Dipper Energy seemed to cut the blue dome of the sky itself.

Zhao Huiyin's slash might be able to cut down ordinary Fiend Finisher cultivators, but Jiang Qing'e was anything but ordinary.


Smaller pieces of the sword attacks shattered on impact, slicing through everything in the vicinity.

They smashed into the viewing platform, splintering the outer structure easily.

The Violet Vibrance mentors intervened before the students were hurt, using a combination of their resonant powers to shield the entire area and repair the structures.

The students had faith in their mentors covering their safety—most barely took their eyes off the battle.

The two attacks grated against each other, expending their energies in a thrilling struggle to the finish.

The stalemate did not last long. The light resonant attack charged with macabre green energy was clearly stronger. After a few moments, Zhao Huiyin's giant sword attacks started to waver, cracks spreading across the blade.

Jiang Qing'e looked down.

She knew the battle was over.


The curved blade gave a final creak, then it shattered into pieces.


The green energy on Jiang Qing'e’s strike did not lessen at all when it cleared through the other attack. It flew on towards Zhao Huiyin.

The Blue Abyss girl's petite frame was a pitiful sight as the attack bore down on her.

The velocity of the attack pushed the air ahead of it in a powerful gust that blew wildly against Zhao Huiyin's hair. The cold, emotionless light in her eyes was also blown away, leaving only terror in its wake.

She resigned herself to the terrible attack that would soon connect.


Just as the strike was about to land, Jiang Qing'e clenched her fist and changed the deadly, slicing strike into a blunt, rounded force. It punched into Zhao Huiyin, sending her flying backwards, winded but unharmed.

Her cry of pain was cut short as she felt a sharp tug on her shoulder.

She opened her eyes cautiously, only to see that Jiang Qing'e had pulled her away by the hand.

"You..." Jiang Qing'e saving her was the last thing she expected.

Jiang Qing'e let go of her hand. "You've lost," she stated simply.

"You should've told me you were a Fiend Finisher already." Zhao Huiyin pouted. "If I'd known, I wouldn't have bothered fighting. What a waste of effort."

"Oh, you're not too bad. Better than our Duze Honglian. At least you interested me a little."

Zhao Huiyin was speechless. What was she, a warm up?! The gap between them was actually huge! Jiang Qing'e had been toying with her.

She sighed. "If only you had come to the Blue Abyss Sage College," Zhao Huiyin said with a suggestive look in her eyes. She stepped closer.

"Jiang Qing'e, you stir me. Ditch Li Luo. Snatch House Luolan. Be the house lord, and I'll join you the moment I graduate!"

"Looks like you need another beating," Jiang Qing'e said casually.

"So fierce..." Zhao Huiyin pouted. "I'm serious. That Li Luo kid isn't your match. I can't stand seeing a swan like yourself with a toad like him. I'll bet he can't even beat Lu Cāng."

"You're not the first to underestimate Li Luo," Jiang Qing'e told her. "And you won't be the last. But you'll find many others to keep you company in the little pit of regret you find yourself in."

Zhao Huiyin shrugged. "See for yourself, then."

Jiang Qing'e ignored her, turning to face the Violet Vibrance mentors on the dais.

The mentors understood that Zhao Huiyin had run out of steam in the middle of the fight, so they nodded in understanding.

"Three Star Hall, the first round winner is Jiang Qing'e from the Astral Sage College!"


"Senior Jiang, you're the coolest!"

"Senior Jiang, you're the best!"

The cheers rang out enthusiastically for the goddess of the Astral Sage College. Her reputation for being invincible made her loved.

With this, she was probably the equal of the First Princess and Gong Shenjun in terms of reputation now.

The two were indeed watching her closely, their thoughts on their outstanding junior.

"Junior Jiang's skills never fail to amaze me." Gong Shenjun sighed with admiration. "At this speed, she'll really reach the Heavenly Dipper General Stage by the end of the year. I wonder which unlucky Seven Astral Pillar member she'll target."

The First Princess smiled. "She might be the strongest Three Star Hall student in the whole East Divine Continent. If she formally takes that title at the Holy Grail Meet, the Astral Sage College will have really made a name for itself."

"Well, the other sage colleges will come well prepared too," Gong Shenjun cautioned. "A ninth-grade resonance is rare, but there's no guarantee that she's unique in this generation. Still, she's one of the hot favorites for sure."

The First Princess nodded, looking at Jiang Qing'e in approval.

In a few years, she would be one of the powers in the Xia Kingdom for sure. Given the opportunity, she would leave the Xia Kingdom behind for greater stages.

Although resonance grade was not the end-all be-all of accomplishment, Jiang Qing'e had the required character and effort to utilize it well. She had led House Luolan through turbulent times at a young age, displaying uncommon political acumen, hard work, and charisma in the process. From all angles, the First Princess found something to admire about Jiang Qing'e.

"Luanyu, you've become quite close with Junior Jiang recently, haven't you?" Gong Shenjun asked with a sudden smile.

"Of course I want to be friends with her," the First Princess replied lightly.

"Royal Brother, are you..." she raised her eyebrows.

Although Gong Shenjun had not shown any overt inclination so far, the First Princess could read him well enough.

He smiled innocently. "A winsome and talented lady. Is it not reasonable for all gentlemen to chase such a treasure?

"Junior Jiang is outstanding, and as a hot-blooded male, it's normal for me to take interest."

The First Princess gave him a small smile. "I'm sure you've been observing Li Luo for the last half a year as well. His relationship with Jiang Qing'e goes deeper than you can imagine."

Gong Shenjun's smile faded a little. He swung away from her to rest his hands on the rail in front, a complex look in his eyes.

He had to admit that the relationship between the pair was not to be underestimated. In the beginning, he had thought it an engagement only in name, but in the last six months, their feelings for each other had been plain to see.

Jiang Qing'e was usually easy enough to approach, but with her cool manner, all who tried came away with the sense that they were talking to her through some sort of glass wall. She was beautiful and courteous, but no heat passed the wall.

Especially towards admirers.

Till date, all sorts of admirers with all sorts of charms had tried all sorts of methods to woo Jiang Qing'e. The results were all the same. They ended up not even being able to be friends.

This was also the reason why Gong Shenjun had not made a move yet. An occasional chat was all he had managed, and he had seen no opening to pull their relationship closer.

All of this was because of Li Luo's arrival.

Jiang Qing'e was very considerate towards his feelings.

"Junior Li Luo is really lucky," Gong Shenjun said slowly.

"Indeed," the First Princess said. "Although, if you look at the state of House Luolan, perhaps all is balanced.

"Royal Brother, I'm afraid you stand no chance with Qing'e. Best wrap up those feelings and give up soon. Chase someone else."

Gong Shenjun just smiled.

There was a calculating look in the First Princess' eyes. Advice to such a guy was rarely helpful. In fact, it was usually counterproductive, spurring him on to take it as a challenge. The effect was all the more stronger with guys like Gong Shenjun, who were used to winning all the time.

Which the First Princess was counting on.

If Gong Shenjun tried something, she was counting on Jiang Qing'e to break things off with him completely. That would only push Jiang Qing'e closer to her.

She did not want to see Jiang Qing'e closer to the Regent.

Of course, Gong Shenjun also had a shrewd sense. He might be wise enough not to bite on her baited advice, but there was no harm in leaving some crumbs for an attempt.

The First Princess focused back on the arena. The Astral Sage College now held the lead in the ticket match, but they were due for a real slump now. It depended on whether their subsequent representatives could hold up against their opponents. A level fight was all they needed to win. 

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